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Years together: 10
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None
Pets: Two cats (Battle Cat and Zuul)

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We know you have a difficult decision ahead of you and we hope this profile gives you a good sense of who we are, our values, our community, and the fun and loving home and family that your child would be part of.

Family is so important to both of us. While we have struggled to have a child biologically, this experience has confirmed how ready and committed we are to becoming parents and sharing our lives with a child. We have many wonderful examples of adoption in our family and friends, and we’re excited about the chance to grow our family through adoption.

About Us

We were introduced by friends in 2007, right before Michelle moved to Budapest, Hungary, for a year for graduate school. We hit it off, so during the year apart we got to know each other better over Skype, and spent many late nights talking and having Scrabble “dates” over Facebook. Mike also came to visit – a lot! We had amazing trips around Europe and we learned that we really have fun together, wherever we are. We’re different in many ways – Mike is more laidback and spontaneous, while Michelle is more of an organizer and list-maker – but we share similar values, complement each other’s quirks and make a great team.

After her year away, Michelle came back to Toronto and Mike moved to Toronto from Waterloo. We got married in Toronto in 2010 and have built a wonderful life here together – we’re just missing that child we haven’t met yet!

About Michelle (by Mike)

Michelle grew up in Toronto, playing with friends in the neighbourhood park, going to summer camp, and playing piano. She went to law school at McGill University in Montreal and today she works as a lawyer for a financial services company. Michelle is also a talented woodworker – she has made beautiful pieces of furniture for our house and wooden toys for our friends’ kids. She also loves swimming, cooking, reading and studying new languages.

Michelle is kind, determined, and devoted to those she loves. Early in our relationship my mom passed away and Michelle was my rock. I knew then that I could always count on her to be there – for me, and for our family.

More than anything else, I love Michelle’s positive outlook and her brilliant and goofy sense of humour. Family is so important to Michelle, and she has wanted to be a mom for as long as I have known her. I know that she has endless patience, creativity, and love to share with a child.

About Mike (by Michelle)

Mike loves learning, especially in a hands-on way. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo and is now a software developer for an international computer chip maker. At home, he loves to take things apart to see how they work and play with electronics – for his goddaughter Talia’s 3rd birthday he made her a battery-powered box covered in arcade buttons that make different wild animal noises! Mike also enjoys long-distance road cycling, mountain-bike racing and playing ball hockey.

Mike is a kid at heart. He’s the first one on the floor playing Lego with our friends’ and cousins’ kids or singing them silly songs on a guitar. Mike is also a very involved godfather to Talia. He was born in Montreal and grew up in Ottawa, so he speaks French, which Talia also loves, since it’s her first language (she also corrects his grammar).

Mike has a huge heart and would do anything for the people he loves. He comes from a close family and also has lifelong friends who are like family to him. I know that he’ll make a fantastic father and he can’t wait for a child to explore the outdoors with and teach about how the world works.

Our Family

We have a huge extended family, who we see often. Michelle is an only child, but she grew up very close with her cousins, who now have 10 children of their own. Michelle’s parents and lots of extended family live a short drive from us and would be very involved in your child’s life.

Mike’s father, step-mother, and brother live about an hour west of Toronto. Mike’s mom passed away in 2009 – she was a kind, funny, and strong woman (and one of eight children!) and would have loved to see our family grow.

Our family get-togethers are so much fun and the whole extended family is excited to welcome another child. They also understand and support openness and would welcome you and your family’s involvement in your child’s life.

Having Fun!

We love exploring and having new adventures, big and small. Between the two of us, we’ve been all over the world and we love discovering new places, people, cultures, and food. Closer to home, we seek out local restaurants, shows and festivals. We also enjoy staying in and playing board games or unwinding with Netflix and a big bowl of popcorn.

We love spending time away from the city as well. We go camping (Mike would live in a tent if he could), hiking, canoeing, and snowshoeing and rent cottages north of the city. We know that with a child there would be tons of fun things in and outside of the city for us all to share as a family.

Our Neighbourhood

We live in a 3-bedroom townhouse in downtown Toronto. Upstairs there is big deck where we spend the summer relaxing, entertaining and gardening. Our house is steps from Toronto’s vibrant Queen St. West, and a short walk to a large park, community centre, children’s pool, playgrounds and schools.  Our neighbourhood is a very close-knit community. We have each other over for dinners, barbeques and Halloween, and there are kids of all ages.

We also share our home with Battle Cat and Zuul, a pair of cuddly and curious rescue cats.

Our Traditions

For us, the holidays mean eating huge meals with family and friends! At Christmas, we spend Christmas Eve with Michelle’s goddaughter and her family; then we head to Cambridge to celebrate Christmas Day with Mike’s family. Mike also bakes hundreds of cookies for friends and family. We celebrate Jewish holidays with Michelle’s parents and extended family over large and lively meals.

Over our 10 years together, we’ve shared and enjoyed each other’s traditions and have made some of our own too. We are excited to introduce a child to these traditions and to create new ones together as a family.

On Raising a Family

We were both raised in loving homes where we learned responsibility, independence, a love of learning, compassion for others, and the importance of having fun. We grew up knowing that we could call our parents anytime if we needed help – no matter what – and it is very important to us that your child have that same feeling of security and unconditional love.

We would encourage your child to always be curious and ask questions. We want your child to have fun exploring the things that are of interest to him or her. We would provide the support he or she needs to try new things, to learn from any mistakes, and to have the confidence and courage to try again.

If there is a language or tradition that you feel is important for your child to learn, we would be happy to provide that opportunity.

We are both fortunate to have stable careers with flexible schedules and generous parental leave. We also have a big support network of people who are ready and willing to help with any questions or support we may need as new parents and throughout your child’s life.

On Openness

We are very supportive of openness and we recognize the importance to your child of keeping a connection with you and your family. We are open to a relationship with the possibility of sharing photos, letters, emails and visits, however we would also respect your wishes as to the type of relationship you are looking for. We hope to find a level of openness that we are all comfortable with.

Thank You

We hope that this profile has given you a helpful picture of us and the kind of family and home that your child would be welcomed into. Thank you so much for considering us and if you would like to know more or have any questions, we would love the chance to share more or to speak with you.