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we live in: GTA, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None
Pets: A little yellow canary named Snitch.


First we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Our home and hearts are ready for the arrival of a baby and we hope that this gives you a glimpse into our world and what we can offer as parents. We have tried to include as much information as we could, but want you to know that we are an open book. We are looking forward to connecting, hearing more about you and answering any questions you may have.

Our Story

We met on an online dating site and our first date was March 6, 2010.  We moved in together two years later and were married on July 6, 2013.  We spent our honeymoon in Manhattan. After three years of unsuccessful infertility treatments we realized we were unable to conceive. Adoption was something we discussed before we began the treatments, so we were ready to begin the adoption journey. We are very happy together and eager to add a child to our family. We spend our free time together hanging out with friends and family, travelling, taking road trips, making improvements to our home and yard and spending time at our cottage.   

Our Home

We moved into our sunny little house in September 2014. We spent a lot of time painting, decorating and making everything cozy and inviting. Our favourite project was building raised garden beds in the backyard. Our second bedroom is currently a guest room, but we have all the furnishings needed for a baby and will convert it to a nursery when the time comes.


Snitch is our pet canary, named after the Golden Snitch in the Harry Potter books.

She is a lovely, lively little bird.  She sings along to classical music, Disney songs, the vacuum, and the sound of applause on the TV.

David About Melissa

Melissa is an out-going, nurturing, passionate, intelligent person with a great sense of humour. She is comfortable in any social situation and makes friends easily. She works as a Financial Advisor and does some freelance graphic design. Melissa is an amazing artist in pretty much any medium and painted all of the art in our house. Like her Dad, she is a huge Detroit Red Wings fan (but I love her anyway). Melissa was born to be a mom. If we’re at an event or gathering and I don’t know where she is, all I have to do is find where the kids are gathered. She is especially good with small children and many people refer to her as the “baby whisperer”. 

Melissa About David

David is a loving, intelligent, funny, loyal and supportive man. He makes friends easily despite his quiet nature. He works as an Equipment Manager for a bank. He loves sports and participates in a weekly basketball league during winters and ball hockey, softball, golf and tennis in summer. He is a music lover and always makes great mixes for road trips or birthday parties. Kids gravitate towards him. He has endless patience for children and our friends often have to pry their kids away to give him a break after hours of being a human jungle gym. David is very well read and if a friend is looking to read something new he’ll recommend the best author and order in which they should read the books. His favourite sports teams are: Manchester United, Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Tigers, Georgetown Hoyas, Michigan Wolverines and the Detroit Pistons. Yeah, he loves sports!

Melissa’s Family

My childhood was creative and adventurous. I always had access to art, books and music. We had living room dance parties, bike rides, learned to build, cook, make crafts and play sports together. Both of my parents draw and paint and were happy to nurture that artistic talent in me. They have been married for 45 years and met as kids when my dad was my mom’s first crush. My dad has always been athletic, corny, smart, an adept judge of character and a pushover for his kids and grandkids. We spent time together attending Red Wings and Tigers games, tinkering in the garage, and watching golf (I still put golf on TV if I want to have a solid nap). My mom is creative, adventurous, empathetic and an excellent caregiver. My fondest memories with her are our art projects, gardening, family dinners and movie nights. Our cousins are a very close-knit group and we get together every holiday for a family dinner as well as trying to plan a getaway together every couple of years. Last year we rented a huge house on a beach in Fort Erie and our aunts, uncles, cousins and kids stayed for a week. Dave and I shared our room (and some very early mornings) with two toddlers and a baby.

My siblings are my best friends. My sister, Sarah, is 3 years younger and a Lab Manager at SickKids and my brother, Ken, is 15 years younger and works in Marketing in Toronto. We spend a lot of time together at concerts, going on road trips, hiking and swimming in my parents’ pool. The whole family is excited, but my siblings especially want to see my dream of having children fulfilled. They are amazing with kids and will be excellent role models as they are loving, intelligent people with diverse interests and are very supportive. My sister’s kids are Alexandria, 18, and Joshua, 12. They mean the world to us and we are very lucky to have had such a close relationship with them. I lived nearby so from the time they were born I was able to have them for overnight and weekend visits. My sister is a role model for the kind of mother I hope to be. She has raised a daughter who is open, empathetic, smart, involved in her community, plays ukulele, guitar and piano. Joshua is hilarious, diligent, intelligent, cuddly and a skilled little athlete.

David’s Family

I grew up in the small town of Powassan, where my parents still live. Our family has a cottage fifteen minutes from my parents home where Melissa, my brother and I visit often in the summer. Both of my parents are very involved in the community. They can’t wait to have a grandchild to spoil.   My dad is a retired plant manager who loves woodworking, music and sports. He suffers from Multiple Sclerosis so he’s not able to play anymore, but still spends a lot of time in his shop working on projects. My mom is a retired teacher whose interests include gardening, sports, nature and reading. She loves a full house and is always pleased to host birthday dinners and make everyone’s favourite desserts. I have one surviving grandparent, my grandma Clara turned 103 this year! I get my love of cooking and card games from her. All my aunts and uncles also live in Powassan, so I have a close relationship with them and my cousins. My cousin Travis lives near us and we have always been especially close. His two boys Connell and Clark (ages 3 & 2) are looking forward to having a new cousin to play with. I have a goddaughter named Mikaela who will turn 10 this year. She plays piano and goes to a French immersion school. She has a 5 year old brother named Jacob. Their parents and extended family arrange to spend a week with us at the cottage every summer.

I have one younger brother named Joel with whom I am extremely close. He is 38 years old and lives in Toronto. He has his Masters in Critical Thinking and Philosophy. He works as an IT Manager at a network security company. He loves music and plays guitar. He is always working on and recording new songs. He is an avid hockey and baseball fan and his favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has a cat named Effie. In addition to sharing a favourite hockey team, our favourite bands, movies and books are similar. He is a very caring, fun-loving, intelligent and humorous person who is looking forward to having a niece or nephew to watch Leafs games with.

Our Friends

We are incredibly fortunate to have a circle of friends who are like family to us. Melissa’s best friend’s son Isaac has spent weeks with us at the cottage every summer and we stayed many sleepless nights with his parents when he went through his colic phase as an infant. He has always been very close to his Auntie Missy and Uncle Dave. We are the first choice for friends and their kids when a babysitter is needed and often turn a night out into an excuse for a sleepover at our place. Some friends have been around since elementary school, others we met at work, school or social events throughout the years. They are incredibly supportive, caring and involved in our lives. They form a network of diverse interests, cultures and communities that we are grateful to be a part of. They all, especially the kids, are excited for us to have a child to share in this life we love.