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Years together: 15
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: Abbey
Pets: Roma (dog)

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us.

If you dream about your child being raised by a devoted couple in a warm, loving home then we might be the adoptive parents you’re looking for.

If you want your child to have a sibling who is also adopted, then our family of three might be the perfect fit.

If you picture your child growing up surrounded by a large, caring (and often loud!) extended family, then keep reading.

And if you want your child to be taught Christian values in a safe, financially secure and healthy environment, then please consider working with us to make an adoption plan.

Hi, I’m Kalum

I am a loving father and husband, a loyal friend, and a hard-working guy. My days are spent as a Sales Manager for five radio stations. I’m addicted to sports: I play basketball, football and golf. When I’m not playing sports I’m likely watching games on TV or in person. I own a massive music collection and I love stand-up comedy. My takeout food of choice is Lebanese (mmm…shawarma). I love being a dad and I strive to make Abbey happy every day. I also work hard to ensure she is kind, generous, and has respect for herself and others.

Hi, I’m Kim

I am an optimistic, reflective, and compassionate person. I am also patient and a little bit messy. I work as an English teacher at an adult high school. I love my job because I help adult learners reach their goals. Dogs and caramel popcorn are two of my favourite things in life. I am a big fan of To Do lists and I get a little thrill every time I can cross something off my list. In the evenings and on weekends I enjoy reading, cooking, volunteering, taking Abbey to extracurricular activities, and being active outdoors. I adore being a mom and I have lots more love, time, and energy to devote to a second child.

Last but not least, Abbey

Abbey is a smart, active, funny, and very talkative Kindergartener. Her favourite foods are lasagna and pizza. She loves playing at the park, taking care of her stuffed animals like they are babies, and watching cartoons. She makes us laugh and tests our patience on a daily basis.

Our Family Life

We began talking about how much we wanted a family very early in our relationship. We didn’t expect to hit a roadblock…then a doctor told us that we would not be able to have biological children. This news was very tough for us to hear, but after much soul searching we made the decision to adopt.

We were so fortunate to be matched with a birth mother five years ago. She picked us to raise her child and our hearts are full of gratitude every day for the choice she made. Our life is definitely richer because of adoption. We now have a daughter whom we adore plus we have gained members of her birth family who we care about very much.

We both have younger brothers who are married to wonderful ladies. Abbey is super close to her uncles and aunts as well as her grandparents. We see our extended family on most weekends.

Our daily routine is quite relaxed – we’re homebodies for the most part but we do go out a few times per week to hang out with friends and family or to be active.

We are not very religious but we attend church once and awhile.

We have one dog – a miniature schnauzer named Roma. Roma was annoyed when we first brought Abbey home because she lost some attention, but now she follows Abbey around constantly and lies outside her bedroom at night.

We would love the chance to welcome another child into the mix. He or she would fit very well into our lifestyle, especially now that Abbey is older and more independent. Your child would become our top priority along with Abbey. Our responsibilities as parents always come first.

Our Home

We live in a safe neighbourhood that is full of young families, parks, and splash pads. Our community is culturally diverse and full of really good schools within walking distance of our house.

Your child would live in a single, two-storey home with a backyard. He or she would have their own bedroom next to Abbey’s. We have a play room downstairs which is filled with all sorts of toys, books, and costumes.

Our Views re: Open Adoption

We see adoption as a way of expanding our family – not only with a child, but with their birth family as well. Our job as adoptive parents is to form a relationship with our child’s first family built on respect and acceptance. What that relationship looks like depends on your comfort level. If you are interested in how our open adoption works, please ask us anything.

Lastly…A Note to You

If we had the opportunity to parent your child, we would love him or her more than words can describe. We would always be open with your child about his or her adoption and we would want you to be a part of our life if that is what you want. Your child would be fortunate to have their birth family and adoptive family in their life, loving them and encouraging them to be the best person they can be. It would not be a traditional family, but one thing is definite – your child would be doubly loved.

It must be overwhelming to look at adoption profiles and be bombarded with so much information and photos. We appreciate the time you have taken to learn about our family.

If you would like to get to know us better, we would be happy to exchange emails or texts or to meet you face-to-face. Our wish for you is that in time you will truly feel at peace with whatever decision you make for your child’s future.


K and K