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Phone: 647-999-1683
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: Peggy (Three Legged Cat)


Thank you so much for choosing to give our profile a closer look!  We know adoption is a very personal choice, if you know of someone who is looking for adoptive parents please forward this profile along to them so they can contact us directly.

We met at the University of Guelph in 2008, introduced through friends at a Trivia Night at a local pub (we came in second!).  We began dating in 2010 and have been together ever since, and in May 2017, we got married.  With our educations behind us, and the foundation firmly set for successful careers, we are ready to focus our lives on raising a child.  We have so much love to share!

Matt works for a pharmaceutical company, which specializes in vaccines.  As a Laboratory Technologist, Matt ensures that the vaccines produced are safe and effective.  Joe works for an architecture firm, which specializes in entertainment.  Joe designs, plans, and builds fun entertainment spaces located within Canada and around the globe.

We have made Toronto our home, and both work in the city.  Joe takes the subway and Matt drives to work.  We live in the Cedarvale community, which is home to fantastic parks as well as top rated schools.  We love to explore the diverse neighbourhoods, take part in local festivals, and soak up the culture.  

We have both always dreamed of being parents and see adoption as our best option.  We cannot wait to have a child, to help them explore the world, and to empower them to pursue their interests!

About Matt (By Joe)

Matt is my best friend, confidant, and a wonderful husband.  He is hardworking, reliable, fun to be with, has a knack for puzzles and games, and his smile is contagious.  He brings out the best in people, myself included, and is central to organizing social gatherings with friends and family.  If there is a gathering with games involved, you can be sure that Matt will be in the thick of things and bringing everyone into the fun.

Matt has a lot of interests and hobbies; some of his passions include playing pick-up ultimate frisbee, baking (his homemade key lime pie is unreal), and all things sci-fi/outer space.  

One of my favorite things about Matt is how great he is with kids.  He’s curious about the world and connects with children in a way that gets them interested in new things.  I’ve seen this first hand with our niece too many times to count.  It is not unusual for the two of them to be found conducting a science experiment, or cuddled up reading a book together.  Matt is patient, warm, and sees humour in the world around him.  I know he will be an excellent father and I cannot wait to nurture a child with him!

About Joe (By Matt)

Joe was born in Alberta, went to elementary school in Michigan, finished high school in Texas and completed his university education in Ontario.  Moving around Canada and the United States of America has really shaped Joe into the man he is today.  Joe is able to make friends wherever he goes, find his place within any community, and not only sets ambitious goals but also achieves them.

Over the last few years, Joe has volunteered at the Hillside Music Festival in the Children’s Activity Area.  While volunteering, Joe can be found in the craft tent helping children of all ages with their projects.  The kids gravitate to his patience and encouragement.  

I am so excited to see Joe become a father.  He has two nieces who adore him.  Watching him dance and play with them has been absolutely heartwarming.  He has so many wonderful qualities and traits and will be wonderful at raising a child.  Joe will be his child’s advocate, teacher, and coach.  Joe is going to be a fantastic father!

Our Home

We live in a great three bedroom house located on a quiet street.  We have an excellent backyard to play in and are within a 10 minute walk to a splash pad, a skating rink, and hiking trails throughout the Cedarvale Ravine.

We have a three legged cat, named Peggy.  She is quiet, sweet, and very cuddly.  Peg is very smart and learned how to use the toilet instead of the litter box (although she doesn’t flush!).

The centre of our home is the kitchen.  We love to make food together and are always trying new recipes.  Matt is the baker and loves to make pies, tarts, and breads.  Joe is a fan of international cuisine and has mastered a variety of Indian, Chinese, and Mexican dishes.  Even when life gets busy, we make sure to share our dinner together at the kitchen table every night.

Our Families

Joe comes from a family of four, and Matt comes from a family of five.  Our parents and siblings all live locally and we are fortunate to have the love and support of a large extended family throughout Southern Ontario and across North America.  It seems that the number of family traditions we have grows every year and we cannot wait to include our child in them!  A few highlights include: attending the Toronto Gay Pride Festival to catch up with friends and family; a trip to the family farm for American Thanksgiving in Connecticut; the Brampton Santa Claus Parade with Matt’s family (after the parade, we watch a Christmas movie and play Christmas themed games).  Our lives are enriched by our families which is why we spend so much time together!

Our Interests and Hobbies

We are a very active couple and spend much of our time out of the house.  We love going for walks around different neighbourhoods in the City of Toronto, just as much as we love to hike through nature.  Joe is a huge fan of art and museums and finds interesting galleries and exhibits to visit, while Matt is always hunting for fun experiences like concerts, movies, plays, and “best of” lists to try.  We also love festivals!  We attend a few throughout the year, always including the Winter Solstice Festival in Kensington Market, the Hillside Music Festival in Guelph, and Nuit Blanche around Toronto.

One of our biggest passions is travel.  Together, we have travelled to Brazil, India, and Japan.  Each country offered unique opportunities to experience different cultures.  Since food is such a major part of every culture, we love to try cooking and baking foods from the countries we’ve visited and those that we’d love to go to in the future.

Our Goals

On New Years Day we create a list of 100 things to do together.  The items range from adventurous (visiting the Taj Mahal) to delicious (learning to bake a blueberry pie).  We set our goals and accomplish them together.  We believe in pursuing happiness and finding joy in the present.

Our most ambitious goal is to start a family, and to continue to build upon our family traditions.  We love looking forward to celebrations throughout the year and cannot wait to create reasons to celebrate — especially with our child.  

Parenting as a same-sex couple

We lead proud lives.  It is no secret to anyone that we are gay, and we are lucky to have the support of our family, friends, and co-workers.  We will parent with confidence, and we will parent with a vast support network who are all more than willing to help when asked.

Our parenting roles are fluid and we are planning to use the ‘divide and conquer’ technique when it comes to tasks and daily chores.  We’ll likely play to our strong suits, when we discover what they are.  Maybe Matt will be the dad who does their hair and maybe Joe will be the dad that ensures that a healthy lunch is packed every day for school!

Our Views on Adoption

We believe that adoption is a very personal decision and we respect that it is not a simple or easy choice to make.  We are committed to doing what is best for our child by maintaining an openness with you, the biological family.  We will raise our child, knowing their roots, and being proud of them.

Both sides of our family have family members who have been adopted.  The most recent is our niece, Rebecca, who was adopted at the age of three.  Adoption is fully embraced by all of our family members.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us by reading our profile.  If you would like to get to know us further, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We would be more than happy to connect and continue the conversation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Matt and Joe