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Phone: 1.888.984.2488 (ask for Paige)
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: We wish! Our building doesn't allow them, but we look forward to pets in our next home :)


Thank you for taking the time to read our story and the dreams we have for our family.

Taz has always imagined adoption as the way to build his future family, and his enthusiasm for it is one of the many factors that won Sarah’s heart. We are incredibly excited to become parents, and our families can hardly wait to welcome a new child!

While we are sometimes opposites (Taz is a free-spirited risk-taker and Sarah tends to be more practical), we appreciate our differences and think that together we will make a great parenting team.

Our story

We met while volunteering at a Vancouver film festival in 2013. Taz was flirtatious, presented Sarah with a garbage bag full of popcorn and hinted that they should grab a drink together – but then he disappeared into the night! Sarah was disappointed but persistent. After a series of missed connections, she finally tracked him down through the festival organizers and the rest is history! Since then, we moved in together, travelled to several continents, got married, and shared many adventures along the way.

All about Taz (written by Sarah)

Taz is extremely generous and warmhearted, and he is at his best when bringing people together for memorable conversation and wacky adventures. He is a naturally gifted athlete (sometimes annoyingly so!). He is very spontaneous and eager to try new things, whether an acting class or bungee jumping. I rely on him immensely for introducing us to fun local activities and for getting me out of my comfort zone. He has never met a silly costume he won’t wear, or a dare he won’t accept!

Drawing from his own experiences in a wide variety of past jobs (ranging from bike mechanic to child & youth worker), Taz has recently settled into a career that is perfect for him – an employment counselor! He is also a dedicated volunteer for more festivals and events than I can even keep track of – and has the t-shirt collection to prove it ☺

All about Sarah (written by Taz)

Sarah is a self-starter, a smart and sophisticated gal. She’s known for her amazing storytelling, cooking and craft skills. Sarah aspires to get involved in local politics one day and start a community garden. Better watch out, cause once Sarah has her mind on something she won’t give up till she achieves it! This persistence & grit is something I really admire about her.

Sarah works as a manager at a children’s hospital, and is passionate about making the world a better place – and yes, she knows how corny that sounds! This year, Sarah started biking to work and can change a flat, grease a chain and pass a car like nobody’s business! But she also loves curling up with a good book and napping ☺

Our lifestyle

We live in a two-bedroom condo in a multicultural neighbourhood close to Vancouver BC. We like cycling, playing tennis, spending time with family & friends and attending local events like comedy shows, festivals and live music.

As a couple, one of our favourite things to do is hosting. Whether it’s having friends over for a dinner or a pool party, or helping travelers find a place to stay while they get settled in Vancouver, we love connecting with people. Especially when it involves food!


Sarah grew up on a pig farm in southern Ontario as the oldest of four kids. All of her family still lives there, but that doesn’t stop them from being close! We see them two or three times per year, and stay in touch regularly by phone, text and videochat. Louisa and Norah (ages 4 and 18 months) are our favourite weekend Facetime dates.

Taz was born in Ontario, but spent most of his life in BC. He has three sisters and is especially close with his mom Tasma as well as his aunts, uncles and cousins who live on the West Coast. Taz’s dad Roger passed away in 2007 so unfortunately he never got a chance to meet Sarah, although hopefully he would approve! Since then, Taz has reconnected with his biological father Robert, who lives with his wife Barbara in Toronto.

“If Aunt Sarah & Uncle Taz had a baby, it would be very happy! They are fun & good at taking care of babies” – Louisa, age 4


Our hope is that our child will have the chance to know where they come from. That said, we respect your choice regarding what level of openness you are comfortable with and look forward to discussing this together.

Thank you!

We thank you for considering us. If we sound like a good match, we’d love to meet you.