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Phone: 416-528-6495
Years together: 14
we live in: Mississauga, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: Cat named Tyson but goes by Bubba

We met in 2004 and created a wonderful friendship. After 4 years we got married which made our families very happy.

Both our parents had travelled nearly an identical route to set roots in Canada.  The ironic part was that our parents knew each other before we met. We both were very lucky to have had very supportive parents. They encouraged us to be our best by teaching us humility, compassion and to be good human beings. We consider ourselves to have been privileged to have looked after our parents all these years.

Shahid’s mother passed away in May 2016 and Samira’s father passed away October 2016. The legacy they left was a wonderful family and great friendships to forge on ahead.

We are very fond of travelling and each year we try to find a new adventure to experiences, for business, for family gatherings and for the joy of exploration.

The places we have seen include: Egypt, Dubai, Qatar, Jordan, England, Spain, Australia, Italy, Greece, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, France including the United States.  We plan on continuing to travel after we adopt to show our child diversity and culture from around the globe.

As for us, we are finding out that we are more similar to one another as we spend more time in each other’s company.  We try and elevate each other to be better every day. Our common interests are travel, movies, museums, art collecting, sports and concerts.

In 2014 we welcomed our little white Persian cat  “Bubba Mamoo” aka Tyson. Samira’s sister brought him from California as a gift for us and he has become such a big part of our family.

About Samira

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Horoscope: Scorpio
Favourite Book: “The Alchemist” – P. Coelho
Quote to live by: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

I was born and raised in Montreal. I grew up in a very loving environment. My parents took the family on many camping vacations across the USA which instilled my parents’ philosophy of “family first”.  I have an older sister, who lives in Los Angeles and an older brother who is raising three daughters with his wife in Dallas.

My late father was a civil engineer who worked on projects as diverse as the Toronto airport, the North York subway expansion including many other major Canadian landmarks. My mother chose to remain a homemaker but encouraged us to be entrepreneurial.

I went to Beaconsfield High, then to CEGEP at John Abbott College. From there, I went to McGill University for Industrial Relations and when my family decided to move to Toronto. I went to Ryerson University to pursue my passion in Design. I am now a specialized graphic design artist and run my own business.

My plan is  to remain at home to raise our child. Shahid and I want the same connection our mothers had with us as they were “stay at home moms” during our formative years. I look forward on being able to give a child all this love I  have inside of me.

About Shahid

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Horoscope: Taurus
Favourite Book: “The Sun Also Rises” – E.Hemingway
Favourite Quote:  “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a man.”

I was born and raised in Montreal. My father had arrived in Canada as a bachelor and earned his Master’s degree in Engineering from Queen’s University and worked in Montreal as a civil engineer.  My late mother was also very highly educated, earning her Masters in the field of Education from Australia and then completing her career as a principal in the neighbourhood elementary school.

Given that my parents were extremely educated, they instilled in me great values from a very early age.

I graduated from Westhill High, then obtained my collegiate degree from Marianopolis College and finally a B.A. from Concordia University. After graduation, I entered the steel industry where I have had positions ranging from Vice President to owning my own business. I am presently the General Manager of the Canadian operations of a large steel distribution centre.

My interests are diverse, ranging from photography to music to sports.  I have been a Toronto Raptors and Toronto FC season ticket holder for many years. I also volunteered as wish granter for the Starlight Foundation. Today, my wife & I donate tickets to basketball games to institutions, charities and schools to help less fortunate families take kids to events that they might not be able to attend.

I look forward to sharing love, warmth, happiness and pass down everything I have learned in life with our child.

What Samira says about Shahid

Shahid’s personality as fun loving, humourous, generally always in a good mood, cool headed and calm.  His moods and emotions are very even, relaxed, and he is able to handle stressful situations appropriately and effectively in a calm manner.  When he is faced with a problem, he believes in taking a deep breath to centre himself.

Shahid is very caring, helpful, personable, and thoughtful.  His professional experiences as have provided him with knowledge and skills to work effectively with other professionals from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.  His problem solving style involves doing research and taking time to think things through and asks people for opinions.  He has a mentor whom he consults with because he really respects his opinions professionally and personally. 

Shahid is a strong extrovert, with some introverted qualities.  He loves being around people and people gravitate toward him.  As a leader, he is a good manager and delegates tasks based on people’s strengths.  He manages stress by going to the gym 3 times a week, watching television, doing photography and photo editing.  Shahid maintains a good work-life balance by working regular hours and not bringing his work home. 

What Shahid says about Samira

Samira’s personality as outgoing and always smiling.  She has friends from different areas of her life with whom she keeps in touch with at all times.  Her problem solving style involves doing research, gathering all of the facts and then talking to me.  She is a good leader because she is organized, charismatic, and gets people on board.  Samira’s moods and emotions are even and stable and her disposition is content.  She has excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. She is both introverted and extroverted.  She loves being with people and having time to herself for reflection.

To relieve stress, Samira enjoys going to the gym and watching movies or television shows to unwind.   She leads a healthy lifestyle by preparing healthy, home cooked meals and going to the gym.  Samira has good self- esteem and is someone who is able to accept both positive and constructive feedback.

Thank you

We appreciate that you are looking for a wonderful home and future for your child and we  welcome an open relationship but also respect your wish for privacy. 

We  invite you to jump in and take a good look around our gallery.

We are very happy in the life we share together and want very much to grow our family. 

We have agreed on our decision to adopt and we know it is a huge honour that you are even considering us with your child.  We are more than delighted and privileged to welcome you into our lives.