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Phone: 1 877 387-7027
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. 

When we got together eight years ago, we knew within the first few dates that it was meant to be! A huge part of that was knowing that we both wanted children, and we both wanted to build our family through adoption.

Who we are

We are a married couple who both come from big families.  Jeff is 1 of 5 kids from a blended family, and Rawn has two siblings that were adopted by his father.  There are many aunts and uncles who are excited for new family members, including a cousin or two that can’t wait for a new playmate! Our support network of family and close friends who have children is fantastic.  We both value time spent with family for holidays, vacations, and as many dinners as possible!  With some extended family right in our city, we take the time to ensure that we all see each other often.  Family is a huge priority in our lives; from the Maritimes to Texas, and from Australia to Ireland, our family goes out of their way to travel as far and often as possible to spend that quality time together.

We currently live in Vancouver in a vibrant community with parks, schools, shops and unique restaurants that instill a small town feeling whenever we’re out and about.  We both lead very active lifestyles that include hiking any trail we can find, cycling all across the city, snowboarding the local mountains, camping in the forest, and going for a run whenever the sun pokes through the clouds.  We are excited to instill the love of the outdoors in whoever joins our adventurous family, and we are glad that this city offers the natural amenities that we will look for in a rural town.

Jeff is a teacher who works at an inner-city elementary school.  He has a long history of interacting with children and youth. From playing with cars on the floor with energetic toddlers to having a heart-to-heart with a troubled teenager, Jeff has the ability to tailor his loud and loving personality to any situation that lets him get on the level he needs to be.  His experiences of being a camp counselor as a teenager, working in both group homes as a young adult, and then working a youth homeless shelter for six years, have given Jeff the patience, empathy and knowledge that would make him an ideal parent.  His excitement for being a dad is palpable, and that is evident when he spends time with any of the children in our close network of friends and family.

Rawn is a sales rep for an ophthalmic medical equipment company.  This position came about after he was trained in pediatric orthoptics (eye clinic) at the BC Children’s Hospital.  Though eye health is his current career path, in his youth Rawn was trained as a chef and loves to cook!  Preparing meals for our close friends and family gives Rawn a sense of joy and comfort that is apparent given the amazing food he prepares from scratch on a daily basis.  Rawn has plans to make his own baby food, and wants to raise our children with their own love of spending time together as a family making meals.  Rawn is excited to welcome a new member into our family; when we get together with anyone of our friends or family members with kids, Rawn is the first one to roll up his sleeves and get in the thick of it!  Rawn especially loves being part of the bedtime routine by snuggling up with the kids and a few books in order to spend that important quiet quality time with them.  He will be the most caring, committed and thoughtful parent that a child could hope for.

Our relationship with you

As we are both from ‘modern’ families, we know that you will be a piece of our grand tapestry.  We want our child to know who you are, and to know that without you we would not be a family.  We want you to be a special part of our family, and we want to find a balanced relationship that will make you, us, and the child feel as comfortable as possible.  We want to adopt because this is our ideal method of building our family. 

Our future as a family

It is really important to us to be able to spend time with our family, and we are lucky that both of our schedules allow for a lot of freedom and flexibility.  Rawn works from home most days, and has the flexibility to work around our child’s schedule and occasional sick days.  Jeff is an elementary school teacher, and his schedule will align with all the holidays and breaks that students have, therefore eliminating the need for daycare during those times.  As well, their combined benefits package will ensure our family is covered in all health care, dental care, prescription and optical needs.

We waited to make sure that we were ready for parenthood, and we are excited about the new journey that this child will take us on. We are both happy, funny and confident people who know a house with two dads is going to be a house filled with love and adventure!

Rawn & Jeff