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we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: One boy
Pets: Gold Fish

We have been thinking about writing this profile for some time now, we have done research, have asked for advice and it’s still very difficult to put the words together, to express our feelings this way and to convince you we are a right choice.

The truth is we are not perfect and we make mistakes, we learned this while raising our son, Charlie. We can not promise you  we will be perfect parents to your child but we will promise to love your child with all our heart,  be there for them everyday,  hold him/her tight when they need us and treasure your child with all our love .

About us

We are Eric , Sara and Charlie (2.5). We have been together for almost 10 years and married for 8. We are blessed with a little boy, named Charlie. We are choosing adoption to complete our little family. We are grateful and thankful for the opportunity to share our story with you.

We will start by telling you a little bit about Charlie

Charlie is a playful and happy little guy with a heart made of gold. Charlie loves to play and run around. His favourite toys are his pots and pans; he spends a lot of time pretending he is cooking for his mom and dad.

He always suprizes us by his kindness. If we tell him we are not feeling well, he runs to the freezer, brings us a bag of ice to make us feel better.

Charlie will be a kind big brother to his little sibling. We will teach Charlie to be protective of his little sibling and be there for him or her.

This is what Sara has to say about Eric

When I first met Eric, I fell in love with his smile and when I got to know him I admired his personality. I remember we were going out for weeks and I was wondering why he never asked about my background or where I was from. When I finally asked him, he said “I haven’t asked because it doesn’t matter to me. I love you and that’s what matters.” So that was it for me.

Eric loves to spend time with his relatives, especially with his two nieces. I always respect his love and attention to his family and relatives. Eric loves sports. In his younger days he was in Hockey, Soccer, T- ball and Football. Because of him I got to know Lacrosse and every season I look forward watching the games closely with him.

And I forgot to add that he is a wonderful cook .

This is what Eric has to say about Sara

Sara loves her family very much and has taken to my family as if it is her own. She has also shown that she loves nothing more than being a mother and taking care of her family. Sara’s mom passed away when she was younger and her father played an important role in her life, which is why I think that she appreciates family so much.

Sara hobbies include painting and drawing, which she learned from her father when she was younger. With practice, she got better and better, and has impressed me with some her work. Unfortunately Sara doesn’t get to paint or draw as often any more but when she does it’s definitely her most favourite hobby.

Our lifestyle

We both work full time. Eric is a senior Security Technician and Sara is a Health and Safety Manager. Charlie goes to daycare when his parents are at work.

We enjoy simple things in life like our family dinner times, going for a walk in a park or by the lake, enjoying an ice-cream at our favourite place and watching a movie. Disney movies are our favourite.

We love spending time with our extended family every Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving and Easter. For us family is everything. We have shared our wish to adopt with our parents and relatives. They are very excited for us and supportive of our plan.


We are hoping to maintain a relationship with you and will cherish a relationship between you and your child.

We hope to have you part our lives and your child’s. However, we understand and respect the decision you will be making for you and your child and if this is something that you may not comfortable at the beginning with, we will work with the plan that you are happy and comfortable with.

With love and respect, 
Eric, Sara and Charlie