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we live in: Barrie, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: none
Pets: the most loveable dog, Mookie

Hello There!

​Where to begin…let’s start with a big hello to you and yours! It is nice to have this chance to “talk” with you.  To be honest, this is the most challenging collection of words and pictures we have ever had to put together. In fact, this is the most important letter we have ever written in our entire lives. First and foremost though, we would like to acknowledge and appreciate how difficult a decision it must be for you to consider adoption for your child. We truly admire your courage, your strength and your selflessness as you think about the best possible future for the little one you are about to bring into this world. 

We are so honoured that you have chosen to read our profile to get to know us, and for that, we thank you so much! We genuinely hope that we might be exactly the family you are seeking for your child, and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon. So let’s get started… 

Getting to Know Us – by us both

We have known each other for 15 years, and we met while working part time at the local grocery store. We became great friends and spent a lot of time hanging out, but it wasn’t long before our friendship turned into a deep and delightful love for one another. That love only flourished over the years, and on August 13th, 2011, we married! We have built a strong foundation of friendship and love within our relationship, and we are excited to take our little family of two and become a family of three. We are very ready to become parents.      

​Our marriage is built on kindness, consideration, communication and respect, and we have the type of marriage that will endure any struggle across the decades in front of us. Even when we realized that we would not be able to have a biological child, we supported one another and happily embraced adoption to build our family. Why? Because we know that we will be loving and responsible parents to any child we are blessed to embrace! Adopting a child will fill our hearts and home with so much joy. And our goal is to give your child the best life possible – a life of comfort, security, possibilities, opportunities and love.


I am 33 years old with blonde hair, hazel eyes and a cheerful smile and disposition. When my friends describe me they say I am a warm, caring, fun-loving individual with a positive outlook on life. It is important to me to remember what is important in life, and to stay thoughtful to those around me. I am confident that I am going to be amazing mother too! That might sound overly confident, but I do know this with every molecule of my being. It is my destiny (I hope). 

As a child, I was responsible at a very young age. I started babysitting at the age of 12, and I loved it. I have always loved caring for children, which is why I became an Early Intervention Resource Teacher. I obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Education and then completed a post-graduate certificate called Advanced Studies in Special Needs. I have a deep appreciation and respect for the children and families I get to support. Through my work, my life experiences and my education, I have learned so much when it comes to raising healthy, balanced and happy children. And Darryl and I have had numerous conversations at home about infant care and mental health, child development, community resources, education and inclusion. We love talking about this stuff together, and I am grateful he is so interested!

​I spent my childhood in Central Canada, where I was raised alongside my younger sister. I have fond memories of my childhood and adolescence. My Mom and Dad ensured that they raised me and my sister in a loving and safe environment. I vacationed at my paternal grandparents’ cottage every summer as far back as I can remember, which I loved. I have been lucky in that I have always been close with my parents, my sister, and my extended family too. I am fortunate that, through marriage, I have gained another large family that has welcomed me with all their hearts. Overall I would say that I am a happy woman with a great husband and a loving family; what a wonderful foundation to support me as I move onto the next phase of my life as a parent!     


I am 32 years old, and I earn my living as an electrician. I have brown hair, green eyes and am of Irish and Hungarian descent. I am healthy and enjoy being fit. I describe myself as outgoing, good-natured and sociable with a great sense of humour. Nicole says she loves that I am in touch with my emotions and that I like to share my feelings with her.  She says, “He shows me daily that he has a strong belief in treating others with honesty, fairness, and respect. He is intelligent, kind, loving, supportive and my biggest fan and cheerleader.” How could I not be her biggest cheerleader? I adore my wife.

I am the oldest child of my siblings, with one brother, one half-brother and two half-sisters. But we are all equal in my eyes. Obviously, my parents divorced and remarried, and I have a lot of admiration for not only my father and mother, but both my step-mother and my step-father as well. 

I want to be a great father to your child. My Dad is an auto mechanic, and as a child, I often played the role of mechanic’s assistant – “holder of the light.” My wide range of happy experiences with all my parents growing up, taught me how to be a good role model to children. I have always enjoyed children, and have no problem playing endlessly with little ones, especially my nephew Kaleb. I am fascinated with watching Kaleb grow. Kaleb likes us too (which is kind of important…haha) and recently sent us a video saying that when he grows up, he wants to be “Uncle D.” That kid melts my heart!

​We are at the age where most of our friends, new and old, have children or are expecting children. Needless to say, in addition to having a cousin, I promise that your child would have many friends to grow up with. Even our closest friends’ children call us Aunt and Uncle. 

What We Love to Do – by Darryl

We enjoy being outside. We love to walk our dog, ride our bikes, or just sit on the back deck of our home. We love to travel, and have had the good fortune to travel to many interesting places. We love to go to concerts and movies, and we’ve started to pick up gardening too. Nicole loves to decorate the house, while I love to make the outdoors look great. We enjoy BBQing on warm summer nights, and we also spend several weekends each summer camping, taking our camper trailer to different provincial parks.

Nicole loves to sing and can often be heard singing her favourite songs. She took vocal lessons for many years, and music is a big part of our life. We often make up silly songs about our life and the things we do, and we’d love to be able to sing songs and be silly together with your child. Nicole also enjoys yoga and attends classes regularly. I am very athletic and love baseball, golf, and snowboarding. Nicole loves to cook and I love to eat – a match made in heaven! The aroma of homemade soup and fresh cookies baking on cold winter days is common in our house.

Above all, our most favourite thing to do is to spend time with family and friends, creating lifelong memories, and we look forward to creating lifelong happy memories with your child as our own little family unit.

Our Home – by Nicole

We have a very cozy 2-storey home that is filled with happiness, laughter and love. Our home is “lived in,” with cozy, comfortable furniture. We love to have the fireplace going on the weekends and comfort food cooking on the stove. We have all the room your child will need for a happy childhood and we’d love having his or her toys scattered across the floor.  Your child’s room would be right beside our master bedroom and they would always have our immediate attention.

Our neighbourhood is a very warm and friendly neighbourhood, with many other young families and children for your child to play with. We have a big grassy fenced-in back yard for your child to run around in, and we can picture him or her rolling in the summer grass with friends, spraying each other with the water toys. We have lovely plants and flowers in both our front and back yard, and throughout the summer, there is always something in bloom that smells wonderful. We are also close to parks and schools, and we’re fortunate to have a wonderful recreation centre just minutes away. We can’t wait for our home to be filled by all the laughter and delight that comes with having a child. We’re even enthusiastic for the crying fits and messes! Bring it on!

Mookie! – by Mookie

Hello, my name is Mookie. I first came to live with Nicole and Darryl when I was 7 weeks old, but now I am a big boy – I am seven! I am a big part of this family. Nicole and Darryl are so wonderful to me. They love me and rub me and cuddle me whenever they can. Best of all I usually get to go wherever they go. I am a very good dog and I love being in public. They always trust me and that makes me want to be a good boy.

I enjoy cuddling, going for walks, swimming at the dog beach, playing with other dogs and playing with children. Children especially like me because I am so good natured and gentle. Children make me happy when they rub my fur and let me lick their noses. I am a happy dog with a happy life.    

Travel – by Nicole

We try to travel each year.  We truly believe that the most important thing you can spend on the ones you love is time.  Vacations allow us to do just that; have time together creating lifelong memories.  We can’t wait to take family vacations together one day.  Darryl has never been to Disney World and it’s our dream together to have his first Disney experience as a Daddy alongside a little one.

Faith – by Darryl

Nicole was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, and she attended church on special occasions for many years. I was raised with Presbyterian beliefs and would attend church at special events. Although we currently do not practice a specific religion, we feel that we are spiritual people in our own way, and we still very much believe in God. If you have any specific thoughts on this subject or on how you would like your child to be raised, let’s talk!

Finances & Childcare Plans – by Darryl

Professionally, we have been very fortunate, and both of us have solid careers. We have life insurance, as well as full medical and dental benefits, and our child would be covered under these same benefit plans. We are wise with our finances, and are always reasonable and responsible about the future of our family.

Nicole will take full parental leave for the first year of your child’s life and your child will be nurtured and loved in every way. Our plan is that after the first year, Nicole will return to work but only part-time, and your child will attend a high-quality daycare/preschool in our area where they can build relationships and learn a variety of social skills. 

Our Parenting Beliefs – by Nicole

We both have the same styles when it comes the healthy development and raising of a child. We both strongly oppose physical punishment of any kind. We believe it to be hypocritical to tell children not to hit or fight, yet show them it is OK for adults to treat them this way. We feel that a child needs unconditional love and will only respect you as much as you respect them. Please know that your child would be raised with the respect, compassion and kindness they deserve. 

As your child grows, he or she will be encouraged to follow any dreams or interests they may have. All forms of education, both formal and informal, will be promoted and encouraged with enthusiasm and respect. We would never push your child beyond their abilities. Whatever career choice your child chooses, we will support it 100%. Travel and life exploration will be possible with us. We understand that parenting is a lifelong commitment, and we promise you that we will always be there for your child, in good times and in bad, always his or her strongest cheerleaders and advocates. And most importantly, when things don’t go quite right for your little one (and later too, as they become a teenager and an adult), we will always be there, offering our love and support to help them until things become “right” again.

Our Views on Adoption – by us both

We are really excited about adoption, about parenting. And we are excited about meeting you to learn more about you and your hopes and dreams for your baby. 

We have done a lot of reading and are very enthusiastic about participating in the type of adoption where we would develop a relationship with you through letters, pictures, emails and visits. We also will be very happy to come together with you to share in the naming of your child; do you already have some ideas?

We’ve seen the love and the joy first hand that adoption brings to a family as our close friends were blessed to build their family through adoption. We are very keen and willing to participate in an open adoption if that’s what works for you. And if not, we will respect your wishes, but the door will always be open and you will always be able to reach us directly or through Service Ontario when the time is right for you. There would be nothing greater than to earn your respect and confidence in our parenting and child-raising skills. 

We will make a life-book for your child that will include information and pictures of all of us – the birth family and the adoptive family. We encourage you to write letters or send pictures for us to add to your child’s life-book over the years so they can feel a sense of belonging to both families. 

We will always be honest with your child about his or her adoption, speaking of you with great respect and positivity. We will ensure that your child always knows your love and that you want the very best life for your child, as any mother does.

Thank You – by us both

Thank you so very much for giving us your time and consideration. We can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to make an adoption plan for your child, and although we would love to be selected by you as the adoptive parents for your child, we want you to make the decision that you feel is best for you and your child. We are grateful to you just for considering us.

As a final note, we will always be honest with your child about this adoption and will ensure that they know that your decision was made out of your love for him or her, with their best interests at heart. We will tell him or her of your courage and your love. To us, you will always be the heroine who could give us something that no one else could – a family. This we will never forget.

Our biggest dream in this life together is to become Mommy and Daddy, and although it’s been a slow process, we believe whole-heartedly that when the time comes, it will have been worth the wait. 

Sincerely, Nicole and Darryl ​