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we live in: Northern Ontario, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: Sarah, 4 years old
Pets: 1 black lab, 1 toy poodle, 1 cockatiel


Our names are Alisdair and Rhea. This is our 4 year old daughter, Sarah.   We don’t yet know who you are, but we think of you daily.   We think of how hard this time is for you.  We think of the pain you are feeling and the care you have taken as you make decisions for you and your child.   


We met in Ottawa in 2012. Even though we worked just 2 blocks away from each other, it took the help of E-Harmony to meet each other.  We like to say our dogs brought us together. Both of us had a black lab, and that was the start of our first hello!  In 2015  Alisdair’s sister married us in the same little United Church that Rhea’s parents were married in 45 years before.    


We always wanted to be parents and we knew before we married that our family would be through adoption.  In 2017 we met our beautiful daughter, Sarah.  She was a tiny 2 year old!  We love Sarah so much and feel extremely grateful to be her Mommy and Daddy.   We enjoy singing songs, making cupcakes together, helping her develop her speech, cuddling,  and celebrating each accomplishment. 


I’m 5’11 with dark brown hair. I work as a resident doctor.  I love caring for my patients, but being a “Mom” is always my first priority.  I love to tell funny stories. My family describe me as warm, loving and a little stubborn.  I don’t like to give up!  My mother raised me to be kind and polite, and I am passing on her teaching to Sarah.  Alisdair calls me a “Tiger Mom”.  I am extra careful to make sure Sarah is well cared for. 

I love sharing books with Sarah and playing jokes on Alisdair  (Hiding his chocolate Quick syrup!)  My guilty pleasures include making brownies, watching TLC and tending to our household menagerie of pets.  I wish we could live on a hobby farm!


I’ve always been active in life.  As long as I can remember I’ve been camping and playing sports.   I enjoy playing jokes back and forth with Rhea.  I’ve learned the hard way that for her family, April Fools is a serious holiday tradition!  I have a love of cooking and trying new recipes or tinkering with old favorites.  Of course, Rhea tells me that she loves my cooking as well. 

But my favourite moments have always come from time spent with the children of friends and family in my life.  I love the experience of seeing everything new again through their eyes. I’ve enjoyed this discovery with Sarah.   I also enjoy Rhea making brownies! And I love just working with Sarah in the backyard, or around the house.


Welcoming your baby into our family would be a very sacred and precious thing. We will forever cherish him or her as our beloved child.  We have a place for the crib in our bedroom to keep baby close for the first months.  The nursery is right next to our room and has big bright windows.   Sarah is very interested in babies.  She loves to watch her infant cousins and is very empathetic. We have been gently preparing her and know that she will be a loving big sister. 


We are fortunate to be financially secure in stable careers.  Rhea is a resident family doctor and Alisdair is an officer with the Canadian Forces.  We live in an open concept bungalow that is safe and has lots of room for children to grow and play.  Our favourite places at home are the backyard and playroom.  Our city has a shallow beach, playgrounds, splash pad, and many nice trails that we enjoy exploring.

We moved to our forever home in Northeastern Ontario in June 2018.  This is where Rhea was born and raised.   We love the lakes, playgrounds and wildlife. Sarah’s school is just 5 minutes away.  The teachers and our neighbourhood are very kind and welcoming. 


Our entire family and all our friends were delighted to welcome Sarah.  Your child will be absolutely treasured by our family and surrounded by warmth and love.  Rhea’s father is thrilled to be a grandparent.  (“Opa!”) He delights in spending time with his granddaughter and calls her, “the joy of my days”.  Rhea’s mother passed in 2015 from cancer but we know she is with us in spirit.  Her memory inspires “Opa” to be there in her place.   

Alisdair’s family, including nieces and nephews are especially excited about a new cousin.  Alisdair’s sister-in-law also joined her family through adoption.


We believe children need to feel loved, safe, and valued.  We are fun and lighthearted but also know that appropriate boundaries help children grow and feel safe.  We also understand that different children need different parenting techniques and we are flexible to adapt our approach to best suit the children we raise.    


We both love animals and have had several dogs in our life together.  Shelley is a loving 9-year-old labrador retriever mix. Hazel is a cuddly 1-year-old toy poodle.  They are very social, friendly dogs who have been raised around children.  They love to play together!  Sam is a 12-year-old cockatiel and joined Rhea in 2007.  She loves dancing to music and enjoys an occasional cheerio or cracker.  She may live to thirty-years old!

We also love two others that recently passed away, Miss Hannah, a beautiful black toy poodle, and Athena, another black lab mix. Hannah lived to the age of 17 years!  Athena lived to the age of 8 years after surviving an early cancer at 3 years old.


Having lived one adoption experience, we know that adoption is very complex.  There is love and there is sadness in choosing an adoption plan for your baby. There are no words that soften the pain, but please know we have so much love for you and your child.  We want you to know that we are very committed to staying in contact, if that is possible for you. We would share letters and pictures, phone calls, texts, emails, and visits if that is your preference.  However we also understand that you may wish to have less involvement, and we would respect this desire as well.

We thank you so much for learning about us!

Alisdair and Rhea