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Years together: 16
we live in: Mississauga, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile.  We believe it takes a lot of love and strength to choose an adoption plan for your child and think it would be a great privilege to have your child placed in our care to raise, grow with and love.

We feel we have a lot to offer a child and we are interested in an open adoption plan involving honesty, trust and mutual respect between ourselves and the child’s birth family.

We both have grown up with, and currently surrounded by children and would love your child unconditionally and promise to do everything we can to nurture and help him or her achieve their dreams.

Henry’s thoughts on Sarah being an amazing mom

Sarah is a wonderful, fun-loving, adventurous and compassionate person with a great sense of humour. She is the person all family and friends want to be around, as she brings an amazing amount of fun and enjoyment to any gathering.

Sarah is always up for hosting events at our home, either with family, friends or both. These get togethers are never without great games that she creates, including scavenger hunts throughout our neighbourhood. These hunts have been such great fun for all that Sarah has been asked to host some of the neighbouring children’s birthdays as well.

Sarah is very athletic and is talented in many sports, including hockey, golf and softball that she continues to play today. She has developed great friends throughout these years of team sports from when she was a teenager to now.

Sarah loves her family consisting of her parents and four siblings, along with her nine nieces and nephews, and is missed very much by them if she is unable to attend a family function – although this is rare. Her parents are a great guidance to us, of how a great, loving family is achieved.

During renovations throughout our home, Sarah has never been shy to get heavily involved in the work. This includes climbing ladders, shovels, hammers and a whole lot more and she motivates me to continue.

Sarah has been successful in her professional life, although she has been able to achieve a very healthy work-life balance at the same time

Sarah is a very patient and loving person that is able to see the positive in all things, maintaining a great attitude and smile to go along. This was very evident during the years we struggled with several miscarriages.

For all her great qualities mentioned, I have no doubt Sarah will be the great mother every child deserves to have.

Sarah’s thoughts on Henry being a great dad

Henry’s is an amazing husband and would be an incredible father.  He is relaxed, fun loving and friendly combined with a true sense of humour.  He has a natural ability to converse with everyone on any topic, which makes him everyone’s friend. Henry is very loyal to family and friends, always there to lend a hand when needed. Henry always makes an effort to attend gatherings and special occasions for family and friends, and is great to help out when we are hosting one of our many events at our house.

Being very athletic, Henry loves to play any and all sports like hockey, golf and any game that the nephews ask him to play! He is always the first uncle down on his knees for a game of mini sticks hockey!  He always tries to find a different angle to make any game more interesting for all those playing! His love for sports includes cheering on his favourite teams – the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors!

Henry likes to take on projects, most recently taking on his biggest project of rebuilding our home and serving as the general contractor.  Henry’s work, knowledge and passion in all areas of the build was quite impressive – I truly had no idea how skilled he was in these areas!! He spends time in his workshop, working on small projects and quick fixes for family, friends and neighbours.  Henry is not afraid to take on new projects and try something new, and is known as the “fix-it” guy for my family and everyone in our neighbourhood.

Henry is not only handy in the workshop, he loves to cook!  Henry prepares most of the meals, which are always delicious and somewhat creative as he sorts through recipe websites to find unique dishes.

There are endless things that I love about Henry, but some of his best qualities are that he is generous, fun loving, kind and respectful to all, and his loyalty to his friends and family.  Henry is always willing to take the time to help others and always does it at 110% effort.

Henry is a loving, kind man and I know he will make a great dad.

Our Life Together

We are truly best friends and love to spend time together, whether we are working around the house, cooking dinner, or watching TV and relaxing.  We love to play golf and hockey together, and any other sport opportunity that come along as well!

We make sure to live a balanced life that includes a lot of fun, travelling or weekend getaways.  We enjoy planned or spontaneous weekends away, time spent at both of our family cottages and weekends with friends at their cottages in the summer.

Hosting events at our home is quite common where the motto “the more the merrier” comes to life!  We welcome all our guests with open arms, especially celebrations for holidays and special occasions for both sides of our families.

Our work life is stable, with flexible hours to allow for a balanced work/home life.  Sarah works in the grocery industry for the last 20 years, most recently working at Hershey Canada.  Henry works for the Ontario Lottery Corporation in sales, for the last 11 years.

For a fun job, Sarah is the scoreboard operator for the Toronto Raptors Basketball team.  She has done this job for 20 years, as she enjoys the game of basketball and being close to the game action!

Our home and neighbourhood

We are fortunate to live in a, friendly, family-oriented neighbourhood with great schools, parks and lots of kids. We have access to a public library (across the street), recreational facilities, and city sponsored programs.

Having recently completed a total rebuild of our house, we are now comfortably settled and able to relax, whether it be a summer BBQ in the backyard or winter dinner in front of the fireplace.

We are extremely lucky to be very close friends with our next door neighbours, whom we lived with for 8 months while we rebuilt our home.  We spend a lot of time with, and have been actively involved in the life of their son, including hosting scavenger hunts and games for his birthday parties.

We are both fortunate to have family cottages, both located in Ontario to enjoy summer vacations and weekend getaways with family and friends.  We love to spend time swimming, boating, playing horseshoes, singing songs and eating smores by the campfire, and lots of board and card games with the entire family of all ages.  Generations of family have fond memories of summer cottage fun!

Our families

Family is extremely important to us and a big part of our lives.

Sarah is the youngest of 5, with 3 sisters and one brother, 9 nieces and nephews, whom all live less than 2 hours away.  Sarah’s parents recently celebrated 50 years of marriage and have provided a solid foundation for her family.  They currently reside in Walkerton and are actively involved in the lives of both their children and grandchildren, as they are always attending sporting events, school concerts and keeping up to date of daily life events through text messaging and facetime.

Henry is the youngest child of 8 siblings, including 4 brothers and 3 sisters, 11 nieces and nephews, all of whom live in and around the Toronto area. His parents have both passed away.

Regardless of the size of our ever-growing family, we continue to get together for all major holidays and various birthdays, sporting events, school concerts, weekends at the cottage and numerous home renovation projects. Our family gatherings include fun traditions such as Easter Scavenger Hunts, Christmas games, annual Thanksgiving football game, and card games.

The entire family is very excited about our decision to adopt and are eager to welcome a new child into both families.

Our Thoughts on Adoption

We have both always wanted to raise a family, but have been unable to bear children due to fertility issues.  Although our journey has been difficult, our experience has deepened our connection, commitment and love for each other.  It’s also taught us to be there for each other no matter what.

We are both now very excited about the possibility of building our family through adoption and feel that we have a lot to offer a child.  Henry’s brother and his wife recently adopted a little boy and we have seen the incredible bond that has already formed.

We believe that children are capable of great things when they grow up in the right conditions and are given the guidance and opportunity to thrive and develop their abilities.

We both grew up in happy, stable and loving homes with good routines including family dinners every night, strong parental support and guidance, chores and responsibilities, and a positive atmosphere that led to long lasting memories!

We look forward to sharing this lifestyle with your child.

On parenting

We realize that being a mom and dad will be the most rewarding, inspiring and challenging aspect of our life, with successes and missteps all part of growing and learning as a family. We feel children should always know they are loved and supported, be encouraged and guided throughout life, and helped to reach their full potential within their own abilities.

Success should be measured by a child’s happiness and sense of confidence, that will lead them to participate in all the great activities and adventures life has to offer. Parents should create a home that will give a child the greatest comfort and joy, where they will learn to be respectful, responsible and fun loving.