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First – Thank you. Thank you for what you are considering and – in advance – for considering us as possible parents for your little one. I bet you are reading a lot of these so we’ll try to keep it brief, honest, and not too boring.  We simply want you to know that we cherish the opportunity to be considered.

We have wanted adoption to be a part of our story since we were engaged.  10 years later – we’re so excited to grow our family not only with a child but with you.  No matter what your preferences are for openness throughout our journey together – you will always be a welcome part of our family.  We also understand and respect the unique situation we are in and the special connection he or she will have with you.  Down the road – we hope for more kids to be brother or sister to your little one. We both come from loving, chaotic, close-knit families who are thrilled beyond measure to meet a new cousin, niece or nephew and grand child. 

We met through mutual friends while attending university in Chicago.  Brady says it was something as close to love at first sight that exists. Liz says she agreed to go out with him because he had good seats to a Chicago White Sox game for their first date — we love sports, baseball and soccer especially — and the rest is history! We moved to BC in 2010 to be closer to Brady’s family and to escape the cold midwestern winters. We feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with no shortage of places to explore and new favorite foods to try. 

In Brady’s words:

Liz will be an unbelievable mother. Like crazy good. She’s hard working, diligent, quirky, very funny, and tons of fun and if you were to choose us to care for and raise your child, you’d be getting one heck of a mom that is for sure.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, well actually I kind of do, but I really do think I’d be a great dad. Mostly because I have a great dad who also had a great dad so I’ve been so lucky to experience that myself and see firsthand what it means to not just love a child but raise one. And while I may not be as great as Liz, I can promise you that I’ll love, care for, and protect your child until the day I die.

In Liz’s words:

Brady has spent his career trying to make the world a better place.  This might sound silly or fake but it’s absolutely true.  He has a huge heart for helping people and organizations do more with what they have to serve the communities around them.  He makes me a better person – everyday.  Yes, he is funny (but maybe not as funny as he thinks he is…), handsome, and so so kind…but, above all, he is a man of integrity and I absolutely love being married to him.

I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to be a mom – and I’m excited for all of it.  I’m excited for every sleepless night, for every load of laundry, and each precious moment tucked in between.   I’m excited to learn just as much from our child as I hope they learn from us. 

Our home is our favorite place to be.  We love spending time in our backyard with our Bernese Mountain Dog, Melly.  She is a big dog who thinks she fits nicely on your lap.  She loves kids – our nephews love to chase her, wrestle with her, and throw toys for her to fetch.  If we’re honest,  we spend most of our downtime enjoying some of our favorite tv shows like Parks and Recreation and theorizing how in the world Game of Thrones is going to end.

What we believe drives a lot of our life including what we do for work. Liz helps to run an annual event for thousands of people to gather together, learn something new and celebrate their faith. Brady works with and for nonprofits and charities trying to raise money to help the poor, weak, sick, lost, broken, and disadvantaged.

We want our home to be full – full of love, full of traditions – old and new,  full of noise, full of family. We like to laugh at ourselves, sing along the way (mostly off-key…), and embrace the unexpected curves that come. 

We admire your courage and we are praying for you.  Thank you for considering us.

Brady and Liz