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Phone: 1 877 387-7027
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: 2 Cats, Lincoln and Kitty

Our names are Kory and Beau. Thank you for clicking on our profile! We view adoption as an opportunity to give a child more people in this world to love him/her. We know that your love for your child is so strong that you are here looking for the best possible people to parent them. We promise to love them with the same ferocity you do. We want them to feel like the luckiest kid in the world because they have double the love that most kids have. Your love and ours.

Our Adoption Story

From 12 years old, Kory always wanted adoption to be how she formed her family. She and Beau talked about it early in their relationship and Beau loved the idea too.

We decided to wait until we had the time and resources to devote to a kid. We didn’t want daycare or a nanny raising our child. Now we both work at home, have money coming in and have flexible schedules. We want to be very involved parents. We will always be available for events big and small as our careers allow us a lot of flexibility.

Your child will have Dual Citizenship through us which will enrich their future opportunities for work, school and travel.

We are planning on at least an 18 month parental leave, split between the two of us. After that we would use part time childcare as a chance for our child to develop social skills and relationships with other kids.

How We Met

We met in kindergarten! We went to elementary school together in Colorado and were good friends throughout school. In our photo album you can see a picture of us in 1st grade! When Kory was 16 her parents bought her a very old stick shift car but didn’t teach her to drive it. Beau stepped in and helped Kory figure out how to work a clutch. He got her on the road and managed to sneak in a kiss too. We dated in high school but we went to colleges in different states. In 2004 over a Christmas visit in Colorado, we reconnected and have been inseparable ever since. On a trip to Jamaica, Beau told Kory he was going to marry her and Kory agreed. We eloped in Tahiti in 2009. This summer we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Alaska with friends and family. We have known each other for 32 years.


Kory works in the film industry doing set design and illustration. She went to school for Industrial Design and Cinematography. She also writes and illustrates children’s books. She loves her adopted country of Canada, especially the temperate rainforests. She could spend all day hiking though the huge trees.

She has always been an avid traveller. Her favorite memories come from living and traveling in Europe for a year in her early 20s. She and Beau have travelled the world together including South East Asia, Peru, Panama, Iceland and Tahiti. Traveling gives Kory a rush of endorphins. On her shortlist of places to visit next are Japan, Greece and Northern Europe.

She loves storytelling and movies and can’t wait to share her favorites with a child. She also can’t wait to take a kid to Disneyland, and Harry Potter World and any other amusement park she can find. She has a younger brother and sister but also counts her many friends around the world as family. If any of them needed a kidney she would be first in line.

People describe Kory as tenacious(or stubborn), adventurous, loyal, funny and ambitious. And she would agree. She works hard and plays hard. She goes after what she wants.


Beau works as a Senior Accountant for a hospital. He loves studying all things money, including coin collecting and investment strategies. He has studied Spanish and Japanese and is a big fan of slow travel. He spent 4 months in Argentina and 4 months in Spain learning the culture, language and life style.

He loves spy stories and movies, especially Jack Reacher books.

Beau’s temperament is a bit quieter than Kory’s. He is unflinchingly loyal and compassionate and the best listener Kory has ever met. He is talented at seeing both sides of the story. He is the epitome of Love is Patient, Love is Kind and is especially good at keeping our house calm and stable. Beau is also a great cook and does most of the cooking in our house.

He has an older brother and 2 younger half brothers.

Beau and Kory’s mom have developed a close friendship over the years. They have their own personal book club. Kory’s Mom is planning on moving to Canada once baby arrives. Beau and Kory joke that if they got divorced Kory’s Mom would choose Beau.

Our Lives Together

We spend an outrageous amount of time together. We work in our home office in Vancouver but also spend most evenings and weekends together too. You can find us wandering down the seawall with ice cream, hiking one of the incredible nearby trails or sitting on our sofa making each other laugh till we cry. We also love going on road trips together. When we first got married, road trips were all we could afford. We always had a blast together. We have kept up that tradition to this day. Last summer we road tripped out to Nelson B.C. and spent a week on a farm, complete with Llamas and Chickens.

From Day 1 we have split our household chores as equally as possible. When one of us gets busy the other will pick up the slack. We see ourselves as a team. It was important to Kory that the relationship have a lot of equality and Beau was raised that way as well. We hope to carry that over to parenting by instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability to the family. It’s part of the reason why we intend on splitting childcare time between us. We both want a strong attachment to a child and want that child to know he can depend on either of us for anything.

We have two goofy cats named Kitty and Lincoln. They are 13 years old and still act like kittens. Kitty likes to mother us and gets very upset if we aren’t in bed by 10pm. Lincoln loves to sit next to you and just hang out.

We were both raised to respect and understand people who are different from us. While we don’t have a particular religious tradition our child will be educated in many cultures and religions. We believe that travel opens your heart and mind. We believe compassion can only come from exposure to different cultures and people. We intend to continue traveling with baby in tow. We’re excited to do “learning” field trips. We hope to take our kid to Europe when they are learning about great works of art. Perhaps Panama when they are learning about the Panama Canal. Or even just locally when they learn about First Nation’s cultures.

Our Community

We live in Downtown Vancouver in a condo and love the urban lifestyle. We walk everywhere and love to watch the seals, otters and whales in False Creek. There is even a little beaver family near our house. There are so many cool resources and activities for families near us. There is even a creative robotics primary school that we would consider.

We do frequently think about buying a small hobby farm on Vancouver Island and that could be in our future. Kory has packed the condo’s balcony with blueberries, strawberries, an orange tree, jasmine, lavender and green beans. She would love to have a big garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our friend and family community is all over the world. From Vancouver to Los Angeles to New Zealand to India to Montana to Virginia to Mexico to Chile to Germany. A child with us will be exposed to lots of countries and cultures. While we are not bilingual we want to enroll a child in a bilingual school.

Our Promise to You

We promise to help your child earn every opportunity, to push them to be their best, to help them grow strong self-esteem and confidence. We promise unconditional love but also not to spoil them(too much). We promise adventure and so much fun and a great emphasis on education and diversity. We promise to be their unwavering guide in this world.

We also promise to respect whatever level of openness you would like and to adjust as time goes on. Photos and visits and communication are all welcome. As we said in our first paragraph, adoption can give a child twice the number of people to love them. We believe more love is always good.