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we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: None
Pets: Yogi, a 5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog!

Dear expectant mother,

Hello and welcome! We are Mev and Matt from Ottawa and we are SO excited to share our story with you through this profile!

It’s important for us to thank you for making an adoption plan, and considering us.

You probably want to know more about who we are. Marie-Ève is an elementary science teacher. Mathieu is a software sales manager. Yogi is a full time sleeper and goof (he’s a dog). We speak French and English, love Disney and Harry Potter, live in the country, have travelled, would love to travel more, and are fortunate to be healthy. For the most part, we’ve been very lucky.

Marie-Ève was, unfortunately, diagnosed with a rare condition called MRKH syndrome at a young age, which means she was born without a uterus. She’s super healthy otherwise, and will likely live to be 150 (Matt wrote this). But still, very unlucky. Experiencing a pregnancy will never be something in our future.

We have always considered adoption and feel like it’s the best way to start our family!

So that’s us. We have way more of us below! We hope this is a match for what you are looking for, and can’t wait to answer all your questions.


Mev is my precious little baby platinum angel. She’s kind. She’s warm. She’s generous. She’s intelligent. She’s a talented educator, and has elite level patience (which is required to live with me). She is incredibly dedicated to our family, and has effectively taken on the role of mother goose. She encourages me to take adventures, to not procrastinate, and to make time for what is important in life the three F’s: Friends, Family, and Food.

The amount of love she has for me and Yogi will pale in comparison to the avalanche of love she will give to your child. I could watch her make crafts or read with our nieces and nephews for ever.

Yes, I know I’ve just described a Disney Princess. She is my Disney Princess, and I can’t wait to share her.


Caring for wildlife and the environment.

Dancing! I used to dance competitively but now I dance for fun around the house and at parties – Matt and I actually won a partners dance competition at a resort down south once! Our signature lift is the famous one from Dirty Dancing – and yes, we do this at parties! LOL

Crafting and baking – Anything from calligraphy to reupholstering furniture, I’m all about the do it yourself projects (I always have many projects on the go- Matt thinks I should finish some before starting more, but I CAN’T HELP MYSELF). I also love to bake vegan cupcakes.

Planning themed parties for loved ones (here’s where the DIY skills come in handy).

Fashion – Walking in front of a kid’s clothing store takes a lot of self control. BABY CLOTHES ARE SO CUTE!

Teaching kiddos – My job is so rewarding! There’s nothing I love more than seeing a child’s face light up as he or she discovers something new about this amazing world.

Netflix and chill is also a passion of mine – Cuddled up on the couch with my boys – both Yogi and Matt are cuddle monsters.


From the first day I met Matt, I knew he was born to be a dad. His charm, his humour and his personality are contagious. We’ve been together for 9 years now and I can tell you that there is NEVER a dull moment with him. Every day I spend with him is filled with laughter. Whether it’s inventing a new jingle in the car together, trying to harmonize some Backstreet Boys songs while we clean the house, or practicing the new dance craze in the kitchen, he brings so much joy in my life. Seeing Matt play and take care of our nieces and nephews is one of my favorite things. He has a gift of entering imaginary worlds with kids and forms such an amazing bond with them instantly. He really is an awesome husband and I am so blessed to have the opportunity of sharing this life with my soulmate.


Hockey! Also the Senators! They are bad right now, and I am still cheering hard for them. That is dedication. I’ve also played my whole life and have dreamed of shooting pucks in the driveway with our future child! #Shoots&Scores!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and working out – I recently got promoted to purple belt and I am so looking forward to taking BJJ family classes with your child. I also wear my purple belt everywhere in case there is a Jiu Jitsu emergency (not really, but I would if I could)! #Superdad

Nieces and nephews – I take every possible opportunity to visit and spoil our nieces and nephews. I am all about high energy play. I’m

still learning how to play calmly. Mev is teaching me. It’s hard LOL. Life’s purest moment: When they see me and jump in my arms. I get teary just thinking about it. #emotions

Improv – I played improv in High School, University, and as a grown man. I love making people laugh. I’ve got a million #dadjokes lined up and ready to go.

My family – I would do anything for my family. I want to do everything with my family. I live for my family. This includes my dog who is my baby. A big baby, but a baby nonetheless; #furbaby. This also includes my family and Mev’s family who are all nearby.

Learning – I have a Master’s in business, love learning about any and all topics, I half way finished law school (decided law was not for me) love learning more ways to annoy my wife. #goals

Coaching – At work and in life, I believe it’s super important to be positive, engaging and high energy. I take pride in my work by uplifting my team to be better, achieve more and improve. I cannot wait to coach your child at sports or whatever they are into! #FutureNumber1Fan


We are so blessed to both have two very close-knit families and an amazing group of friends that all live in Ottawa! Your child will be surrounded by love and lots of friends and cousins to play with that all range from 0 to 9 years old! We love to celebrate milestones and holidays with both families and can’t wait to experience our family traditions with your child.


Yogi is a fun loving 4-year-old bernese mountain dog. His favorite thing to do is cuddle and then cuddle some more. He LOVES meeting new people and makes fast friends with anyone who will offer free head pats. He’s a gentle giant and is very patient with kids.


We own a little piece of paradise in the country! We can’t wait to play in our yard with your child. We even have a tree house out back! Our lovely rural community is 5 minutes from shopping and schools. Our neighbors can’t wait to play street hockey and go sliding out back with your little one!


Our views on parenting are very simple. We intend to support, love, encourage, respect and listen to your child to help them become the best possible version of themselves. We will read them books at bedtime. We will cheer them on from the sidelines when they play sports. We will support them through their first heartbreak. We will hug them and make them feel safe when they cry. We will make them feel listened to, respected, and above all valued. We will provide them with a safe, structured and positive environment for them to thrive. We will encourage them to make mistakes and learn from them, as we will undoubtedly make many ourselves. We pride ourselves on being bilingual and plan to raise your child in both French and English. We also believe in laughter, as it is always the best medicine.


We also fundamentally believe in open adoption. That link to where he or she came from will always be incredibly important. We will be sending you lots of pictures with updates and would love to have visits with you! We won’t push you to do more than you are comfortable doing, but want to involve you in as much as possible. It’s also important to mention that Mev plans on staying home for the first 18 months of your child’s life. Matt also intends to take paternity leave for at least the first month. We have been very fortunate and have made amazing memories travelling the world together as a couple and we plan to continue traveling as a family. We can’t wait to make new family memories with your child all the while expanding their cultural education.  


We promise to love.

We promise to support.

We promise to be kind, and understanding.

We promise to include you.

We promise to communicate.

We promise to have fun.

We promise to be patient.

We promise to be the best possible parents we can be.