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Years together: 12
we live in: Toronto area, Ontario
Our neighbourhood:
Other Children:
Pets: Rory (pug) Oreo (pug/French bulldog)

Hello – we’re Lydia and Paul! We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. We hope that it gives you an idea of who we are, our hopes and dreams – and also what kind of a home we would make for our future adopted child!

About Us

We first met in elementary school through our church’s youth meeting. The two of us quickly became close friends and grew up together through our group of friends and youth meetings. Whenever anyone asked us if we would ever be ‘more than friends’ we replied that the idea was ridiculous – we were like ‘brother and sister’ and could never be anything else. Well – all of that changed a few short years later!

We first started dating in the second year of university – the year ‘everything changed.’ We went on a missionary trip to South Africa with a church group and started seeing each other differently. When we got back from that trip – our entire world changed like a roller-coaster – dating, engagement and marriage in just under 2 years!

Paul started medical school the year we were married in a school in the Caribbean – in Grenada, West Indies. We loved seeing the world together – we lived in England, Grenada, Detroit and finally ended up in a small town in Ohio for Paul’s residency training. It is around then that we first noticed our issues with infertility. We tried for almost 4 years with all kinds of medical tests, treatments and procedures – it was a very long and hard process – emotionally and physically.

It was around the time that we moved back to Ontario that we started talking about adoption again. We prayed, talked with both of our families and consulted with others who had already gone through the process. And now – here we are – hoping to become adoptive parents soon!

Our Home

We have lived in many different places during the first few years of our marriage. We have always known however that being back in Ontario was our ultimate goal. We now live in an amazing suburban neighbourhood surrounded by several schools, a shopping mall, lots of grocery stores and lots of young families and children. We have 2 small dogs – a pug named Rory – and a pug/French bulldog mix named Oreo. We absolutely can’t wait for the newest addition to our family!

Our Work

Paul is a family doctor in a small rural town just 20 minutes from where we live. He loves his work – mostly because of getting to see families grow and change and making sure they are as healthy as possible through it all. He is part of a small family practice group with 4 other doctors and the practice is always growing steadily.

Lydia recently graduated from teacher’s college and is a certified OCT (Ontario College of Teacher’s) and Montessori teacher. She is currently supply teaching in several Christian private schools in our area. Her dream however is to remain as a supply teacher so she can mostly stay at home and raise the children.

Our Families

One of the biggest blessings in our lives are our families who we are incredibly close with and offer us so much love and support – along with built-in free babysitting!

Paul’s parents work together in his dad’s accounting business – his mom is a bookkeeper. He has two younger brothers – one of which is married to a woman who is herself adopted. She has been such an amazing wealth of knowledge and information about adoption – from an adoptee’s perspective! We see them on almost a weekly basis for family dinners and outings.

Lydia’s dad owns a home health care store and her mom is a pharmacy technician. She has only one brother who was just married recently. The four of us are the closest friends you can imagine – we share so much and we know they will make the best uncle and aunt to our new baby!

Our Faith and Service

One of the strongest and most important influences in our lives is our Faith and our Church. We are Coptic Orthodox – which is an ancient Christian tradition originating in Egypt. It is a church which is rich in tradition and incredibly active spirituality, in social support and programming. We are so thankful to God for all of the blessings and gifts He has given us in our lives. It is only due to His guidance and strength that we are able to cope with the challenge of infertility and navigate this difficult adoption process.

We are also very active members in our church community.  Our weekly routine includes Sunday mass and many church outings, retreats and events. We are active servants and leaders in the youth meeting – mostly involved with grade 9-12 youth – however at different points we have been Sunday School teachers for most grades from Kindergarten to University. We both find it incredibly rewarding to teach lessons or ‘just be there’ for the kids, as emotional support or for advice as big-brother/sister influences in their lives.

Our parenting goals and our hopes

We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a loving home, a place to feel safe and secure with support to flourish and be happy. We take the responsibility of parenting very seriously. Our child will be raised with love, stability, a strong sense of self-respect and respect for others. We will help to create opportunities and experiences that build self-esteem and help the child to meet their potential in a kind and loving environment. With respect, love and patience we will lead by example and stay involved in every aspect of our child’s life and education. Supporting his or her interests, dreams and life choices, we will make our child the first priority in our lives. We are very excited about creating a meaningful family life. It is the most important thing to us and we are going to do it in a fun loving way.

We are truly open to having a relationship with you that you are comfortable with. We can arrange photos and letters to send to you, or if you prefer, regular contact and visits with you. We are happy to work that out with you. If you don’t know what terms of contact you would like right now, that is OK too. At the very least it would be our wish to have some photos of you and some information that we can pass on to our child about their birth family.


So that’s a little bit about us – thank you SO much for taking the time to read it! We hope it gave you an idea about who we are – and how much love we have to give to a new little addition to our family! We so look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you more!

With love and prayers,

Lydia and Paul