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Phone: Local: 250.479.9811 Toll Free: 1.888.479.9811
Years together: 10
we live in: Victoria, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: No


We’re Samantha & James, known by our close friends and family as Sam & Jimmy. We’re here because we are excited to expand our family of two. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s back up a little bit.

Rewind 10 years: we met at an Irish pub (James had some killer dance moves); we dated (long distance Vancouver <–> Victoria); we got married (on a beautiful, misty August day surrounded by close friends and family); we traveled the world (everywhere from the mountains of Vietnam to the plains of Africa); we found our dream home (with a huge forested park behind us). Now we are ready to move onto a new adventure – becoming parents!

There is no easy path in life. Sometimes the path you are on ends or takes an unexpected turn and you find yourself on a new path … one that will allow you to continue moving forward towards fulfilling your life’s dreams. Our infertility was unquestionably disappointing, but the opportunity to adopt has allowed us to continue to look forward to our future as parents. We have faith in a thorough, compassionate adoption system that works hard to place children in a safe, stable, and loving home, while at the same time helping a birth family navigate a huge decision. Having a family has always been our dream and after visiting an orphanage in Cambodia 5 years ago, we knew that the journey leading us to become parents was not as important as the end result – a child that we can love, unconditionally.

We’re a fun, goofy, positive, and easy-going couple. We prefer weekends at home sipping coffee and eating our favourite tacos at the local food trucks. That being said, we are also very active and healthy and we love being outdoors. Sam helps maintain our healthy lifestyle by making all of our meals from scratch – she’s looking forward to adding baby food to her repertoire! James is a fitness enthusiast who loves all sports. We enjoy the simple things in life like making funny, handmade cards for each other to celebrate birthdays & anniversaries. However, being financially responsible has also allowed us to (at times) be more extravagant, especially when it comes to travel. Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures has been a distinctive part of our relationship and we look forward to sharing future adventures with a new soul!

James is a construction insurance and surety broker and Sam is a freelance photographer and abstract artist. James is a Victoria native, so we are lucky to have his family close by. Sam’s family is just a short ferry ride away in Vancouver. Her parents are retired, so we are fortunate to have them come to stay with us often. It’s a guarantee that these visits will increase in frequency when there is a grandchild to spoil! Since family is so important to us, we spend all the major holidays celebrating in both Vancouver & Victoria. With a new addition to the family, we look forward to soon establishing our own traditions. Aside from our parents & siblings (James’ two sisters & Sam’s two brothers), we also have a small army of relatives and friends that are ready to love, support and welcome any child that becomes a part of our family.

Ten years together preparing and planning for a family has allowed us to secure a home with lots of room for growth. We are surrounded by caring neighbours, children, playgrounds, hiking paths, beaches and schools. Sam’s career will enable her to be a stay at home mom. This will allow her to walk our children to school, create an environment for play dates, enroll them in extracurricular activities and encourage them to explore their interests and follow their dreams, so that they can reach their own personal potential and be healthy, happy, active and independent.

Weekends spent at birthday parties, playgrounds, picnics, and summer cabins – all with children in tow – has been our norm for a while now. We are the last of our friends to start a family, which has meant that we have had the opportunity to learn the “ins and outs” of parenting. For now, we only have one niece and one nephew; but we are lucky enough to be honorary “Auntie Sam & Uncle Jimmy” to all of our close friends’ children. Nothing beats the contagious laughter after James has put on a costume and surprised a birthday party of 4-year olds dressed as the cartoon cowboy from the movie, Toy Story.

We know in our hearts that we have the energy, patience and time to be good parents. Many of the children in our lives have confirmed this: a 7-year old from Calgary whose one birthday wish was to come & spend the weekend with us in Victoria; a 2-year old insisting that Uncle Jimmy carry him in the baby backpack during an afternoon hike; our 5-year old nephew asking to sleepover and then pleading for just one more game of Twister.

We want to honour the birth family and for this reason, we are open to whatever level of openness that you are comfortable with. A relationship of mutual respect & support, accompanied by photos, letters, hand-made cards and drawings are all things we envision when we think about maintaining a relationship with you & preserving your identity. The bond between birth family & adoptive family is unique and special – something that needs to be cherished.

It’s odd to feel bonded to someone that you have never met (and know nothing about), but we wish you patience & courage as you navigate the next few months. Remember that the love you feel for your unborn child has lead you here & the love we feel for a child we have not yet met and only dreamed of has lead us down this same path.
Yours truly,

Samantha & James