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we live in: Woodbridge, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: 1 Son (2 years old)
Pets: none

First, we want to acknowledge your bravery. We understand that this can be an extremely difficult time and process for you, and we admire your courage and strength. We appreciate that you are taking the time to consider us as parents to your precious child. Our home is a place filled with unconditional love, encouragement, warmth, safety, happiness and guidance. We will provide as many opportunities as possible for them to explore all the things they are interested in, to live a balanced life, and to reach their full potential. Every day will be an opportunity to show them that they are important, that they matter, and that they have a specific purpose in this world. If you were to choose to give us this incredible gift you would forever hold a special place within our hearts and our family.


Justin and I met in 1991 while working at a day camp for inner city kids in downtown Toronto. After spending many summers getting to know each other at camp, Justin began to attend the same church I went to, and our friendship continued to grow stronger over the next 5 years. After a while, neither of us could deny the feelings that had been growing for some time, and we started dating while we were both studying at York University. Fast forward a few years and Justin and I received our teaching degrees, got engaged, and were married on July 12th, 2002!

Now, here we are in 2019, and we have been married for 17 years. We consider ourselves so blessed to have a very strong marriage, filled with trust, openness and love. Not being able to conceive for over a decade has definitely been difficult emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are aware that for some couples this can cause an irreparable strain on their relationships, but thankfully for us it has been a journey that has brought us closer together and has made our marriage even stronger.


We currently live in Woodbridge, Ontario in the house I grew up in. When my parents retired they moved to their home in Egypt and Justin and I took over their home in Woodbridge. The house is located on a small court that houses only 7 homes and backs onto a golf course. I remember growing up playing all kinds of sports in the middle of the court and building huge forts in the winter months. It’s an amazing place to live. There are parks in walking distance, great schools in the area and many community centres and libraries with wonderful activities for children to enjoy.

SALLY (Written by Justin)

Sally is the oldest of 3 children and enjoys a very close relationship with her parents, brother and sister. Her younger brother is married and has just had his first child! He currently lives in Los Angeles where he owns his own business. Sally’s younger sister is finishing up her bar exams and will hopefully be practicing law by the end of the year. Sally grew up in a very happy and stable family, and has been blessed with extremely caring and loving parents who have always supported her and encouraged her to try, and be, her best. They sacrificed a lot to put Sally and her 2 siblings through private Christian schooling and always emphasized the importance of education and respect for everyone around them.

Both of Sally’s parents are still alive and healthy and spend their winters in their home in Egypt and their summers here in Woodbridge. They are extremely excited at the opportunity to welcome another grandchild into the family!

Sally earned her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from York University. After graduating she chose to supply teach and pursue a career as a Real Estate agent. She presently works as both a supply teacher at a local school and as a Realtor.

Sally has 22 first cousins (most of whom live in Toronto). As you can imagine, it’s a growing extended family with many young couples and children. During the last 3 years there has been a flurry of newborn babies being born into the family. Any child added to our family will already have many small cousins to play with and grow up with. The love of the family unit is at the foundation of everything that we believe in, and it is this very love that binds us so closely. With so many family members here in the GTA, we look forward to raising another child in our home surrounded with that same family love and support.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to call Sally my wife for almost 17 years, and I can’t say enough about the type of person that she is. She is strong, generous, thoughtful, kind, trustworthy, funny and wise.

Sally has an amazing faith that drives everything she does, from the way she conducts business to the way she treats strangers, family and friends. Her love for God inspires me and motivates me. She also has a unique love for the people around her. She is an extremely empathetic person who genuinely feels what others are feeling and wants to make sure that everyone around her is treated well, even if it means she will have to do without.

Sally is also the most loyal person I know, always making sure that those she loves are taken care of and feel valued. Malachi is very blessed to have her as a mother and I know that her heart longs to love another child the way that she loves him.

JUSTIN (Written by Sally)

Justin is the youngest of 7 children. He has 4 siblings on his mother’s side, and 2 on his father’s side. We are very close to his siblings in the GTA and we spend time with them often. He has many nieces and nephews, and they are all very excited about the possibility of having another cousin join the family.

Justin grew up living with his mom in Malton, ON. Growing up, Justin enjoyed playing sports, going to camps in the summer and hanging out with his friends. As he grew older, a passion for God and music emerged in his life. As he taught himself to play the guitar he discovered that he had a natural musical gift and a keen ear.

Justin stays fit through regular exercise and healthy eating. He loves to read and always looks forward to carving out time to read his favourite books. Justin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from York University and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. He has been teaching in the Jane and Finch area for 20 years and absolutely loves it! Teaching children is his passion, and it is his desire to inspire his students to see their potential and their worth, regardless of their nationality, gender, religion or skin colour.

Justin is the most amazing man I know, and I believe that it is his great passion for God that makes him who he is. He never puts himself first and is always willing to help others, even if it means inconveniencing himself. He has a genuine love for others, as well as a gentle, calm spirit that attracts people to him. He is kind, compassionate, loving, intelligent, understanding, soft-hearted, sympathetic, and considerate. He is generous, not only with his time, but also with his money. Justin is an amazing father. I watch him with our son, Malachi, with his students, his nieces and nephews, and our Godchildren. I see how patient he is with them, how he encourages and teaches them and how they react to him.

I am extremely blessed to have this man’s love and to be called his wife. I know that any child would be extremely blessed to call him Dad.


On May 12th, 2017 we were blessed with an incredible gift. That was the day our adoption of our son Malachi overcame its first hurdle and we were able to bring him home.

Malachi was born in April of 2017 and came into our home when he was just 5 weeks old. From the very beginning he knew how to capture people’s hearts. He was (and still is) very social. He loves to play, sit and read, and go for walks. Malachi smiles and laughs with everyone he meets and generally just brings joy. He is great with his friends and little cousins, always sharing his toys and snacks with anyone he is with.

Malachi is now 2 years old. He spends his days with Sally going to gym classes, Little Kickers program, Early Learning centres, the library, the park and visiting other friends his age. He loves Paw Patrol, trucks, cars and all forms of transportation (especially pickup trucks). He enjoys building with his blocks and working with tools at his tool bench. We know he will be a very loving and protective older brother.


Justin and I love to travel. We have visited Greece, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Dubai, England, Egypt, many Caribbean islands, and various places in the United States and Canada. In Malachi’s short 2 years, he has travelled with us to Egypt twice, California 4 times and Florida twice. We hope to continue to travel with our children and show them this incredible world.

Growing up in such a multicultural city as Toronto, we feel strongly that travel is a great way to expand our understanding of peoples and cultures around the world. Travel provides an education that cannot be learned from books and classrooms and this will definitely be something we hope to have our children experience as often as possible. We are amazed at the uniqueness of people around the world and we want our children to learn and appreciate that as well. One of the greatest aspects of different cultures is their history. We’ve had the privilege of visiting such historical sites as the various Gaudi structures in Barcelona, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Louvre (and of course the Mona Lisa) in Paris, the pyramids in Egypt and the Statue of David in Italy.

We also like to travel more locally, exploring what makes our own country unique and special. We often visit our family in Ottawa. Spending time at their cottage in Quebec with all of our cousins is always a highlight of our visits there. Also, going up north to resorts such as Deerhurst and Blue Mountain (both in the summer and winter months) has allowed for great family time, adventure and relaxation.


We treasure friendship greatly, and we consider ourselves blessed to have such a strong, supportive group of friends who we have literally grown up with. Some of these friendships have existed for over 30 years. Many of them are as excited as we are at the chance of having a new addition to our family, and they look forward to loving and cherishing any child we are blessed with. Almost all of our closest friends have had children of their own, and they will be a great source of strength and support.

When Sally and I were dating we always talked about having a family. We always envisioned having children biologically as well as through adoption. After a few years of marriage we decided to try to start our family. However, after many years of unsuccessful fertility treatments it was clear that conceiving a child was not going to be the way our family grew. After adopting Malachi, we are excited about the opportunity that adoption gives to both adult and child to experience the love of a family. A child who is raised in our home will be safe, loved and treasured. To us, parenting means shaping a little person into the best version of themselves. It means offering them the same unconditional love that God has shown to us. What a privilege.

Thank you for considering us to be parents to your precious child.