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Phone: 5198592439
we live in: London region, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: three boys, ranging 6-10
Pets: hedgehog

Dear Friend,

Oh, how we love you! Thank you for taking the time to even consider our family a part of yours. We are immeasurably grateful and humbled that you’re here and prayerfully await the day we meet you. Our names are Chris and Laura, and we have three biological sons. A daughter has been on our hearts for many years and through adoption, we hope to complete our family.

We will not pretend to know the difficulty that this can be for you. But we are ready to come along side you as you walk this path. For me, Laura, YOU are so much of why I want to adopt. I do not yet know your story, but I know that you have had many decisions to consider. Thank you for choosing life for your daughter. Thank you for loving her so purposely and graciously. I have always had a heart of amazement and compassion for you. I’m excited to see what we can give you in a supportive relationship. I can’t wait to call you a friend and to love you as an integral part of what makes our family whole.

We know that a family with multiple children already is not the average that you will come across – especially a biological one. But we like to think that sets us apart! We will certainly not claim to be perfect parents, but we ARE experienced! For years, we have felt called by God to pursue adoption for our family, and after our second son was born, we began that process. Much to our surprise though, we were suddenly blessed with a third pregnancy! Our youngest son ended up being born in an emergency situation, 10 weeks premature. Though in the end, my life (Laura) and our new baby’s life were saved and we remain healthy, we knew it was our last pregnancy. It wasn’t long before those adoption stirrings brewed in our hearts again and as our boys aged, we felt ready to move forward with those plans. We love adoption and we are choosing it. The BEST part about having been through so many things together is that we now have three beautiful, loving, unique, excited brothers for your daughter and they CANNOT WAIT to love their sister!! Our home is bursting with 5x the love for your baby and for you. We hope and pray that you see that, and want to claim that as your own. (As a small note, we also hope that you will understand that they are why we’ve pulled back on some of our profile specifics, to protect them as much as possible, while still introduce them to you. We are more than happy to share more things when we meet and get to know one another. Please respect that this is not us being secretive, but ensuring the safety of our children, just like we would for yours.)

It may seem odd to some that we specifically are pursuing a daughter. Not only do we of course ache for that little lady that we have not yet experienced, and all the ways she will be different from a son, but we think it’s important to note that we truly have thought about the impact of adoption versus biological birth and how blending those two pieces into a solid family will at times be a challenge, but one that we welcome with open arms and hearts. Bringing a fourth son into the home, in our opinions, would be more difficult. Whereas a daughter, is already different from the brothers she has. A girl will have different needs from us at times, as parents, than our boys did. A sister will bond and relate differently to them than a brother. We can wisely see that her being adopted will play into that but will by no means equate to ANY less love. We have been waiting and praying for her for YEARS and we love her so much already! Hearing our sons pray for her, and you, nightly is so beautiful and so emotionally raw, right from their hearts. We hope you see that through us, and value it highly when you consider the family that is passionate about embracing her with every fibre of our being.

Hello, from Laura;

I’m so thrilled that you’ve taken the time to get to know us! I grew up, the youngest of four children in a Christian home. At a young age, I knew my biggest hopes were to become a wife and mom. My faith is
a pretty huge part of my life and knowing that I have a personal relationship with Christ, and have Him to guide and lead my days, brings me great assurance. I’m a stay at home mom and so grateful that we’ve been blessed in a way that I have been able to stay home and raise our kids. I’ve worked here and there, but my first priority is always our family. I love having been able to watch them grow and witness every milestone. I cannot wait to be home each day, with a daughter in my arms, pouring my time into our new and special bond. I love my family but have for years longed deeply to have a daughter. I believe God has led us on this path to bring her to our family.

Why I love the mom that she is – from Chris

Being a mom is what Laura wanted for as long as I have known her! She loves caring for babies and to this day, volunteers regularly to help in the nursery at church just because she enjoys being able to love and snuggle with the babies. Though the boys may come to me when hurt, it is their mom who is always the comforter and caregiver. She is steadfast in her faith and beliefs and longs for our family to be loving and supportive to each other, and others. Being a parent can be scary sometimes, but Laura is a great partner and a natural who has helped me be better every day.

Hello, from Chris;

I am the oldest of three children and did not grow up in a Christian home, but came to know Christ in my later teen years. I have chosen to follow His footsteps and endeavour to lead my family to do so as well. I strive to raise my three boys to be Godly men by teaching and modelling through example. I am responsible and work a full time job, but am also a kid at heart. Having kids allows me to walk down the toy aisles still and not look out of place. I am a youth leader at our church and work primarily with junior high aged kids. I am easy going and can usually make the best out of any activities we try. We have a pretty decent park around the corner from our house and it is not uncommon for the family to walk down after dinner. I am even easily convinced to join in on the games we play, whether tag or basketball, or even just being there to watch a new piece of equipment being conquered for the first time (sometimes on their own, sometimes with a little help). I love my boys I have been blessed with, but admit I often look around and see fathers with their daughters and feel a longing inside to someday get to experience that special bond that I don’t yet know.

Why I love the Dad that he is – from Laura

Being a dad is the greatest role I’ve seen this man achieve! From day one, he was a natural. He is a wonderful provider, a patient teacher and a lot of fun! He leads our family every day with a Christ-like love and I couldn’t be more proud to call him my husband, and father to our kids. He is a very involved dad and, I can admit, he is the favourite parent. I’m proud to take second place though. He’s worthy of the title! Our sons love and trust him and are always excited to see him, hug him, and be involved with everything he does.

The Story of Us

We met in high school, in a small city (where we still live) and after deciding to attend the semi-formal together as friends, a relationship began to grow. Chris began attending church and after becoming a Christian, asked me to be his girlfriend (after first asking my dad – how special!). We dated for three and a half years before getting married in 2005. We got a dog (whom we just lost, fall of 2019), bought a house and began a family. Our marriage has experienced so many things in our years so far. Finding something so strong in today’s world is a rarity that we take great pride in! The foundation of our love  is what anchors our family and our parenting. We try to take the time to still go on dates, or try little vacations just us, balancing the cultivation of our relationship with the zealous involvement as parents. Chris is actually the first one who brought forth the desire for adoption and I love SO much that he continues to lead our team, even in this passion. We pray you desire a two-parent home for your daughter, full of wisdom and love, choosing adoption for her, and you. We’ve been through the sleepless nights and infant development, through hospital trips and family vacations and we feel called to do it again! With three brothers waiting and ready to love, accept, lead and protect a sister, each member of our family is excited and grateful to be amidst such a blessing!

Our Home and Community

We live in a four bedroom home with an on-ground pool, a climber set, a fire pit and a big yard. Our street is quiet with lots of trees and great neighbours. Our boys can often be found running throughout the neighbourhood and they have developed unique and special relationships with a number of neighbours. Laura’s parents have a small retirement apartment downstairs and visit regularly as very involved grandparents. They cannot wait to meet this sweet girl and are praying for her daily, as we do! They stay with us part-time when they are home from the missions work that they do. There are ten other cousins for our kids and we see them often for play dates, holidays and game nights. Chris’s mom lives around the corner and his brother and sister are both in town. His sister even works at the school the boys’ attend! We live in the same small city we grew up in as kids and there is a park around the corner from our house that we visit often. Our sons’ school is a ten minute walk down the street and even our church is within walking distance! We attend an evangelical Christian church and are followers of Christ. Laura leads worship as a singer and works in the infant nursery room. Chris teaches the grade three class and leads junior high. Our sons are involved in the kids’ programs.

Our Commitment with you

Openness is an important part of an adoptive family and relationship. We want you, as her first parent, to be valued and feel confident that you’ve chosen the perfect family for your daughter. Our hearts and hands are already open for her, but it’s important that you have opportunities to see our love in action. We pray that your comfort level includes photos, letters, and emails sent to you that you may witness her settling into her family and community – and being loved beyond measure. We feel comfortable arranging yearly visits to connect and reunite, while still ensuring the unity of our family here. As our relationship grows, we would love to discuss how original plans can be increased or adapted. As your daughter ages, many of these decisions will be directed by her. We know that you are why we can be a complete family and why your daughter can be blessed with a full life. We continue to love you and pray for you and vow to never underestimate the magnitude of your sacrificial love.