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Years together: 17
we live in: Near Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: Our beautiful daughter, Allie, almost 3
Pets: Our gentle giant, Cruze, 6 years old

We are Melissa, Jim, Allie and Cruze and we are happy that you decided to read our letter. We admire the courage and trust that you are showing by considering adoption and are honoured that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We cannot wait to share the love that we have for each other, and our families, as well as the happiness and laughter that fills our home and our lives, with your child! We began our journey together 17 years ago, and feel so grateful that our road has led us to adoption. Through adoption, we have gained the most valuable of gifts, our beautiful daughter, Allie!

Family is the most important thing to us, both coming from very close and supportive families, as well as many wonderful friends that we have come to consider family. We love the outdoors, travelling and spending time with the people in our lives. We love exploring, experiencing and making memories, as well as family dinners, quiet story time, and Friday movie nights. We feel very fortunate that Melissa’s job as a teacher, allows her to be home with Allie during the summer and on holidays, and there is never a shortage of adventures to be had! We look so forward to sharing our lives with another child.

Mel (from Jim’s eyes)

Mel is 5’6″ tall, and is a ball of energy. She loves organizing events with our families and friends, and is always the one to initiate gatherings. It is important to her to maintain strong relationships with people. She also loves time spent at home just watching movies and hanging out, but not for long, because she likes to be on the go, often training for triathlons or running events. Mel teaches elementary school, and puts a lot of herself into her job, doing extra curricular activities, and providing opportunities for students to better themselves. This is because she respects the needs of a variety of kids, and is compassionate toward those who need her the most.

Mel is a great mom, because she is patient, kind and understanding. Allie is her world, and she loves spending time with mama, going for hikes and snuggling up to read a book. I love watching “my girls” and the bond that keeps growing as Allie grows.

We have a lot of nieces and nephews of all ages, and they love Mel. She takes her time with the younger kids, and shares in their enjoyment of crafts, bike rides, and reading, but also has strong bonds with the older kids because they trust her, and she relates to them. Mel is the person in my life that I can always count on. She is there for me, and I know that when I get home from a long day at work, she will have some kind of funny story that will make me laugh. She teaches me not to sweat the small stuff. Mel is dependable, organized and treats people with compassion and kindness.

Jim (from Mel’s eyes)

Jim is 6’5″ tall, and is a gentle giant. He has a smile that is contagious, and is the type of person that would help anyone in need. He has many friends, and it is clear that he is respected by people as being an honest and hard working guy! He runs an automotive business that allows us to live a lifestyle that we enjoy, but always has time for Allie and I, his family and friends. Jim has always loved children. He is always the guy at the family gatherings that will disappear from the adult conversations, and can be found playing wherever the kids are. They love their “uncle Jimmy”, and our neighbourhood kids cannot walk by our house without finding out what Jim is up to.

I have never doubted Jim’s abilities to love a child with all of himself, but when I look at him with Allie, it is clear that he was meant to be a dad! He doesn’t want to miss a moment with her, and he shows her love and tenderness, while playing rough and tumble, and creating giggles like no other. She adores her daddy in a way that makes me just want to sit back and observe them together.

Jim values the people in his life, and they always come first. He is resilient, funny and real. Most of all, he is an amazing father to Allie, and this can be felt in the smile that appears whenever she sees him walk into a room.

Allie (The light of our lives)!

Allie came into our lives in October, 2014, and it is difficult to imagine life without her. She is the sweetest joy, and has brought with her an abundance of love and laughter. She is feisty and silly and lights up a room! She loves to read, play make-believe, tell hilarious stories, snuggle and run in the rain. She is playful, loves to dig and get dirty, all while wearing a skirt and clips that “match”! She loves animals, and can’t pass a dog in public without saying “let’s pet this”! She loves her giant gentle dog, Cruze (aka “CC”), who is her constant companion and best friend! She is kind, smart and so very fun!

We are eager to share with her the love and bond that a sibling can bring; a playmate, a lifelong friend, and most of all someone to grow and share and make memories with.

Our Home

We live in the country on 1.5 acres. We are 10 minutes from a small town, an hour outside of Ottawa, and have a school just down the street; the school that Melissa attended as a child. We have recently built our dream home, on a beautiful country lot. When we look out our windows, we see trees, a small creek and a cow pasture. We love to spend time outdoors, looking after our flowers, and growing organic veggies. We have amazing neighbours, many with small children, who we get together with for dinners, campfires, four wheeling, and neighbourhood fun! We spend a lot of time at our parents’ houses, which both offer an abundance of fun things to do, as well as spending quality time with our families. Jim grew up on the lake, and Melissa’s family loves to spend summers in the backyard pool. We spend our winter vacations at Melissa’s family condo in Florida and our summer vacations with family and friends in PEI.


We both come from very close and supportive families. Jim has one sister, and a nephew on his side that we spend a lot of time with. Melissa has a large blended family, including a brother, a sister, and two step sisters. We have seven nieces and nephews on that side. Most weekends include some family time, enjoying large dinners, Italian style!. We live five minutes from Melissa’s family, and ten from Jim’s, so there is always something going on.

Our families have given us the tools to be loving and nurturing parents. From bed time stories, to cheering at swim meets, and volleyball games, family vacations to dinner discussions. We look forward to providing a structured, supportive family life to a child, as we have been blessed with so many wonderful role models.

Our Relationship with You

We have an abundance of respect for you and the decision that you are making for your child. We hope to maintain a relationship with you and to nurture a relationship between you and your child. Family is the most important thing to us, and we feel that we are being brought together through your child. It is our hope that you will be a part of our lives in a way that makes you comfortable.

We value open adoption and have a wonderful relationship with Allie’s birth family, whom we respect so very much and have deep admiration and love for. It is our hope that when we welcome your child into our lives, we will in turn share this deep connection with you as well. We will also understand if that is not a possibility for you at this time and will remain open to any changes that take place along the way.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

We feel that we have a strong set of values that we are able and enthusiastic to share with a child. We have both been raised with a strong spiritual faith that encourages the development of a strong character. Our main goal in parenting is to nurture a kind and empathetic human being, who cares about others and the world. We will parent with a consistent, flexible, and gentle method, encouraging the development of knowing and doing the right thing.

Our careers as a teacher and a business owner in the trades have allowed us insight into our thoughts on education and work ethic. Both of these things have provided us not only with stable and sustainable careers, but have allowed us to find jobs that we are passionate about. We will encourage your child to focus on hard work through education, but also to pursue goals in life that will bring him or her happiness. These things are important to us.