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we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: One boy
Pets: Gold Fish

Dear Expectant Parent(s):

It’s with great emotions to write this letter. We find it very difficult to put the words together and to express our feelings this way.

Thank you for taking the time reading our story, we are beyond grateful for your time and consideration.

We are excited to meet you

Hello! We are Eric, Sara and Charlie. Eric and Sara are proud Canadians while Eric has a Japanese background and Sara has a Persian heritage. We met almost 10 years ago and have been in love since. Our first date was special. After watching a movie at a theatre, we sat on a bench and talked for hours. It did not take us long to realize we were meant for each other. We got married a year after we started going out. We value family traditions, work-life balance, and treating others with respect and dignity. We have established careers as a Health & Safety Manager and a Senior Technician.

We are blessed with our little boy, Charlie who came to our lives in February of 2016. We are choosing adoption to complete our little family. Our hearts are filled with love and joy and are very excited to welcome our second child through adoption.

Our life style

We both work full time. Charlie goes to Day care when we are at work.

Our evenings are filled with time together, family dinner, play time, games and quiet stories. We love spending time outdoors, taking family vacations, spending time with each other and making memories. We also enjoy our movie nights.

We are grateful to have a supportive family and cherish the time we spend with them. For us family is everything. We celebrate our achievements and milestones together and are also there for each other during difficult times. 

This is Charlie

Charlie is a playful and happy little guy with a heart made of gold. He always surprises us by his kindness.

Charlie loves to play and run around. His favourite toys are his pots and pans. He spends a lot of time pretending he is cooking for us. He likes to sing, play make-believe, tell stories. He also loves his Mickey Mouse plush and takes it with him everywhere he goes.

Charlie will be a kind big brother to his little sibling. We will teach Charlie to watch over his little sibling and be there for him or her.

Eric- By Sara’s words

When I first met Eric, I fell in love with his smile and when I got to know him I admired his personality. I remember we were going out for weeks and he never asked me about my background or nationality. He later explained that he loved me for who I was, that’s all that mattered to him so that was it for me, I knew he was the one. Eric loves to spend time with his relatives, especially with his two nieces.

I have always believed in Eric’s ability and heart to love his children and when I watch him the way he is with Charlie, I know he is meant to be a father.

Eric really enjoys playing and watching sports, he also enjoys cooking and making family meals. One of his favourite activities is watching professional lacrosse games.

Sara- By Eric’s words

Sara loves her family very much and has taken to my family as if it is her own. She has also shown that she loves nothing more than being a mother and taking care of her family. Sara’s mom passed away when she was younger and her father played an important role in her life, which is why I think that she appreciates family so much.

Sara hobbies include painting and drawing, which she learned from her father when she was younger. With practice, she got better and better, and has impressed me with some her work. Unfortunately Sara doesn’t get to paint or draw as often any more but when she does, it’s definitely her most favourite hobby.

Sara’s dad

Sara is very close to her dad. Sara’s dad loves to paint and is very creative. He also enjoys writing and reading. Sara’s dad is overjoyed to meet and welcome his new grandchild and can not wait to make new memories with his grandchildren.

Eric’s mom

Eric’s mom is very active at home and her community. She volunteers at a nursing home and helps the residents with their feeding and other chores. We remember celebrating with her when she was recognized for her volunteer work at the city hall. She loves taking care of her grandchildren and can not wait to meet her new grandchild.

Our home and neighbourhood

We live in an older established area of west Toronto in a condominium building. Our living, dining room and kitchen are on the main floor and bedrooms are on the second.

We are located in the neighbourhood of High Park/Swansea and within walking distance of Lake Ontario where there is a sandy beach and playground. There are many good schools in the area and a community center close to us.

Our parenting style

We believe in positive parenting style, such as praising and warm words of encouragement. We hope to be able to empower our children by guiding them, allowing them to make decisions and help them to know that it’s okay to make mistakes but also teaching them about consequences when making decisions. We believe in a life style based on balance and structure. We believe praising children should be done in public and coaching in private.

Children are like flowers, beautiful and need a lot of attention and nourishing.

….because they are children and for no other reason they have dignity and worth simply because they are….

                                                                                               -BARBARA COLOROSO

Our commitment to you and our view on openness

We can not promise you that we will be perfect but we promise you to love your child with all our heart, be there for him or her and treasure your child with all our love. We are committed to providing your child with a safe, secure and nurturing home and offering caring touch.

We are hoping to maintain a relationship with you by having visits and are fully prepared to provide you with letters, pictures and email updates. We will cherish a relationship between you and your child and work with a plan that you are comfortable with.

We hope to have you part our lives and your child. We understand and respect the decision you will be making for you and your child.

Thank you

We would like to thank you again for taking the time and reading our story. We have deep respect for you and your decision to create an adoption plan. We admire your love for your child. We would love to meet with you to answer any questions you may have.

No matter what your decision will be we wish you all the best, love and peace.