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Phone: 5199908500
we live in: Brampton, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: none
Pets: None

Hi there, we are Sunny and Michelle, and it is so nice to meet you! 🙂

As we started our adoption journey, we had a vision and a whole lot of excitement as to what the future could hold for us and our potential growing family. Our hearts smile as we think of building our family through adoption. But truth be told, we understand there is nothing easy about this process for you.

Our goal, with this adoption profile is to be an open book for you. We want to give you a chance to get to know us a bit and give you a glimpse of what our life looks like and what it would look like for you if you decided to place your child with us. 

We want you to know that we are now and will always remain 110% committed to your child in providing a safe, nurturing, fun and stable home. We are excited and confident in our decision to adopt and to start a new phase of our life story. But that story really starts with you – your courage, your dedication and your desire to find a family that is the right fit for your child. 

So this is us, our story, our life, and what we have to offer you and your baby. Let’s get started!

Sunny- by Michelle 

Sunny is a kind, gentle and compassionate man. He provides security, rational decisions and calmness to me and to our home. He reasons well and will always have a listening ear and will always help find solutions to difficult days. Sunny values family as #1. He’s super funny and super lovable. He is witty, sarcastic and has a dry sense of humour at times too, which I adore.  Sunny loves watching movies and comedy shows and listening to comedians. And although he probably prefers to stay home, relax and binge-watch the television shows he loves, he can be easily convinced to spend the time exploring, to find whatever the day brings. Sunny will be the most adoring and dedicated father to your child!

Michelle- by Sunny

Michelle is sweet, responsible, hard-working, loving and can be a little firecracker. She is a strong advocate for what she believes in, she loves planning fun days for us, our families and our friends. She loves her family and especially her nephews; they mean the world to her. Michelle lives life with passion, an understanding for others, and simply being happy. Her dedication as a mother to your child will be absolute, sweet and complete. 

Once Upon a Time

Sunny and I met in 2014 under the sunny skies of Dominican Republic, celebrating our mutual friends’ wedding. We had a long-distance relationship for two years. We were committed to driving 3.5 hours every weekend to see each other, spending countless hours on Facetime and experiencing some really cool things together. We got married in 2017, and it was an absolutely magical day. 

 Life in our shoes

We love each other. We are happy. We are living our best lives. We are SO ready for this next chapter of our lives and looking forward to raising a child together!!!  

As we live our life, we try to stay balanced between maintaining an uncomplicated lifestyle and exploring new adventures. We enjoy the simple experiences of engaging in little projects around our house, running errands, talking about our days and getting lost in a good TV/movie series. We also enjoy new adventures, and we always have a new place we want to visit or a new restaurant we want to try, and this is what keeps life interesting for us.

Life is not always perfect and there will be always be difficult days, but being supportive, honest, and respectful to one another is what makes our life brilliant. Honestly, it is so comforting to know that we will always have each other’s back!  

We have a supportive marriage and stable employment in careers that we really enjoy, along with sound finances that would allow us to provide for a child and meet all their needs. We are healthy and we enjoy life. We have done a lot of planning and research to prepare for meeting the needs of a child through adoption, and we want you to know that we are ready to become parents! 

Home sweet home

“A little slice of heaven” is the best way to describe our home J We live in a spacious, three-bedroom, two-storey back-split home that has a fenced-in back yard with a large deck, BBQ and our flower/plant garden that we created together. We have done many renovations from scratch in our home, and we can’t wait to teach your little one how to build and create their own ideas and projects. We have created so many great memories thus far in our home, which is safe, loved and modern, but with a whole lot of coziness that is ready to be filled with continuous stories, little fingerprints, and laughter – all the activities of a growing family!

Our home is located in a quiet residential area that has many kids playing about. We are also close to parks, playgrounds and local schools. Sunny’s parents live just a 10-minute drive from our home and we see them frequently. Living in the country but situated close to a nearby city gives us the best of both worlds. Sunny is a city guy, while Michelle has always been a country girl. We love this place and our community, which has great shopping, as well as close-by scenic country drives, various trails/provincial parks and cute little communities to explore. 


Family is everything. We love our family. They are a huge part of our lives. You and yours will also become part of our family if we have an adoption together. Our families have been involved with many of our life decisions, including adopting a child, and they have been a huge support to us throughout this process. We often spend time with our families, whether it be eating a home-cooked meal together, spending a day shopping or catching a baseball or soccer game. We always find joy spending time together. We look forward to celebrating our own happy traditions and we looking forward to creating new ones too. 


We have a great group of friends, who have been part of our lives for some time, some even since we were in high school. We see and talk to each other often and we enjoy BBQs, dinner gatherings, board games or movie nights, or even a simple call or text to keep us connected. We value our friends in a big way, and we are forever grateful for them. We think you would love our friends!


We love to vacation. It’s one of our passions! We try to take a holiday at least once a year. This allows us to connect and explore the world together. We also feel it’s important to give that experience to your little one. The ability to learn about other cultures, experience different cuisines and open their mind to diversity is always beneficial in teaching a child to have empathy for others. And, of course, who doesn’t love a sun-filled adventure?! 

Our Parenting Vows

To love the child unconditionally

To protect the child from harm and provide a safe home environment

Treat the child with respect

Make fun memories with the child

Grow and laugh with the child

Comfort the child when their sad

Guiding the child from their mistakes

Encourage their talents

Always be truthful and honest with the child

Be open about their birth parents and family

And to guide and encourage your child to reach for the stars!!

A note to you

Making this adoption book for you has been a journey full of self-reflection and enthusiasm. Honestly, we are humbled to have the chance to talk to you and share a little about our lives and show you what we can give your child in the way of a happy life. We are thrilled to start our adoption journey, and we look forward to becoming parents one day. We want you to know that we will treat you and your family with graciousness and honour – always.

We hope you see this scenario as we do: two families coming together to make one, all for the benefit and love of a child. We realize that we have never met and that, at this point, we don’t even know each other, but hopefully, after learning a little a bit about us, you will allow us to be part of your/your baby’s future. We are committed to creating an adoption relationship that benefits you and your child. 

Always remember you are not in this alone. We are in it together. 

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