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Years together: 17
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Thank you for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Parvaneh and Amin. We have been married for 17 years. We share a mix of cultural backgrounds and families that enrich our daily lives in many ways, yet we find that it is the common values of honesty, love, and sincerity that truly bind us together. We love nature and enjoy the outdoors, in all sorts of weather, year round. This brings us together as a family, gives us time to talk, and helps us place things in our own lives in true perspective.

Although we cannot possibly know what you are going through, we wish for you to know that you are not alone. We hope that you might consider meeting and spending some time with us, so that we might better know each other.

About Parvaneh (written by Amin)

Parvaneh is big-hearted, non-judgemental, and generous. Her name means ‘butterfly’, and she brings joy like her name. She is a shy person – that is until you get to know her! She was born in Iran, and moved to Canada after having met Amin, who happened to be traveling through Iran some years ago. She followed her heart when she left Iran for a new life with Amin in Canada. She is close to her family, stays in touch with them and visits when she can. Her courage and determination led her to study Information Technology at George Brown College and subsequently find work in an insurance firm in Toronto.

Parvaneh is the eldest of 4 siblings and helped raise her youngest sister. In Toronto, she is very close to her nieces, now 9 & 3 years old, who, with their parents shared a home with Parvaneh and Amin for 5 years. Parvaneh has a gentle, patient, playful way with children, who attach to her quickly. She has a maternal nature and is eager to be a mom.

Parvaneh loves to cook and take care of people, to swim, and to spend time outdoors.

About Amin (written by Parvaneh)

Amin’s 9 year old niece says she enjoys being with him because he has a ‘kid attitude!’. He will be a patient, playful father. Amin tends to think a lot about the things he does, the reasons behind them, and how his decisions impact others, particularly those close to him. He is open-minded and compassionate.

He has a twin brother and two sisters. His parents live close-by and are thrilled at the possibility of being grandparents. Although his ethnic roots would be East Indian, Amin was born in Tanzania. His family left East Africa in 1973 due to political turmoil in that part of the world and settled in Toronto. Amin was 5 at the time. His parents’ struggles taught Amin the value of hard work, family and faith.

Amin studied Engineering at MIT, followed by Architecture at McGill University. He now works as an architect for a small firm in the city and thoroughly enjoys his work, as it provides him with a way to give physical shape to creative ideas.

He enjoys skipping (yes, skipping!), hiking, and anything outdoors.

About Us

We met in December1997 when Amin traveled to Iran with his best friend who is also Par-vaneh’s uncle. Amin was keen to visit Iran because he had studied the art and architecture of old Iran in university and was fascinated by it. It turned out to be a life-changing adventure!

It has taken courage and trust in something greater than ourselves, for us to reach this point in our lives. We have now been married 17 years and are eager to embark on the next stage in our journey. We hope that you might consider being a part of it.

A work/life balance is very important to both of us, including spending time with each other and with our families. We highly value the importance of family and education. We believe that each person should be able to choose the educational path appropriate for themselves.

Sometimes we travel to places that are quiet, peaceful, have beautiful nature and provide rest from the hectic aspects of everyday life. Winter or summer, we enjoy the great out-doors.

Holidays, particularly Christmas and Navrouz (the celebration of Spring) are of special importance to us. These include spending time with family, exchanging gifts, especially for children, eating a LOT of chocolate, watching too much television – ranging from Christmas specials to Bollywood films to home-made family videos – and of course, getting outdoors.

About Our Home

Home is where the heart is.

We do our best to live by this. What does it mean for us? To us, home needs to be a place that gives us time to spend with those we love, and where all family members can find space to be together, to be open to one another, to laugh together, at times of joy and difficulty, and to find peace.

For us, it is important to have a welcoming home, in a safe neighbourhood, and close enough to work so we spend very little time commuting, thereby giving us as much home time with family as possible. We live in a warm, spacious light-filled 2 bedroom condominium in Leslieville, located close to many great amenities including schools and daycares, parks, activities for young families, public transit, bicycle paths, the beach boardwalk, and the best ice cream in Toronto! We enjoy the condo because it requires little maintenance, freeing up plenty of time on weekends to spend with each other and to spend outdoors. We believe this sort of living will continue to be condusive to our lives as our family grows.

About the Things We Value Most

We believe in the goodness of people toward each other and towards themselves. This is essential to our view of the world – that we are all in it together. We therefore believe that the essence of all religions is the same: to be good to one another.

We are both Ismaili Muslims – an esoteric branch of Islam that believes in the use of intellect, the importance of community service, and the importance of education and open-mindedness. We embrace the common values of all religions. We see religion as a personal choice that each individual needs to make for him/herself, without pressure, because one’s relationship with God is precious and very personal. We reject views of religion that use violence, or that view one person as superior to another.

We particularly enjoy the season of Christmas because it is filled with love, hope and generosity.

Education is very important to us because we have seen in our own lives how education has helped us improve ourselves. We will do everything we can to ensure that your child is nurtured and assisted in reaching goals of his/her own choosing, in an environment that is supportive and not judgemental. We will never push him/her beyond their capabilities.

The presence of Family has great value to us, as we were both raised in large families. We have some very close friends and family with whom we regularly go outdoors, including Amin’s best friend and his family, and our nieces, who are eager to have a young cousin to play with!

Your child will have many loving cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents to love him/her, to play with, and to be spoiled by!

About Parenting

We view the opportunity to raise your child as a true honour and gift. We will take this responsibility seriously and with joy.

We believe that a child needs unconditional love, respect as a human being and just as important: routine and safety. We reject physical punishment completely; we were both raised by parents who never hit us, and we think we turned out alright!

We are fortunate to have had some experience in helping raise our niece – we shared a duplex home with her and her parents for the first 5 years of her life. At age 9, she continues to be one of our closest companions.

As your child grows and learns to express him or herself in words, we will encourage discipline through reason and discussion. We will support him or her in pursuing interests and eventually an education of their choosing and ability. We have great mentors in our own parents, excited to be grandparents, who helped us find our own way as individuals, knowing that they were always behind us. We will strive to do similarly for your child. In thick and thin, we will always be there for your child.

About Your Child, Yourselves, and Us

We respect and support your decision to make an adoption plan for your child. We are also excited at the possibility of welcoming a child into our lives, having much love and hope, that we wish to share. We understand it as a very serious responsibility.

But we can’t do it alone. We trust in God, Nature, or however one might name it, to find the right family for all of us. We believe it is important for your child to know where he/she came from and to have a connection to it. This can be facilitated by the creation of a Life Book, a shared name, and through an open relationship with you. We are committed to working with you to figure this out. It is an exciting yet frightening process, and what connects us to you – is a common wish for whatever is best for your child. We hope that we might be fortunate enough to be part of this adventure!

With Sincerity,

Parvaneh & Amin