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Phone: (250) 763-8002
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Ethel- our gorgeous girl
Pets: Gertrude- our potbelly pig

Hello! I (Sarah) am a therapist and birth doula, and Rob owns local snow removal and storage companies. We are passionate and intentional about family, with a large and diverse community of friends.

Ethel is our ever smiling and adventurous little girl. We live in an urban farm setting near Vancouver, minutes from the beach and close to many trails & parks. There is lots to explore, and we keep busy in our workshop, garden, and have many picnics under our apple tree.

We also have egg-laying chickens and Gertrude, our clever & affectionate mini potbelly pig!

Rob enjoys camping, 4x4ing, and fly fishing. Heʼs also passionate about mentoring young, local business men to help them build businesses that align with their principles.

I love to decorate, tend the farm animals, and create a safe and loving “home” environment. I am often experimenting in the kitchen with fresh culinary tastes, as we love to regularly entertain family and friends.

Ethel gets excited about her books & toys, frequently visiting Gerdie the pig in our backyard, and most of all, loves to use her imagination to create all types of yummy food in her play kitchen.

In July of 2018 we welcomed Ethel into our family through adoption. Being parents has been everything we dreamed of and worked towards. It was a 7-year personal journey of infertility, and our Youtube channel (The TBOʼs at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnchsT9wwgUqX7UAwxSdbSg) with which we hoped to inspire and encourage other couples has documented our family travels and adventures. Now ready to expand our family again and give Ethel a sibling, we have been looking forward to welcoming another little one into our family— to love, to cherish, to celebrate.

Married November 2009, Rob and I live life to the fullest. We balance each othersʼ strengths & weaknesses, practice hospitality, parent well as a team, laugh often, try new things, have dance parties in our kitchen, go on adventures, and share a mutual faith. Our faith is central to who we are and how we love others. We are involved in a local church that serves the community at large, with ample childrenʼs programs and opportunities, which Ethel is involved in.

We are considered “Aunty and Uncle” to many of our friendsʼ children— even Godparents to some of them! Rob and I are very close to both sides of our families and keep in touch weekly. Itʼs a real gift to watch Ethel interact with her little cousins and friends!

We know how valuable it is to acknowledge where weʼre from. This helps establish a healthy sense of self, so our desire is to have a relationship with our adopted childʼs birth family. Rob, Ethel, and I would love to celebrate holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and milestones with you at your discretion.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and considering us in your process.

Lots of love,