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Phone: 613-604-5283
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:

Hello and thanks for taking a look at our profile. We hope to give you an idea of who we are and of the love that we have to share with your child. We have always looked forward to bringing kids up in a home filled with happiness, love, respect, and support.  We look forward to getting to know you and growing our relationship in a way that works for everyone. We are excited for this next chapter in our lives and feel honoured that you are considering us.

Our Story

We first met on a dating website in early 2010. We got together for our first date at a Starbucks and had such a great time that we chatted until closing time. We dated for two years before Brad asked Kristie to marry him. We were married in January 2013 surrounded by friends and family.

3 Things that are Most Important to Us

1. Spending time together with family and friends

2. Keeping a healthy home and lifestyle

3. Having fun and enjoying life

Meet Kristie

I had a very happy childhood in the country and grew up in a close-knit community. I met my closest girlfriends to this day in elementary school. I still enjoy seeing my mother, father, older sister, younger brother, aunts, uncles and cousins as much as possible. Celebrating birthdays and holidays with friends and family is very important to me.  After studying communications at University I joined the government and am now in marketing. My job is fun because it is based on research and I get to be creative.

About Kristie (by Brad)

Kristie is a warm, loving, confident, and smart woman. She is very close to her friends and family and is an amazing aunt to our two nieces. Kristie is adventurous and motivated; she likes planning trips, going to concerts, and signing us up for classes like painting, golfing, and cross-country skiing. She is strong, dependable, trustworthy, and fun. She is a great listener and my best friend. I know she will be a great mother.

Meet Brad

Growing up, my Dad was in the military so we moved around a lot. I lived in many places including Fredericton, Kingston, London, and Ottawa, but my favourite stop was in England for 3 years. I think all of that travelling made my family really close (Mom, Dad, and two younger sisters). In high school my favourite subjects were Phys Ed and History. In grade 10 I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I earned degrees from 3 different universities and eventually became a teacher at my old high school. I enjoy coaching, running our school’s board game society, and planning school trips to other countries. I still see my parents and sisters regularly and love our family holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.

About Brad (by Kristie)

Brad is a responsible, smart, energetic, and fun-loving person. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. He is passionate about teaching and a great role model for his students. I fell in love with Brad for how trustworthy, responsible and funny he is. His patience teaching board games to my family (sometimes over and over) and the healthy breakfast smoothie he makes us every day show me what an amazing Dad he will be.

Home Sweet Home

We live in Ottawa and we love the mix of nature and city-living. We have bike paths, parks, schools, and a library within minutes of our front door. Around the corner we have a community centre, restaurants, shops, and a movie theatre. Our weekends might include some relaxing yoga, a hike in Gatineau park, board games with friends, dinner at a new restaurant with our parents, an Ottawa Red Blacks football game, or a cozy movie night in the basement with some buttery popcorn! We can’t wait to share our home and community with your child!

People we Love

Friends and family are very important to us and we are so lucky to be surrounded by positive, supportive and loving people. Both of our parents live within a 30 minute drive and we have friends near and far. It’s fun to get together and hang out by Brad’s parents’ pool, go walking on the paths near Kristie’s parents’ house, spend time together at a cottage or take a road trip and visit for the weekend. We were so honoured to be asked by some of our friends to be the godparents of their daughter and we are enjoying watching her grow so much. Our family and friends are very excited to have a new family member and can’t wait to welcome them!

Thoughts on Adoption

Since we were young, we both dreamed of having and raising children. Pregnancy didn’t happen for us and over time, we thought more and more about growing our family through adoption. We would be so happy and excited to welcome your baby into our happy home! We believe in being open and honest with your child. We know that adoption will be a part of your baby’s life story and we plan to make an adoption book so they will always know their story. Our families and friends know about our hope to adopt and are very supportive. We believe this experience, love, and support will help us to create a great life for your child.

Values and Beliefs

We were both raised in loving and happy families – and we will provide that loving, supportive and happy home for your child. We want to raise a happy, healthy, and well-balanced child in a family full of laughter and love. We would set good examples and use positive encouragement to help your child grow and plan to have reasonable, age-appropriate rules to keep them safe. We would like to provide your child with many opportunities (like piano lessons, swimming lessons, sports teams, Beavers or Girl Guides and summer camps) and the chance to pursue their interests. We would encourage your child to have goals and would do everything to help them achieve their potential.


Brad is Catholic; he tries to go to church on Sundays and sometimes Kristie goes with him.  We attend mass with Brad’s family on Easter and Christmas and celebrate the holidays at home with both of our families. We would like to expose your child to the Catholic faith but would also supportive your child’s own exploration of religion.

Our Relationship with You

We look forward to an open adoption and will respect the level of openness that you are comfortable with. We would like to share your story with your child to help them develop a stronger sense of who they are. We are open to sending updates (by letter or email) and photos as your child grows up and visits, if you wish.

Our Promise

We promise to love your child unconditionally and to help them grow into a confident and kind adult. We want to give them the opportunity to discover their own path – with our constant and unwavering support.

Thank You

We can’t wait to experience everything that being a parent has to offer: the highs, the lows, and everything in between. We recognize this must be a very hard and emotional decision that you are making and we admire your courage and strength. We are truly honoured that you considered us for this beautiful gift. Thank you.