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Phone: 613-537-8627
we live in: Ingleside, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: No
Pets: 1 Dog, 1 Cat

Dear Expectant Parent(s)

We cannot fathom the difficult decision you have so lovingly made to make an adoption plan for your child. We are a young, active and caring couple who have been married for 6 years. We are looking forward to growing our family through adoption, and we hope that you can help us make our dreams come true!

We can only hope you decide to have a look at our profile and find that we could provide the type of life and home to entrust your child with us. We will look forward to hearing if you would like to meet with us, and we can discuss anything more in detail.

Our Story

We first met back in 1999 when Phil joined the school I attended with my older brothers, who Phil quickly became friends with. Years later, Phil and I reconnected when my mom asked him to help us move and we started dating as I completed my final year of high school and he finished his final year away at college. We fell for each other quick and hard and became pretty serious right away. We had a long-distance relationship for almost 5 years as Phil graduated and I moved away to college and then university, but we always found ways to stay in touch and sneak in weekend visits. After our schooling, we moved in together to save for our first home. A little over 6 years ago we bought our first home as we fell in love with a bungalow on a big lot and on a quiet street in a small town, and have slowly renovated it to be our own over the years. Shortly after we bought our house we got married in Jamaica with 40 of our closest friends and family and made so many amazing memories over the week! Our family and friends have been one of our greatest support systems throughout the bumps and twists of life, and continue to root us on throughout this journey.

After many years of trying for a baby, we got pregnant but sadly our son Levi was stillborn and for medical reasons we are not able to have any more biological children.

We have longed to grow our family as we have so much love to give and have so many dreams to have a child we can love and raise to be a kind and good person. We dream of the days we hear tiny footsteps running down the hall, and the days where we get to bring our child along in all that we do- whether it be one of our outdoor adventures, or staying home and having a pj day. We definitely have a piece missing to our family puzzle and we are so hopeful that maybe your child could be our missing piece ❤

Megan (by Phil)

Megan was born the baby into the family in November 1986 and quickly had her Mom, Dad and 2 older brothers wrapped around her finger. She enjoyed all things girly, but could also rough and tumble with her brothers when needed. She enjoyed playing school and house as a child and was always the first one waiting to hold or play with the baby in the room. Still to this day she is quick to pick up and rock, sing and play with any of the children in the room, even after a long day at school with her students.

Megan is passionate about children and has afforded herself many opportunities to work with and learn with children, from working in a daycare setting, to teaching kindergarten to grade 6 students, and always helping, watching and loving on her friend’s and family’s babies. Her whole body and face lights up when she is with children and no matter where we are children gravitate to her whether it be walking in the grocery store or visiting with friends. I am amazed at how relaxed and calm she can be in any situation. Megan has taught for over 7 years, and she is ready and able with all the knowledge and resources to care for a child of her own, while helping him or her reach their full potential.

Megan loves to relax with a good book and once she gets into the storyline, she can easily finish it in one sitting. Her favorite thing to do is bake in the kitchen and pretty much any night of the week you can find her whipping up something delicious. I find myself a helpless victim to her chocolate chip banana bread, let alone her cookies that she always insists on adding extra chocolate chips to. I just know she would love to have a little helper in the kitchen, as I have seen her include our friend’s children with baking, and she often bakes with her students at school.

Megan is a proud godmother to her friend’s two sons, and our friend’s first-born daughter. She happily spoils them and looks forward to spending time and making memories with them!

Her undying love for animals of all types shows her true inner beauty. At home, if she isn’t baking or reading she is cuddling with the animals, and when she is out she is quick to find family pets, and neighbourhood animals to befriend. She also weirdly loves cows and has us slow down and take a picture every time we are driving by them, I don’t get it but its pretty cute!

Megan is passionate about raising awareness around pregnancy and infant loss, and runs a non-profit organization that takes donated wedding dresses and turns them into angel gowns to be donated to families going through a pregnancy loss or infant loss. Her will and determination, as well as her love for her son drive her to keep moving forward one step at a time!

Phil (by Megan)

Phil was born healthy and happy in March 1983 to a proud Mother, Father, and big sister. He quickly revealed his feisty personality as his red hair grew in! Phil was and always has been a hard-working guy, and when he sets his mind to something he does whatever it takes to get it done. He has been a good role model and mentor to his younger cousins and nephews, who have looked up to him for advice and guidance over the years, and know they can always come to him.

Phil is the type who seems like he is run by a battery, and is go go go all day long. It is a rare sight to see him sitting down and relaxing, unless its after a hard day’s work either in the office or around the house or camp. He is usually awake at the crack of dawn, ready to go and asking what the plan for the day is. That being said, he often conquers more tasks in his day than most people do in a week! He enjoys woodworking projects and has built some beautiful pieces for our home! He continues to amaze me in his ability and skills in fixing anything that comes up around the house, let alone for his job which he continues to thrive at.

Phil is also a passionate outdoors man, and enjoys hiking, four wheeling, boating, as well as being an avid hunter, and fisherman. Every season has its hunting and fishing allowances, so depending on the time of year you can either catch Phil spending his spare time in the woods, fields, or on the water. He comes back rejuvenated and exhausted every time, especially if our dog, Trigger has gone along to help!

Phil’s childhood best friend named him Godfather of their first-born daughter, Annika, a title he holds proudly and enjoys living up to. We always make sure we include them in our summer plans and weekend getaways. Phil has taught Annika and her sister how to fish in the summer, and ice fish in the winter. He is so passionate about really teaching children things as they go, finding teachable moments, which, as a teacher I adore about him! His go go go personality also really works for young children’s attention span!

Our Idea of Parenting

We tend to be on the same page with parenting styles and believe that children learn through play and experiences. We hope to provide a fun, exciting and stimulating environment for your child to learn and play in, and while we feel that a good education is important, we plan to provide both structured play and learning, and free time to explore, and question the world, in and out of school. We hope to expose your child to a variety of different activities and let them choose what they enjoy! We both believe there should be firm but fair household rules and expectations, and that children should be encouraged to help with simple age appropriate jobs and tasks. We are both against the use of physical or corporal punishment, and believe that there are many other appropriate techniques.

Our Family Values

Our family values stem from out own childhood experiences. Both of us grew up in warm and loving homes, with supportive parents who encouraged open communication. We have both learned a lot about the importance of family values from our parents, and we hope to continue to learn and build on what is important for us as a family. We both enjoy coming home to prep dinner and sit around the table discussing our day. We feel it is important to spend quality time together, whether it be taking a family vacation, planning a play date with friends, or having a quiet night in together. We are looking forward to adding a baby to the mix of our everyday lives, and hope that we can provide a safe and loving home for your child, where they will always feel loved and open to discuss anything with us.

Our Views on Adoption

Adoption has been something we have talked about for many years. Megan’s brother’s wife was adopted at birth and we have talked to her parents many times about their process, and even though that was almost 31 years ago, the importance of discussing adoption with children has remained the same. We plan to always be open and honest about where our child came from, and that they were growing in their birth mom’s tummy, while they were growing in our hearts. We are really excited to begin a life book once we are matched so we can document and scrapbook all of your child’s important milestones, as we begin this journey as a family. As we know that you will likely be the only one who can answer many of the questions your child may have as they grow up, we are looking forward to discussing your level of comfort with openness, and hope that we can find a balance that works for us all. We are open to sharing in a middle name, and will look forward to hearing your suggestions! We have already excitedly begun to purchase children’s books and activities that discuss adoption!

A sincere THANK YOU!

Many thanks for taking the time to look over our profile. We know that you have lots of big decisions to make, and we are appreciative that you took the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents. We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have, and if chosen, we look forward to meeting with you, setting up an adoption plan that works for all of us, and ultimately achieving our life long goal of becoming a Mommy and Daddy!