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Phone: 807-632-8981
we live in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: 2 dogs

Dear expectant parents,

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider us as potential parents for your child. We know that this must be a challenging time and decision for you, we hope that by reading our profile and learning a little more about us you can feel confident and comforted knowing that your child would be welcomed  into our family with whole and loving hearts.

A little about us

We have been together for 12 years. We met while we were both living in Marathon, Ontario and began dating in 2005. In 2007 we broke up for a year. The year we spent apart only reaffirmed how much we love each other and the bond that we have is one that we cherish and wanted to get back. We got back together in 2008 and have been together ever since. In 2008 we also welcomed 2 fur babies into our family, a border collie-Labrador cross named Max and Morkie named Lola.   We got married in Jamaica in 2012 with family and friends by our side. In 2013 our little family moved from Marathon, Ontario to Thunder Bay, Ontario as we were both offered different jobs in the city. In October of 2014 we bought our first house together and call Thunder Bay home.

After we got married we began trying to have children as we couldn’t wait to start a family. Unfortunately we were unable to have children of our own despite trying to for several years.  We accepted that having children on our own was not going to work out for us and we decided to seriously consider adoption. We are excited about the prospect of starting our family this way and look forward to welcoming a little one. 

A little about Steve

Steve was born Dryden, Ontario, in 1980. Steve’s parents separated when he was young and he lived with both parents at different times in his childhood and lived between Ignace and Red Lake, Ontario.  Steve is the oldest of 4 siblings on his mother’s side. Steve has 2 younger brothers Joshua and Aaron and a little sister, Gabby. Steve is the only child to his father but has numerous cousins that he grew up close with.  Steve left home when he was a teenager and moved to Marathon, Ontario to play hockey competitively.  Steve works as a labourer with Union Gas and through this he earned his gas line inspection ticket. Steve enjoys playing baseball and hockey. Steve is one of the most accepting people that I have ever met. Steve is respectful and gracious to everyone that he meets.  Steve is someone that loves and accepts me for who I am and I feel so loved when I am with him.

A little about Kelsey

Kelsey was born in Thunder Bay in 1984. Kelsey is the oldest of 4 kids, 2 younger sisters Kendall and Karli and a younger brother, Corey.  Kelsey’s family lived in Marathon, Ontario all of her life. Kelsey earned a BA in psychology and a diploma of professional counseling. Kelsey is a children’s mental health counselor with a local mental health organization in Thunder Bay.  Kelsey enjoys spending time with her nieces and has them over as often as she can. Kelsey enjoys staying active by walking the dogs or going to the gym. Kelsey enjoys home décor and likes coming up for different ideas for the house. Kelsey is loving and caring. Kelsey will go out of her way to help anyone who needs it.

A little about Max and Lola

Max came to live with us in the September of 2008. Our friends originally adopted Max and only had him for about 10 days when they discovered that they were expecting. These friends already had 3 small children and Max was an energetic puppy. Max came to stay with us for a weekend and we fell in love with him and he has lived with us ever since. Max is very sweet and caring. Max is protective of our family but very gentle and playful. Max plays with our nieces when they come over and is very patient with them.

Lola joined our family in November 2008. We had already committed to adopting Lola when Max came along. Lola was already a part of our hearts and even though we welcomed Max, Lola was still coming home.  Lola is a tiny dog with attitude of a big dog. She believes she’s big and carriers herself that way which is just one of the many things that we love about her. Because Lola is so little she is often a favorite for little kids to pet and cuddle, Lola is great with kids and very patient.

A little about our families

We are so lucky to have lots of family close by! Most of our family lives in Thunder Bay and the ones who don’t only live a few hours away and visit often. Between us we have 3 nieces and 3 nephews. We spend a lot of time with our nieces that live in the city. The newest addition was our nephew who was born in January 2018, we’re very excited to watch him grow and make lots of fun memories with him to.  Both of our families are very excited about our adoption journey and can’t wait to welcome a little one into our family. We are both excited about our future child growing up with lots of cousins.

A little about our friends

We are both still great friends with the same friends we have had since high school. We all try to get together at least once a year, if not more. We are so lucky to have a lot of our friends in the city or a close drive away. Our friends are also very supportive of our adoption journey and are excited for us. Our friends also have children who we know very well. These kids would also be like cousins to our future child and our friends like aunts and uncles.  We have a great support system and family which we are so grateful for

A little more about us

We enjoy spending time together and a few of our favorite things to do are taking our dogs to the local tree farm for a hike and swim, or just walking them around our neighborhood. We’ve taken road trips to visit friends and family when we are able and have even take a few tropical vacations together . We love having our nieces over for playdates and sleepovers.  We also enjoy simple nights at home having some treats and getting into a TV series together or movie. 

A little thank you

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our profile and for considering us as parents for your child. It is important for us to note that we look forward to welcoming you as an extended member of our family, through updates and pictures.  We want the child that we welcome into our home to know how much they were loved by both their biological and adoptive families. We plan to present adoption in a very positive light and hopefully have this be a very proud part of their story.