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I live in: Owen Sound, Ontario
My neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: No children yet.
Pets: Yes! I have a Chihuahua and Ragdoll.

Hello and Welcome!

I have to admit, I have no idea how to start this profile! I can’t imagine how you’re feeling, and I won’t insult you by pretending that I do. What I do know is that you are facing a decision that will affect a lot of people – you, your baby, your family, and potentially me and my family. That’s a lot of pressure and probably very overwhelming. You’ll likely read dozens of profiles from all sorts of different people who have all sorts of different backgrounds. How do I introduce myself to a total stranger? What words do I use to convince you that you can trust me with your child, to make me a part of your family? I want to start by thanking you for stopping to read my profile. I know that there will be birth mothers and family who come to this website and who will automatically dismiss my profile because I intend to parent as a single person, but I think that would be a mistake. You will not be sorry for taking the time to get to know me.


I was born on August 30, 1980 in a rural community approximately 3 hours northwest of Toronto. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, weigh 150 lbs and am 5’10”. I am Métis through my mother’s side of the family.

I attended the University of Guelph for my undergraduate degree in Animal Biology, and went on to graduate as a veterinarian from the Ontario Veterinary College. Today, I practise as an associate veterinarian at a companion animal hospital.

Anyone who has ever met me knows that my family means everything to me – nothing is more important. My mother and father met while attending University and have been happily married for the past 45 years. My mother taught grade one at a local elementary school, and my father was a social worker specializing in children’s mental health and wellness. They are both retired now. I have a younger brother Matthew who is a psychiatrist, and a sister-in-law Astrid who is a psychiatric nurse. We are a very close knit family who genuinely enjoy spending time together – whether it’s sitting around the dinner table eating a home cooked meal, laughing, playing cards and games, playing with the pets, or going for walks or hikes. My parents were very involved in my childhood. They coached my sports teams, chauffeured me to camps and lessons, and encouraged my brother and I endlessly. My maternal grandparents lived nearby when I was growing up and I saw them on a daily basis. They raised my mother and her siblings as Anglican. My mother still attends church on a weekly basis, though I just admit to only sporadic attendance on major religious holidays. I anticipate, and will fervently encourage, a strong relationship between any child I adopt and my parents, brother and extended family.

As a parent, I intend to use many of the examples and guidelines modelled to me by my parents and grandparents. I want to be actively involved. I will strive to be logical and consistent with discipline, while setting firm and fair expectations and consequences. I believe in being well mannered, considerate and respectful. I think being helpful to people is important, and in general believe that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I am committed to raising a happy, healthy, well-adjusted individual.

Education is important to me. I will support and encourage any child’s interest in whatever manner it manifests itself – including lessons, camps, extracurricular activities, and later in life through trades, college or university.

I realize how vitally important it is to have an open relationship between a child and his or her birth family. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a child having too many people who love them. A child’s adoption story is an essential part of his or her upbringing as it forms the very foundation of who he or she is, and who he or she will become. I want any child I adopt to maintain as much of his or her heritage and culture as possible. As a person who identifies as Métis, I know that understanding who you are as a person comes in part from knowing where you come from as a people. I look forward to meeting you and forming the beginnings of what will hopefully be a strong, united, mutually respectful, life-long relationship.


I am currently sharing my life with two pets – or as I’m sure they would have you to believe, they own a human. Vivi is my chihuahua. She is an extroverted bundle of energy and love. She can usually be found cuddling up in a warm lap, rolling over for a belly rub, or curled up in front of the fire for a nap. Gia, my ragdoll cat, is the refined lady of the household. She graciously allows Vivi and I to share “her” home.

I am very excited about being able to share my love for interacting with animals with any child I adopt. Growing up, I do not remember a time when I did not want to be a veterinarian. From family pets to herds in the barnyard, if there were animals around you could be sure I was close by.


My home is in a small community located on the Niagara Escarpment northwest of Toronto. I live in a bungalow in a quiet subdivision approximately 2 blocks from my parents home. With roughly 1200 sq ft per floor, there is ample room for a child to play indoors on a lazy rainy day. The backyard is fenced in with a deck and raised vegetable garden. There is a public park across the road, various sports fields and beaches within a short walking distance, and a wide range of educational, recreational, medical and cultural amenities in close proximity. My family owns 100 acres of farmland nearby where opportunities for outdoor activities abound.


I am very thankful that you have taken the time to get to know a little bit about me. Hopefully something about me, my pictures, or something I have said has resonated with you. I have so much to offer to any child, and have wanted to be a mother my whole life. I have worked hard to be successful and to stand on my own two feet, and I have the time and resources to devote to motherhood wholeheartedly.

Regardless of whom you choose to adopt your child, I wish you nothing but the best of luck with all of your endeavors. God Bless.