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I live in: Toronto, Ontario
My neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

My name is Kristyn, and I’m on a journey to build a warm, loving family. I hope that your child can be part of this wonderful future. I realize that giving a child up for adoption is one of the harder decisions you can make in life. Perhaps, it will help to know that there are kind, caring people that are looking to welcome a child into their home with an open heart and wide arms. I will be forever grateful if you choose for your child to become part of my family.  I am committed to doing everything I can to provide your child with a happy life, full of learning, excitement, and deep and lasting relationships.

A bit about my personal history

I grew up in a quiet residential neighborhood in Ottawa. As a young child, I was lucky to go to great public schools and attended French immersion. The winters were cold back then, but we made the best of it by skating on the Rideau Canal, enjoying Beavertails, building snow forts and skiing on the weekends. To this day, skiing remains one of my favorite outdoor activities.

During the summers, my family would visit our family cottage, where we spent the days swimming, fishing, sailing, canoe camping and learning to waterski. The cottage is still in our family and remains our central “family gathering” place.   Our summers are spent together having large family dinners, spending time with family friends and spending on the lake.

When I was seventeen, I participated in a year-long exchange to Costa Rica. While there, I lived with a Costa Rican family and learned Spanish and their way of life. It was eye-opening to live and understand a different culture. That experience has opened my mind to understanding other people’s way of life, and appreciating our differences.  Knowing other languages has enriched my life. I would love to teach your child as many languages as she/he wants to learn, including your native tongue (if not English) in order to help them identify with their history and culture.

I moved to Toronto in 2005 for work and have been here ever since. I currently work at a law firm in downtown Toronto.  My home is in a quiet residential neighborhood on the east side of Toronto with a beautiful shaded backyard.  There are lots of young families here. I live a minute walk away from an elementary school and a huge park with a public swimming pool, play structure and splash pad.  My home is warm and welcoming, with lots of sunlight pouring in and laughter.  Your child will have their own bright and sunny room next to mine.  The kitchen is the center of everything, and it even has a couch in it so that people can relax and talk while we’re cooking dinner.  The third floor is carpeted and cozy, making a perfect play room for children. 

About me

My experiences living overseas and growing up in a warm, loving environment have provided me with a confident and positive outlook on life. I know that life can be hard, but I also know that I can choose how to react to life’s challenges. The hard parts in life bring blessings with them, and form us into who we are as people. I’ve learned to value experiences over material things, and above all, my relationships with people.

My interests are broad, but my favorite things to do always involve being outside and in nature. In the summer I play tennis, paddle board on Lake Ontario and bike everywhere, including to work.  I go to our family cottage two weeks every summer and the long weekends where I swim, spend time building “canoe aquariums” with my nephew Pete, waterski, run, hike and canoe. In the winter months, I can be found in the mountains skiing or snowboarding.

I also like to draw and read on my down time. I enjoy cooking and baking for friends and sitting in my backyard around my small fire pit with them.  I love to travel and have been lucky enough to have visited many countries. Seeing the world has allowed be to broaden my perspective.  I would love to offer your child the same opportunities if they so choose. I’m excited for the adventures they will have and the close bonds they will form with people in their lives, creating their rich life fabric. 

Adoption Views

I understand how important it is for a child to know their roots.  A child’s family doesn’t have to be restricted to his or her adopted parent(s).  Family is much larger than that and includes those people that form loving, lasting bonds.  I would be more than willing to include you, as birth parent(s), as part of your child’s life.  I will provide a loving atmosphere to accommodate a positive relationship between you and your child. I will tell your child early on about their birth story, while respecting any wishes you have about privacy.  My goal is to ensure good understanding and open communication about adoption.


I believe a parent’s most important job is to prepare their child to be able to go out in the world and live independent, happy lives and to be able pursue their dreams.  This is best accomplished by providing your child with unconditional love, guidance, opportunity and encouragement.  Your child will always be my number one priority. 

I will provide you child with constant warm, loving care and attention.  I will make sure that your child is growing and developing by providing him or her with fun-filled, stimulating activities, healthy food and interaction with other children.  Playgroups, sing-alongs, walks in the park and play dates are some of the activities we would pursue as a family during your child’s early years.  As your child learns and grows, I will be there for them when they start to make their own decisions and choices.  I will also be there for them if they need to recover from failures or mistakes, or some of the challenges life throws at us.  I will encourage your child to try different things, and provide every opportunity to pursue art, music, sports and other interests, just as I was provided such opportunities as a child.  Importantly, I will encourage your child to pursue their dreams.

I value both formal and informal education. A child can learn just as much on a nature walk or stories from their grandparents as they can in a classroom.  I will encourage your child to pursue whatever level of higher education they choose, or career path. 

I will do my best to lead by example to help instill values of honesty, kindness and compassion. Corporal punishment will never be used. I favour correcting a child’s behavior by using explanations and re-enforcing positive behaviours.  Yelling is never an option.  Allowing a child to take a time-out to reflect or calm down if they’re upset is important. Providing them with choices so that they feel they have control over the situation is also important.  As your child ages, parenting will adjust to be age-appropriate.  While there will always be rules to ensure your child is safe, good behavior can be rewarded with privileges and independence.  I will work to develop a relationship of trust with your child, so that they know they can come to me with problems.  I will provide unconditional love, support and patience to your child as they meet life’s challenges. 

Although I am a single woman, your child will have ample opportunity to develop strong bonds with father-figures.  My dad, uncle (Ian, who I am close to), cousins Jamil and Grady, and brother James will be very present in your child’s life.  I also have two close couple friends that are with me on my adoption journey.  These couples have two young children of their own and each of the male partners has offered and wants to provide a strong male influence for my family.  I love doing what might be considered male-dominated activities such as fishing, boating and camping.  Having lived on my own, I am handy around my house and built a deck in my back yard this summer.  In other words, I have a full set of tools that I love to use!   


I have always wanted a warm and loving family.  I would love to be able to share this wonderful world with a child and watch them grow, and provide them with a life rich with experiences and strong, lasting relationships.  I hope that I can be that for your child.  Thank you for considering me in one of the most important decisions in your and your child’s life.