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Phone: 1.866.582.3678 or 604.736.7613 ext. 4003
Years together: 12
we live in: Langley, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: No
Pets: Two gentle, social dogs


Our names are Dean and Nisha and we are very excited about adopting our first child!  We have written you a letter because we cannot even imagine what a hard decision you are in the process of making.  We hope through this letter, you can get a glimpse into our daily life and the feeling that you know us a little better. 

Our Marriage

We have been married for 12 years and are even more in love now than when we got married.  We are best friends and share the same goals and dreams when it comes to our marriage and family. We have always wanted children and children have always been a big part of our lives (through our friends, family and jobs).  Unfortunately, even though the doctors could not find anything wrong, our dream never became a reality.  Due to this, we have developed our marriage into one that can endure hardships.  We have learned to support each other and rely on our strengths as a couple.  We strongly believe that this was God’s way of strengthening our marriage and showing us that adoption was the path that we were supposed to travel. 

Our Support System

We have an excellent support system and your baby will have all the unconditional love you could hope for.  Our families are beyond excited that we are planning to adopt and cannot wait to meet their newest family member.  We have ten nieces and nephews who we adore.  Our friends all have children and we have had the pleasure of being “aunties and uncles” to them as well.  Both our parents have been married many years and gave us a great example to follow as parents.  They are loving and encouraging and have always taught us to follow our dreams and be true to ourselves.  This is something that we would love to impart to your child as well.   Our friends and family have spent many years hoping and praying for us to be able to enjoy the huge blessing of a child. 

Our Lifestyle

In our spare time we mostly enjoy active outdoor activities.  We have two dogs (Maddy and Moose) that are our “fur babies”.  Maddy and Moose love kids and are gentle and social.  We spend summers at the cabin, fishing and boating.  During the year, we spend a lot of time camping, hiking, exploring and travelling.  Throughout the colder months we enjoy spending time inside reading, crafting, watching movies, traveling to warmer climates and having family and friends over for campfires.  We would love to have your child experience travel and everyday adventures on a regular basis.  We hope to make every day a hands-on, engaging learning experience for your child that will give them a broad view of the world, other people and other ideas and lifestyles.  We have family that lives in Europe, so we would love to have your child meet their extended family.  We hope to raise your child in a holistic way, making sure their social, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental needs are met.  We are looking forward to encouraging and nurturing your child in any interests they may have.  We believe that each child’s natural strengths can be supported when they are given the opportunity to make mistakes and still feel secure and loved unconditionally. 

Our Home

Our home is situated in a rural/residential setting.  We have acreage for our dogs to run on and a garden to grow our own veggies and flowers.  We live 5 minutes from schools, shopping and recreation centers.  Our neighborhood is friendly and safe.  We moved to our home because we would love nothing more than to have a safe place for your child to be able to explore and seek new adventures.  We have just finished a renovation of our whole home and are now settling in and enjoying our hard work.  There is a lot of laughter in our home, as we are both relaxed, energetic, and cheerful people.  We are looking forward to dinners together and lots of positive family times and discussions.  

Our Jobs

Nisha has been a teacher for 15 years and is this year working in the learning assistance program, helping students who have added school challenges.  Dean is a firefighter and enjoys his job immensely. Although we love our jobs, we are pleased that they also give us great benefits and time off to enjoy with our families and friends.  Our motto in life has always been “family first.”  Nisha’s hope is to teach only part time on Dean’s days off so that your child always has one parent at home.  We believe in involving your child in all aspects of our lives. 


We have quite a few friends and family who are adopted themselves. This has given us a clearer perspective into the importance of the birth family in a child’s life. We are very much looking forward to getting to know you if you so wish and we want you to know that you will always be an extremely important part of your child’s life and ours. We support open adoption as long as it is in the best interest of the child. We are easy to get along with, and flexible. Together with you, we are hoping to figure out what this new relationship could look like. We know that we will be able to offer your child a home filled with unconditional love, encouragement and freedom to develop their distinctive personality.

We would be honored to have you and your child make our family whole. We wish you all the best in making this difficult decision.


Dean and Nisha