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Phone: 604.736.7613 x4003
Years together: 12
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: 0
Pets: 0


Thank you so much for reading our letter. We recognize this is a huge decision for you so we have done our best to paint an honest picture of who we are and the kind of family we aspire to be.

About us

We are Sam & Lisa, and we are both originally from England, where we met in 2005. We moved to Vancouver a few years later, fell in love with this city and were married here in 2012. Although our families still live in the UK, we have spread our roots here in Vancouver, we have built networks of friends, embarked on new careers, and made our home here. We have made the decision to live here permanently and have no plans on moving very far away.

We live in a friendly and safe community near to the ocean, with many young families nearby. Being active and healthy is important to us – nothing too extreme, but we do like to be outside a lot; hiking in the mountains, riding our bikes, snow-shoeing, skiing and going camping. We would include our child in all of these activities, adapting them to suit our family as it grows. We enjoy traveling and would like our child to have the opportunity to experience the multitude of sights and sounds of different cultures and environments.

Happy and fulfilled as a family of 2, we have always looked forward to becoming a family of 3. We weren’t blessed with a pregnancy so we made the decision to build our family through adoption. We are excited, committed and supported in this decision by our family and friends and we hope our love will find our baby, wherever it grows.

Sam by Sam

I think of myself as a lucky person. I grew up in a village in the English countryside and had a fantastic childhood, surrounded by many friends and a loving and supportive family. At the time I figured this was normal, but looking back I realise how idyllic it was.

My parents were active in the local community, played various sports and I was always encouraged to join in. Being active and healthy is something I never take for granted, I play sport to keep fit but also because I met many of my lifelong friends through playing on tennis and badminton teams.

My career brought me to Vancouver in 2007, but this beautiful city made me stay. I’m passionate about the research I do and the company I am helping to build, I do try to have a good balance and spend as much time as possible enjoying the ocean and mountains. As a father I would do my best to raise my child so that they can look back and feel lucky too.

Sam by Lisa

Sam is always the most interesting person in the room and to me, he is also the best looking! He has a magical way of making everyone he encounters feel good – he is genuine, friendly, funny and kind. People often come to him for advice, he is a loyal friend and someone you want on your team. Always the first to join in the fun and often the one to start it, Sam has a positive attitude that is inspiring. I know he will be the kind of Father who you can always rely on; whether its a hug, advice, encouragement or some fun you need, you can count on Sam to be there for you.

Lisa by Lisa

I am blessed to be part of a close and loving family that provide me with so many happy memories. My parents have been married for over 40 years and are a wonderful example of a strong and happy marriage. My sister and I have a strong bond and have always been encouraged to follow our dreams and given the freedom, opportunities and support to explore our different interests and passions. I love being outdoors; hiking, bike rides and picnic’s with friends, but my biggest passion is art. I have created gifts for friends and family since I was small and I’m happiest when my hands are busy with a project. I can often be found covered in paint with a big smile on my face and I feel lucky to have a career that allows me to be creatively fulfilled and challenged. I’m excited to nurture and encourage our child to express their creativity and provide opportunities for them to discover their own passions and make happy memories.

Lisa by Sam

The first thing you notice about Lisa is her beautiful eyes, the second is her amazing personality, they definitely broke the mould when they made her! Lisa is kind and loving and everyone she meets is changed by her for the better. Just the other day I heard someone describe her as a little ball of sunshine, this energetic and positive attitude is probably why she’s such a natural with kids. Her motto is “hold hands, laugh lots” and I’m sure she will approach parenting in the same supportive and fun-filled way.

Parenting + Openness

Our goal as parents is to raise our child to be a secure and happy individual, with the confidence to make mistakes and the wisdom to learn from them. We believe our child will benefit from an open adoption, and we would encourage you to be involved in our child’s life in a way that we are all comfortable with, including having direct contact with them.

We work well together and plan to parent as a team. We are supportive of each others’ ambitions, goals and activities; we encourage and celebrate each other. We feel prepared for the challenges ahead, and are confident that we can provide the loving and supportive environment that a child needs to thrive…and we intend to have a good time doing it.

Thank you again for reading our letter, we hope you find the perfect family for your baby.

Sam & Lisa

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. You can learn more about us, or reach us through our social worker, Andrea Flanderkova. She can be reached at 1.866.582.3678 or 604.736.7613, ext. 4003 or by email at aflanderkova@fsgv.ca .