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First, we want to wish you luck in your adoption journey. We hope that throughout this process you find peace and happiness in your decision.

We know there are many wonderful and caring want-to-be parents on this site who will unconditionally love your child and will do everything in their power to make your child safe and happy.

We acknowledge the brave decision you are making to place your child up for adoption at this difficult time and we admire your strength and courage.We are Nancy and Peter; we appreciate you taking the time to consider us as potential parents to your child.

Our Story

We both come from large Italian families; Peter has three siblings and grew up with thirty one cousins, and now has six nieces and nephews. Nancy is the youngest of five kids and spent a lot of time growing up together with her thirty cousins and now has nine nieces and nephews. Our parents both immigrated to Toronto from Italy in search of a better life. Both met and married here in Toronto and started their own businesses of which both Nancy and Peter have followed in their footsteps.

Family is and will always be Italians’ number one priority and is often the motivation behind our actions. We both grew up always enjoying spending special occasions altogether with lots of family. From early on in our lives, separately we both dreamt of having a family of our own, being parents; and have always considered adoption as a possibility.

We met through a mutual friend of ours on a blind date. We spent countless hours and sleepless nights on the phone talking and laughing in amazement at how much we had in common. Our friend had known this all along and been attempting to have us meet for eight years. As fate would have it life can take some unexpected turns at times but our relationship has been well worth the wait. The blind date took place over cocktails and once Peter looked into Nancy’s eyes he knew she was “the one”. A year to that day we got engaged on a gondola ride and married shortly after in our own fairy tale wedding.


Peter Enjoys helping others, has many friends, enjoys working with his hands fixing and building things. He is active in the community and enjoys doing things and being there for others. He’s no stranger to adversity, at age 30 due to a spinal cord injury he had to learn to walk again. It was a tough time but you wouldn’t know it today; he credits the love and support from his family and friends for giving him all the strength he needed. From a very young age, Peter dreamt of being a husband and a father.


Nancy is a calm, selfless, genuine, kind and trustworthy person. She is a very hardworking woman with a very nurturing personality. She has always walked to the beat of her own drum. Nancy has always been very involved with children and is very hands-on with helping to raise her nieces and nephews. For many years, Nancy has dedicated herself to a very high pace, high demand vocation, one that she would very happily trade in to devote herself to the role of

Our Home

We recently completed designing and building our own big beautiful home in King City, a suburb of Toronto. We built the home with many considerations of having a child to raise here.

We live close to many accredited schools and are walking distance to parks, playgrounds and nature. It is a great location, it’s halfway between the city and cottage country giving us quick, easy access to everything they both have to offer.

On Parenting

It is our most important goal in life, to raise a child who is strong, loving and confident. We have witnessed this happen and believe that the way to achieve that is to dedicate our lives to it. We are prepared to raise a child in an environment that is safe, with endless love, patience and acceptance with open communication and positive role models throughout the child’s life.

We will encourage and provide all of the necessities and tools to reach his/her full potential.

We will honor the birth family and are open to whatever level of openness that you are comfortable with. We respect that the openness of the relationship may change from time to time due to your comfort level and can fully understand that. We desire a relationship of mutual respect and support where communication is accepted in some form.

Thank You

We want you to know that through this very difficult period the decision you’re making will in turn be granting a miracle to a lucky couple. We hope that you will find comfort and happiness through knowing that your selflessness has also provided a dream come true.


Nancy & Peter