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we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: Athena and Shelley (labradors), Hannah (poodle) and Sam (cockatiel)


Our names are Rhea and Alisdair.  Thank you for taking some time to get to know us,  and learning how much we look forward to building our family. 

While you learn about us, please know that we think about you often.  We don’t know how you’re feeling, but we are grateful for you.

Who We Are

Both of us are naturally affectionate, to each other, and with our nieces, nephews, and friends’ children. We had to spend some time apart during Rhea’s time in medical school in another city.  We absolutely cherish our time and special moments together.  We love to laugh, joke and gently tease each other.

Raising a family is important to us and we talk about it all the time.  Rhea often day dreams about cuddling little ones, reading stories, baking, doing the laundry loads, changing many diapers, and yes – even the late nights.  Alisdair imagines sharing those late nights, teaching toddlers to build forts, singing silly songs and carrying tired children to bed. 

We know there will be hard days, but we are thankful to have our experiences, passion, and a large group of extended family and friends who are all eager to provide support.


I’m 5’11, and I was always the tall kid stuck in the back row in school photos!  I love to tell jokes; I’m funny, warm, and loving; and I’m 110% committed to my family. 

I love volunteering and helping other people! I spent several years volunteering in a hospice for children with life limiting or terminal illnesses.  I’m forever grateful for being able to enjoy that time with such incredible children.

I had an interest in medicine right from toddlerhood.  My kindergarten report card stated that I “loved role-playing being a mommy, and being a doctor.”

I worked in group homes supporting people with developmental disabilities, and later on in social work, but my interest in medicine only grew stronger.  I applied to medical school at age 28.  The next four years were filled with lots of studying, tests, and more rewarding moments like learning how to deliver babies and assist in surgery!  However as much as I enjoy medicine, I love my husband and dream of our future family.

I’ve loved this chance to meet you and let you know a little about me, but I should leave some space for Alisdair! 


I’ve always been active in life, running around and climbing things as a toddler, playing ice hockey, figure skating, camping, soccer, football, wrestling, rugby and my two most passionately followed sports, skiing and underwater hockey.  And yes, you read that last one right! 

I spent almost a decade coaching children’s underwater hockey in Calgary and had the chance to watch dozens of my hockey kids grow from little 8 year-olds all the way to adults!

I joined the Army just before I turned 32.  It was a challenge keeping up with a bunch of 20 year-olds in training! But through moving to Ontario, I gained a stable job; and most importantly, I met Rhea.  I was fortunate to only deploy once, to Haiti, where I helped provide safe distribution of food after the terrible earthquake in 2010. 

I now work in an office downtown, and the days of training exercises in the -30C winter are behind me.  I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from this job, and now I am looking forward to shifting my focus to family life.

Our Interests As A Couple

We enjoy many things together, like cooking, or trying to build a garden!

On a day to day basis, we’re very happy just puttering around together at home.  Rhea loves to bake brownies, cookies, and cakes, and Alisdair loves to cook salmon, steak and delicious stuffed peppers. 

We enjoy living close to local ski hills, which Alisdair looks forward to using someday with children.  Rhea prefers sledding (may as well start the trip down the hill on one’s behind!) 

Canoeing and camping are other favourite activities.  We enjoy living where we can access lakes and rivers for swimming, fishing, and evening walks!   We also like snuggling on the couch while indulging in Netflix. 

We both love going to a local beach, and we look forward to making sandcastles on future picnics with little ones.

Well all of that might sound a bit too perfect, so we should tell you about our dogs! 

We each had a black labrador dog before we met, and they were both rescued as strays.  Rhea’s playful Athena was adopted at 10 months old from the SPCA.  She is the sweetest but most stubborn dog!  Athena loves to steal from our recycling bin and counters. She’s eaten several sticks of butter over her nine years!  Shelley was Alisdair’s dog.  Shelley is equally sweet, and where Athena is stubborn, Shelley is chronically distracted.  She has such a joy of life, but she just can’t ever decide what to do or where to look!   Despite their quirks, they are excellent with children and have good doggy manners.

Hannah is Rhea’s 16 year old poodle.  She’s in great health and has been with Rhea for almost half of Rhea’s life!  You can see we’re very committed to our animals.  Hannah herself is committed to cheese and lunch meat, heated blankets, and barking at dogs on the television.  But she really is a little doll, with a quiet  temperament, and accustomed to children of all ages.

We also have a cockatiel named Sam.  She is a character who likes to throw her bird food pellets out at the dogs and watch them eat.  She enjoys sitting on top of her cage and posing like an eagle, claiming the world as hers.  She’s 10-years old, and will likely make it to 30.   Alisdair didn’t fully know the commitment he would need to make when he first fell in love with Rhea!


We are very fortunate to both work in fields that offer good jobs.  Alisdair is a program coordinator downtown, and Rhea will be a new family physician, starting her residency.  While we both have good jobs, family is more important.  We’ll both be taking turns spending extended time at home with children, and have planned our future careers and finances with that in mind.

Our Parenting Beliefs

We have been fortunate to play a part in raising members of our extended family.  We both have children in our family who have experienced learning and developmental challenges and with the right supports are doing extremely well. 

We believe children need to feel loved, safe, and valued.  As fun and lighthearted as we are, we also know that appropriate boundaries, routine, and responsibilities help children grow.

We also understand that different children need different parenting techniques and we are flexible in ammending our approach to best suit the children we raise.   

Our Adoption Views

We are very enthusiastic about open adoption, if that is possible for you. We would enjoy sharing letters and pictures or other possible contact like phone calls, emails, and visits.  We would welcome you being a part of this child’s life, and look forward to the chance to get to know each other better. 

We understand that you may wish to have less involvement, and we would respect this desire as well.

We thank you so much for reading our profile.  We hope that you see us as loving parents-in-waiting.  Please know that as adoptive parents, we can’t wait to show this child an abundance of love and attention.


Rhea & Alisdair