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Years together: 5
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you for stopping by to read our profile. We greatly admire your courage in what must be the most difficult and selfless decision you have had to make. Please know that we can provide a warm, secure and caring upbringing, and we truly hope that you find the perfect match for your child in us, and our loving home.

Who We Are

We met 5 years ago and both knew after our first date that “this was different”. Sarah was immediately attracted to Tyler’s sense of humour and Tyler loved Sarah‘s outgoing nature! It didn’t take long before we met each other’s families, bought a house together and 2 years later we were married surrounded by our families and close friends. Since then we have grown together, lifted each other up and pushed each other to excel in life, health and work. Immediately we began our journey towards having a family and over a year ago we realized that adoption was the right path for us.

Sarah is a Caucasian Canadian with an Irish and German background. With a Catholic Mother and Jewish father, Sarah was raised in a household that respectfully honored the religious beliefs of both faiths…which meant twice the holidays growing up! Sarah can also speak a little bit of French.

Tyler is also a Caucasian Canadian and is of British and German decent. As of ten years ago, Tyler began reading about Buddhism and found it to be more in line with his values. He believes in empathy towards all things and that our actions and words towards others should be full of love and compassion…and of course he tries to find the humor in life, whenever possible.

Sarah (through Tyler’s eyes)

Sarah is 38 years young, has always being active and loves to explore new places and experiences.  She loves live music, comedy and theatre and she was brought up in a family of musicians. You can usually find her belting out songs while she is cleaning or driving her car. On the flip side, she also enjoys her downtime, relaxing with a book, meeting up with friends and lazing around in her sweatpants on the weekends. Sarah is 5’4” tall, has a slim build, has curly reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. She is the middle child of two siblings. Her younger sister Esther lives in Western Canada and her older brother Joshua lives in Ottawa. Sarah is very close to her family and especially to her mother Mary-Lou who lives nearby. Sarah’s loving and supportive father, Neil, passed away due to cancer in 2005, but her mother was lucky enough to marry Dave five years ago and Sarah inherited 3 stepsisters! 

Sarah went to the University of Ottawa and received her Bachelor of Science in 2002.  She was then accepted at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and went on to achieve her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2008. Sarah is now a passionate Chiropractor and is the owner of a multidisciplinary clinic in the west end of Ottawa.  She loves her work, and loves the incredible feeling that comes with knowing she is helping people through their pain. Sarah will make a great mother as she has always been attuned to the needs of others and is willing to make others a priority in her life.  She is also very attentive and affectionate with her immediate family and will always make time for them and me above anyone else. 

Sarah enjoys running, cycling, yoga, team sports such as volleyball and most outdoor activities.  She has recently discovered a love for hiking and exploring new places while away on vacation. She enjoys do-it-yourself projects in the comfort of her home, yet also loves socializing with friends, most of who have been in her life for over 25 years.                          

Tyler (through Sarah’s eyes)

Tyler is also a young 42-year-old who enjoys life, dancing when no one is watching and is a morning person.  Tyler is 6’0” tall, weighs 200 lbs, has brown hair and green eyes that light up when he smiles. Tyler inherited his zest for life from his mother Diane and his work ethic from his father Doug who have been married for over 50 years! Tyler is close to his older brother Troy and sister in-law Shannon and Troy was actually adopted by Tyler’s parents at 3 months of age. Tyler is very close with his entire family who all live in Ottawa.

Tyler has his highschool diploma and has taken a few university level courses in psychology as a special interest.  He is passionate about education for both personal growth and to help further his career. Tyler has worked in information technology (IT) as a manager for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies for over 17 years.  He has a strong work ethic that is valued by the company for whom he works. Tyler recently received a prestigious award for outstanding achievement within his workplace which has given him a great sense of pride.

Tyler works out at the gym on a regular basis, enjoys golf and cycling in the summer and he loves to ski in the winter time. Tyler is also a fabulous photographer, an avid comic book collector and a movie buff. He enjoys science fiction, especially The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Marvel movies to name a few.

Tyler’s youthful energy is ready to be put towards raising a family. I have no doubt that he will make an incredibly fun, loving yet gentle parent to your child.

The Fun Part

We enjoy being active together both inside and outside, which has helped us maintain good health and strength.

Both of us prefer participating in most of our hobbies and activities together.  On vacation especially, we love hiking, snorkeling, surfing and discovering new destinations. A few times per year we look forward to hosting gatherings with family and friends in our comfortable home. We hosted our very first Christmas dinner this past year and had a wonderful time! Looks like we may have started a new family tradition!

The Important (and less fun) Parts

We are very wise with our finances and have solid plans, budgets and savings already set aside for our family.

Tyler’s stable employment of 17 years has afforded him a pension along with life and disability insurance. Sarah’s steadily growing clinic has afforded her the ability to work a schedule of her choosing and to set aside for her retirement. Both of us have separate life and disability insurances on top of Tyler’s extended health care benefit plan. Both of our jobs have afforded us the ability to enjoy vacations and travelling, yet still allowing us to save for our future.

Our careers also allow us to take full time leave for at least the first year that your child is a part of our family. After the first year, Sarah’s work schedule is determined by her choosing and Tyler has the ability to work from home. We both feel strongly about being actively present in your child’s life for their first few years in our home.

Our Home

We live in a warm 3-bedroom home in a new neighborhood. Our home is 3 years old and comfortable with an open concept main floor where we enjoy sharing quiet time or cooking for family and friends.  It is full of cozy furniture and is strewn with pictures of family, vacation destinations and Tyler’s photography artwork. Our home backs onto a city park that is equipped with a splash pad, play structure, soccer field, basketball net and skating rink.  There are continuous shouts of laughter and giggling from children playing together just beyond our backyard as there are many young families in our area.

Our Outlook on Adoption

We have been reading, taking courses and enthusiastically preparing ourselves for the possibility of meeting you and we look forward to finding out the hopes and dreams for your child.

We would encourage an open adoption with you, your child and your family.  Both of our families have a close history with adoption and we have seen firsthand the value and sense of heritage that an open adoption can bring. We feel it is very important that everyone involved help us to foster a loving and understanding familial relationship, as this will only be of benefit to the healthy development of your child.  We are willing to work with you to accommodate your needs as the birth parent, and understand that these may change throughout your life.  We want you to know that we are willing to accept whatever level of openness and contact you desire to have with your child.

We look forward to developing a relationship with you through letters, pictures, emails and visits. We plan to make a lifebook for your child that will include pictures of you, if you wish, so that we can answer your child’s questions about you, and encourage them explore this part of their heritage. We will always be honest with your child about their adoption and can ensure that your child knows that this decision was made out of pure love for them.

Our Parenting Beliefs

We both share the same parenting beliefs in that we want to foster communication with your child and try as best we can to understand and meet their needs. We have both learned through our own families that conflict can be addressed through compassion, understanding and unconditional love. We strongly oppose physical punishment of any kind.

As your child grows, we will encourage them to purse whatever dreams and aspirations will bring them joy. As a couple, we believe that our differing educational and career paths have shown us that people can display their intellect and creativity in many different ways. We will not force your child down a path that they are not interested in, nor will we push them beyond their will or capability. We are committed to being a part of your child’s life through the good and the bad and will help them to stand up if they are to get knocked down. We will encourage travel and life exploration as much as education and work ethic. But most importantly, we will encourage your child to follow their dreams and to pursue happiness, with the knowledge that we will support them 100%. Our love and support will be unconditional and everlasting.


We sincerely hope that you made it this far in our profile, with good feelings building, as you read all about us.  We want to thank you again for considering us as you work through the loving placement of your child, and hope that we meet you someday soon so we can share in this journey together.

With respect and love,

Sarah and Tyler