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Phone: 416-219-8106
we live in: Guelph, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: Two dogs and a cat


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and to learn a little bit about us and the life we hope to share with your birth child.

We are a loving couple hoping to build our family through adoption. We do not have any children yet and are therefore very excited to become parents.

We hope this profile will give you a glimpse into who we are as people, what our lives are like, and (most importantly) the good and nurturing life we know we can provide to your birth child.

We intend on being fun, stable parents who are both actively involved in our child’s life. We believe we are a balanced couple that offers a mix of adventure with safety and security. We believe this balance will allow us to raise well-adjusted children while giving them the opportunity to explore many of their interests.

We are very open to maintaining contact with you, as our child’s birth parent, if this is something with which you would be comfortable. We believe openness in adoption is very important, as we do not want our child to have any unanswerable questions about his or her background or history.


We are Patrick and Mike and, once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your birth child.

Mike is a lawyer and is the managing partner in one of the largest litigation firms in Canada. He is from British Columbia, but has been in Ontario since 2001. He came to Ontario for school and then decided to settle in the province. He has lived in Ottawa, London and Toronto before settling in Guelph with his husband, Patrick.

Patrick is a registered massage therapist and owns and manages the sports massage practice at an orthopaedic and rehabilitation clinic. He is also a part-time college instructor. He is also a talented musical theatre actor, although he has semi-retired (as he now only accepts acting offers from the local Drayton Festival). However, his former acting and dancing career has taken him all over the world, including Europe and Russia.


We met at a friend’s birthday party in Toronto in January 2012, started dating, fell in love, and got married in late 2015. Mike was living in Toronto at the time, while Patrick was living in Guelph. Mike then moved to Guelph in 2013, as his law firm opened an office in Kitchener. We decided to settle down in Guelph as we believe it is a fantastic and safe community with a lot to offer.


As mentioned, we live in Guelph (which is about 45 minutes west of Toronto) and absolutely love our century home. Our house is located on a quiet street next to a stream (which is perfect for walking and outdoor adventures). There are many kids on our street, and there is a strong sense of community. We are near to all the best schools in Guelph.

We absolutely love two dogs (Kota and Elsa) and cat (Mabel). All of our pets are extremely friendly and very used to being around children, including young kids who like to pet them.


We are both active and love to go to restaurants, concerts, travel, bike, snowboard, go to the beach and have fun outdoors. Mike, having grown up in British Columbia, loves winter sports and particularly loves snowboarding. Patrick is always willing to give anything a try, including kitesurfing, longboarding, paddleboarding, snowboarding, and many more activities.

One of our favourite pastimes (and passions) is musical theatre. We typically see at least one show every month. In fact, Patrick is a former professional actor who has starred in a few shows himself. We are both very musical. We each play the saxophone, piano and other instruments.


We are both extremely close with our extended families, often seeing them once or twice per week. Patrick’s immediate family is also located in or around Guelph. Mike’s immediate family is still located in British Columbia, but his parents and brother visit every few months. His parents have indicated that they may relocate to Guelph once they have a grandchild through adoption!

Patrick has two nieces and three young nephews who we absolutely adore. Mike’s cousin (with whom he is quite close) recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl. We love spending time with them and having them over for sleepovers. We have a big, loving and supportive extended family with many nieces and nephews. We also have an amazing group of friends (some with their own children) who we love spending time with. Everyone is excited for us to build our family through adoption.


In terms of parenting style, we intend on being caring, fun and responsible. Mike is more serious than Patrick, while Patrick is more carefree. As such, Mike will likely be the voice of reason while Patrick will be the adventurer. We believe this mix will make us well-balanced parents.

We intend on encouraging our child to explore their interests and experience as much as possible. As mentioned, we love the theatre and are excited to share this experience with our child. However, if our child is more interested in sports, arts, or other hobbies, then we will become interested in that as well and encourage him or her to follow their passion.

When we adopt a child, Patrick will take a parental leave, while Mike (whose work is quite flexible) will work from home for the first year (or as long as necessary). We will both be equally committed and equal partners in raising our child, as we both intend on returning to full-time work when appropriate.