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we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: None
Pets: None

Dear Expectant Parent,

You are about to make a very important decision on the life that you want for your child, and it is not a decision that you will make lightly.

Similarly, we have made the important decision to adopt, and we hope that we earn the privilege to raise your child in a home with two loving parents, a strong network of friends and family, and boundless opportunity for your child to grow up to be whoever they want to be.

Since we were married, having children was always the long-term plan, but by the time we had built a strong household foundation from our successful careers, God had a different plan for us.  This development was certainly devastating for the both us, but it led and emboldened us to the dream of pursuing adoption,

If you grant us the privilege of taking care of your child, we will love, nurture, and guide them to be the best that they can be.  Your child will have every opportunity to understand their background and history, be connected to your culture & values, and to discover and pursue their dreams, all while providing the guidance, discipline, and role models to grow into a well-rounded individual.

You have an important role to play in the life-long story of your child, and so we are amenable to an open adoption process that will, if you choose, include updates on how your child is growing, opportunities for you to keep in touch (including visits), and your valuable contributions to the child’s Life Book.  In our family, we have a history of two members of the extended family having been part of open adoptions, and we certainly can continue that tradition.

About Anthony

Anthony will be the most caring and responsible father for your child.

Not only is he devoted, dependable and compassionate (a product of his Canadian upbringing), but as a licensed medical professional, he is also equipped with the know how to care for your child physically and emotionally.

Besides building a very successful career and a financially-sound family life, Anthony loves to read, write, travel and cook – his Spaghetti alla Puttanesca would put him in lineup with the best pasta chefs in the world.

And your child may be amazed to read the chapter Anthony wrote in their textbook when they start elementary school!

After 16+ years of loving and happy marriage with Anthony, I feel lucky to embark on this new chapter of life with him.  I couldn’t have found a better husband to raise your child with.

About Michelle

Michelle offers the best of both worlds as a mother to your child, ensuring that they will be raised with a solid foundation of values and practical skills while having the passion and license to dream big.

Michelle has worked hard all her life to get where she is today, and this journey has instilled a wealth of practical knowledge, analytical skills, a strong work ethic, and the know how to solve any challenge thrown at her.

At the same time, Michelle is blessed with an endless capacity to love, the gift of finding beauty, and a passion for the arts, whether it be painting or her trend-setting interior design.  Michelle is also very proud of the beautiful gardens she maintains at both our home and cottage.

I cannot think of anyone who would be a better parent, mentor, cheerleader, and inspiration for your child.

Our Love for Children

We have always found it easy to get along with children and help out when needed, which has prepared us to care for your child.

This stems back to both our childhoods, where we played significant roles in looking after younger siblings (such as Anthony’s younger brother) and younger cousins (in the case of Michelle).

And with plenty of pharmacist, physician, and nursing experience residing in our immediate family, your child is in good hands.

Our Family

Your child will be entering into an extended universe of family and friends beyond just Anthony & Michelle.

Michelle’s mother lives with us in our home and is excited with the prospect of being a grandparent, while Anthony’s parents live a short drive away, as are Anthony’s brother, wife, and their child.  Beyond our extended family, we have a network of close, long-time friends (stretching back to high school) who are a phone call away.

With this extended safety net, there will be lots of new connections for your child to make and plenty of family & friends ready to step in to help out. 

Our Home & Neighbourhood

Your child will live in our home in a quiet & safe residential area, the happy place that we have spent the past decade in. Our home has lots of space for your child to play, stretch out, and explore, including their own bedroom (which will be lovingly designed by Michelle) and bathroom. We have also created a stimulating environment filled with art, books, and music to help your child expand their horizons and develop their intellect.  And with both Anthony & Michelle usually working from home, someone will always be on hand to guide your child and keep them safe.

We are situated in a wonderful community where many of our neighbours have young children themselves, so your child will never be short of new friends to play with.  We have 3 excellent schools within a 5-minute walk, including a school specializing in French Immersion, as well as numerous parks and open spaces to explore.  We are also just 30 minutes from Toronto, the cultural and business capital of Canada, home to 2 world-class universities and plenty of opportunities for your child to make a life for themselves when they are older.

In addition to our home, we have a cottage in the woods of a gated resort in picturesque Prince Edward County, which offers plenty of fun outdoor diversions and opportunities for your child to make new friends, including a freshwater lake, hiking trails, and various sports facilities such as basketball & tennis courts.

Our Culture & Travel Adventures

Despite both of us having Asian heritage, we have adopted a truly ‘Canadian’ cultural lifestyle. From Italian-themed dinners to cheering on the Toronto Raptors to appreciating Scandinavian “hygge” lifestyle, our tastes and interests are broad, something that we hope to share with your child so that they can see a little something that’s familiar while learning what else they like in this wide world. 

We also have a love for travelling around the world, and we cannot wait to take your child on our grand adventures.  Whether it be Disneyland or Dubrovnik, Spain or Iceland, every place we have visited over the last two decades has given us an appreciation of the wonders that await around every corner, and we hope that your child will get to experience the joy of travel.

We are Ready for A Child

Thank you for taking the time to getting to know us, our life, and imagining the love, care, and limitless horizons that your child could have.  We look forward to the honor of being part of the unending links of your child’s life that starts with you and stretches through the years to the wonderful person they can become.

If you have any questions or would like to get to know us better, please reach out to us via your adoption professional.

Bless you and your child, and we hope that we can speak about the needs of your child and how we can best meet them.

Anthony & Michelle