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Phone: 613-435-8777
Years together: 5
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Dear Expectant Parent(s)

Hi there, we are Sarah and Tyler! First off thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read our profile. We hope that it gives you an idea of who we are and the hopes and dreams we have for our future family. Both of our families have experience with adoption and we have seen firsthand the love and joy it can bring into the lives of a couple. Please know that we can provide a warm, secure and caring upbringing for your child, and we truly hope that you find the perfect match in us, and our loving home.

Who We Are

Five years ago we met each other, knew it was meant to be, and the fun has not stopped since! As you read on, you will see what life is like with us. We love to be active together, laugh together and travel to wonderful destinations together, like Hawaii, Mexico and across our beautiful country! We often spend quality time with our family and friends both in the city and at cottages, and we cannot wait to share all of these wonderful experiences with your child. We are eager to start our family!

 Sarah (through Tyler’s eyes)

Sarah is outgoing, upbeat and active, and has loads of love to give! As a child she played many sports such as basketball, volleyball and touch football, and not much has changed since. She loves the outdoors whether she is biking, hiking, swimming or walking through nature. 

Sarah grew up in tight-knit family who taught her to love music, family night and the cottage life! We are currently shopping for a cottage of our own and Sarah is very excited (and of course so am I)! She loves to sing and you can usually hear her belting out songs while she is cleaning the house or driving in her car. Sarah loves exploring new things and has recently developed a love for hiking, skiing and golf.

On the flip side, Sarah also enjoys her downtime such as relaxing with a book, meeting up with friends and lazing around in her sweatpants on the weekends.

As a teenager, Sarah worked in part-time jobs that always involved helping and caring for others like lifeguarding, babysitting, and camp counseling. As an adult it was a natural transition for her to own her own clinic as a Doctor of Chiropractic and to work in the health field.  Sarah is her own boss and her steadily growing clinic has afforded her the ability to work a schedule of her choosing and to set aside for our future. Sarah has always been one to care for other people, and this is how I know that she will make a fantastic mother. She is a great listener, has always been attuned to the needs of others in a non-judgmental way, and she is really looking forward to having a family of her own. She is soft, loving and affectionate with those closest to her and always makes time for them. I know that she is going to make a wonderful mother to your child.

Tyler (through Sarah’s eyes)

Tyler is one of a kind with unlimited amounts of energy that he would truly love to put towards raising a family! He has bright green eyes that light up when he smiles, he is a big teddy bear with a soft heart, and loves to make people laugh. I can usually catch him beat-boxing and dancing when he thinks no one is watching! He is active and has been so all throughout his life. He has enjoyed many sports from a young age such as hockey, lacrosse, skiing and golf (he is really good at golf but he is way too modest to say it!)

Tyler works out at the gym on a regular basis, he enjoys travel, sun and snow just like I do, and he counts down the days until he can go fishing in the summer time. Tyler has a wide range of interests and he is basically a big kid. He is also a fabulous photographer, an avid comic book collector and a movie buff. He enjoys science fiction like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Marvel movies to name a few.

Tyler has worked in information technology (IT), for over 17 years.  He is valued by the company that he works for and he recently received a prestigious award for outstanding achievement…and I couldn’t have been more proud of him! We are very wise with our finances and have solid plans, budgets and savings already set aside for our future family. Tyler’s stable employment of 17 years has allowed us to have full medical benefits along with a full pension, life and disability insurance. Both of our jobs have afforded us the ability to enjoy vacations and travelling, yet still allowing us to save for our future.

I know in my heart that Tyler will make an incredibly compassionate, fun, loving and gentle father.  He is a great listener and gives the best hugs in the world! His youthful energy and imaginative mind will be so valuable in helping us to encourage that same creativity in your child.

The Fun Part

We enjoy being active together both inside and outside, which has helped us maintain good health.
Both of us prefer participating in most of our hobbies and activities together.  On vacation especially, we love hiking, snorkeling, surfing and discovering new destinations. A few times per year we look forward to hosting gatherings with family and friends in our home. We hosted our very first Christmas dinner this past year and had a wonderful time! Looks like we may have started a new family tradition!

Our Family

Both of us have been fortunate enough to grow up in loving households with parents who value communication, love and compassion. We have learnt through our own experiences how important is it to encourage a young mind to dream big and to support these dreams with a stable family life. We vow to do the same for your child so they may feel the security that we did while growing up.

Sarah has an older brother and a younger sister. Her sister Esther lives in Western Canada and her brother Joshua lives in Ottawa with Sarah’s sister-in-law Sharon. Sarah is very close to her family and especially to her mother Mary-Lou who lives nearby. Sarah’s father Neil unfortunately passed away years ago. She will always have the memories of him sitting on the sidelines of her sports games and she smiles whenever she talks about him.  Her mother was very lucky to have met her now current husband Dave five years ago, and Sarah inherited 3 step-sisters!

Tyler got his zest for life from his mother Diane and his silliness from his father Doug who have been married for over 50 years! Tyler is close to his older brother Troy and sister in-law Shannon. Troy was adopted by Tyler’s parents at fifteen days old and Tyler could not imagine his life without him. Tyler is very close with his entire family who all live in Ottawa.  

As a child, Sarah was raised Catholic and Tyler was raised Anglican. Sarah’s mother is Catholic and her late father was Jewish so Sarah was raised in a household that respectfully honored the religious beliefs of both faiths…which meant twice the holidays growing up! We both grew up going to church regularly, yet neither of us has continued this tradition into adulthood. We believe in respecting one another and treating others with compassion and forgiveness.

Our Home and Neighbourhood

We live in a warm new 3-bedroom home in a neighbourhood filled with young families. Our home backs onto a city park that is always bustling with families and kids! It has a brand new children’s splash pad, play structure, soccer field, basketball net and skating rink.  There are continuous shouts of laughter and giggling from children playing together just beyond our backyard and we are sure that your child will make many new friends here just like we have.

Our house is very comfortable with an open main floor where we enjoy hosting lively gatherings and cooking for family and friends.  It is full of cozy furniture and the walls are full of pictures of family, vacation destinations and Tyler’s photography artwork. One of Sarah’s favorite places in our home is in the living room where in the winter she snuggles up with a comfy blanket in front of our fireplace. Her next favourite spot is out on the back deck in the summer, where you would find her reading while the sun comes up. Tyler’s favourite room is definitely in front of our 9-foot projector screen where he watches his movies in surround sound! You can feel the basement shake when he turns it all on!

Our neighbourhood has many services close by including our family doctor, our dentist, grocery stores and farmers markets in the summer. It is a great place to raise a family, which is why we moved here.

Caring for Your Child

Our careers allow us to take full time maternity and paternity leave for at least the first year that your child is a part of our family. After the first year, Sarah’s work schedule is determined by her choosing and Tyler has the ability to work from home. We both feel strongly about being actively present in your child’s life for their first few years in our home.

Most importantly, both of our jobs allow us to work from home when your child needs our attention or is sick. We look forward to taking your child to and from school, coaching them in their sports or artsy activities, chauffeuring them to and from play-dates and mostly, we look forward to being proud audience members during school plays, recitals or whatever else your child would like to participate in.

Our parents, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins all live close by and they are already fighting over who gets to babysit first. There are lots of little young cousins here who are keenly waiting for another friend to play with!

Our Relationship with You

We have been reading, taking courses and enthusiastically preparing ourselves for the possibility of meeting you and we look forward to finding out the hopes and dreams for your child.

We hope to encourage an open adoption with you, your child and your family, but we understand if this is not something you are comfortable with and we will respect that.  As both of our families have a history with the adoption process, we have seen firsthand the value and sense of heritage that an open adoption can bring. We are willing to work with you to accommodate your needs as the birth parent and we are willing to accept whatever level of openness and contact you desire to have with your child.  We also understand that this level of openness may change throughout your life.

We look forward to developing a relationship with you through letters, pictures, emails and visits if this is what you would like. We plan to make a lifebook for your child that will include pictures of you, if you wish, so that we can answer your child’s questions about you, and encourage them to explore this part of their heritage. We will always be honest with your child about their adoption and can ensure that he or she knows that your decision was made out of pure love for them.

Parenting Beliefs

We both share the same parenting beliefs in that we want to foster communication and love with your child and try as best we can to understand their needs, so we can best meet them. We have both learned through our own families that conflict can be addressed through compassion, understanding and unconditional love. We strongly oppose physical punishment of any kind.

As your child grows, we will encourage them to pursue whatever dreams and aspirations will bring them joy. As a couple, we believe that our differing educational and career paths have shown us that people can display their intellect and creativity in many different ways.  We would encourage your child to strive for the best in both school and play, but we will never push them beyond their capabilities or comfort level.

We are committed to being a part of your child’s life through the good and the bad and we will provide many opportunities for your child to grow to his or her full potential. We will introduce them to lots of different types of activities including music, sports, the arts and dance and we will allow them to choose the ones that they enjoy doing the most. We are excited to be your child’s cheerleaders from the sidelines!

We will encourage travel and life exploration as much as education and work ethic. But most importantly, we will encourage your child to follow their dreams and to pursue happiness, with the knowledge that we will support them 100%. Our love and support will be unconditional and everlasting.


We sincerely hope that you made it this far in our profile, with good feelings building, as you read all about us.  We want to thank you again for considering us as you work through the loving placement of your child, and hope that we have the honour and privilege of meeting meet you someday soon so we can share in this journey together. We believe that fate brought us together as a couple and we hope that same fate will bring you and your child into our lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact usJ With respect and love,

Sarah and Tyler