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Years together: 13
we live in: South Western Ontario, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children:

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and learn a little about us.  Please know that we have so much respect for you and the decision you are making, and understand you want the best for your baby.  We recognize that this profile shows only a glimpse into our lives, but hope you see we are a loving couple who are excited to welcome your baby into our family.  We are open to any questions you have for us, and assure you that if you choose us, your baby will be loved and your story will always be a part of his or her story.


Michelle was raised in a small town in South Western Ontario, with her younger sister and both parents. In high school she worked at the local community center at the after school program, summer day camp and at the local pool as a swimming teacher. She loved being with children of all ages and was often called the ‘baby whisperer’ by her family! After attending University and College, Michelle set out on an adventure when she moved to Japan to teach English! It was there she met her best friends and developed a love for travel and learning about other cultures. 

Now, Michelle is a Human Resources Manager, who in her free time practises yoga, likes to cook, read and spend time with Craig and their friends and family. Craig describes Michelle as kind, caring, loving and fun. He loves spending time with her and knows she is going to be an incredible mother.


Craig was raised in a small village in South Western Ontario with his older brother and both parents. It was there that he learned the value of hard work and developed his green thumb! In High School Craig loved to play football, basketball and fastball. After High School, Craig moved to Nova Scotia to attend Acadia University and continue to play football! Craig then returned to Ontario to attend College.

Craig now works as a GIS Professional (he makes maps). In his free time he maintains his love of sports, gardening, watching movies, listening to music and spending time with Michelle and their friends and family. His nickname is Moose, which is what most of his friends and their children call him. He is very well known for his facial hair…he’s had some kind of beard since 9th grade! Michelle describes Craig as calm, funny and loving. She loves everything about him and can’t wait to see him raise a child. 


We’ve been friends since 8th grade and even dated for a short time in 10th grade! We remained friends and were in the same ‘circle of friends’ all through High School. When Michelle moved across the world to Japan, they kept in touch, regularly emailing each other and sending post cards. When Michelle moved home, Craig stopped by to say hello. She opened the door and fell in love at ‘first re-sight’ and we’ve been a couple ever since! We make each other laugh and have fun together. It’s not unusual for us to have random dance parties in the kitchen or to snuggle up for a movie marathon at home. We have the same friends, who we’ve mainly known since High School! We share the same values, are close to our siblings and parents, and consider our friends and their children to be our extended family!


Adoption isn’t a new experience for either of our families. In high school, a friend of Craig’s family and his girlfriend had a baby they chose to place for adoption. Through that process, Craig’s parents were a huge part of that friend’s support network as he moved in with them during this time. One of Michelle’s cousins is a birth mother, and had the full support of the extended family for an adoption plan. This continued and they have been reunited. Michelle’s grandfather was adopted on her dad’s side, and on her mom’s side, her grandparents were preparing to adopt before finding out they were expecting Michelle’s mother. Finally, one of our closest friends has a younger sister that was adopted by his family when she was a small child.

Becoming parents and having the privilege to be part of a child’s life has always been important to us. We have endured many procedures and heartbreak along the way to make this happen, but learned there was another path for us to follow. We have supported each other throughout and talked about adoption for a long time.

Not only do we have the full support of our family and friends, we are blessed to have people in our lives that aren’t new to the adoption experience and are excited to take the journey with us. As a result of all of this we have not entered in to the decision to adopt lightly. We have learned from those whose lives were touched by adoption, attended educational classes and have researched what is involved as we truly want to be the best adoptive parents possible.


The home we want to raise a family in is the first home we bought together. It’s in the same small town community where we grew up and is a short walk away from three different parks and play areas. It has a lot to offer and is within a close drive to larger cities, therefore we have the best of both. Our street is a quiet and safe one, with a range of families from young to old. In the summer we have beautiful gardens with both flowers and vegetables and we spend as much time outside as we possibly can! Our friends often ask us to host gatherings because we have a big yard for their kids to play in, and they tell us our house is cozy and comfortable!


Both sets of our parents set a great example for us. They are active in our lives and we are close with both of our siblings and their families as well. We live about 10 minutes away from Craig’s parents and approximately 20 minutes from Craig’s brother. Although Michelle’s family lives further away, we see them regularly. Craig’s brother and his spouse have a little boy together, and she has two children from a previous marriage. Our nephew calls Craig ‘Uncle Moose’ and Michelle ‘Auntie Shell’. They are an active family and we often spend Saturday nights there, playing games with the family. Michelle’s sister and her husband have two children, a girl and a boy. Although they don’t live as close by, we babysit for them, attend dance recitals and celebrate each birthday! Our niece and nephew also call Craig ‘Uncle Moose’ but call Michelle ‘Tee Tee’ (short for Auntie). We don’t have any living Grandparents but do remain close to our Aunts, Uncles and many cousins. Our close and extended families all support our decision to adopt and have encouraged us to follow this path.


Most of our close friends, we’ve known since high school. They live throughout South Western Ontario and we love them with all of our hearts. We are Uncle and Aunt to their kids and love spending time with them. All of our gatherings with our friends are family friendly, because we all want our kids to love each other like we do. Our friends have been a great source of strength and encouragement as we faced our fertility issues and now head down the adoption path. We consider many of our friends to be part of our extended family and they are almost as excited to meet your baby as we are!


Our favourite time of year is the Christmas season. We love everything about it! We love the spirit in the air at that time of year, the social gatherings and the time with family that always happens. We go a little crazy when we decorate…and have won the local decorating contest for four years in a row! We regularly have friends and neighbours stop by to thank us for going ‘above and beyond’ with our decorating! Our decorating doesn’t stop at the front door, inside we have Christmas trees in four rooms of our house! This time of year makes us happy and we can’t wait to share it with your baby.


We are honoured to be the God Parents to three very special children in our lives. The first is the daughter of Michelle’s best friends who she met while living in Japan. She’s now a teenager and although she lives in another country, she communicates with us through texting and emails on a regular basis. She’s growing in to a beautiful and confident young woman, and we know how lucky we are to be in her life. The second is one of our friend’s children. From the beginning he had a special relationship with Craig, always wanting to be with him whenever Craig was around. We love to watch him play soccer and basketball! Our third God Child is our niece. She and Michelle are like ‘two peas in a pod’ and she LOVES to make crafts with Craig. We are so lucky that so many people want us to be in their children’s lives. We love them with everything in our hearts and are so proud of the people they are growing up to be!

Please know that our thoughts are with you, and we recognize this is the most important and challenging decision you have ever had to make. If you honour us to be parents, we promise to love and respect your child, and to be open and honest with him or her about the courage it took for you to make your decision. 

We are open to meeting you while also respecting and exploring the level of openness you are looking for, as we feel it’s important for your baby to know who their birth parents are. We are blessed to have our families and friend’s support and excitement for us to start our journey down our family path and wish you well. With respect and admiration,

Craig and Michelle