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Kate Tim
Age 34 33
Education Masters Degree College Diploma
Profession High School Teacher Writer
Religion Christian Spiritual
Astrological Sign Cancer Pisces
Hobbies Drawing, baking, working out, hiking, Dungeons & Dragons Writing, cooking, D&D & board games (playing & designing), soccer, basketball, reading, walking the dog, yoga.
Our Favorites
Music All types - trap, rock, folk, hip-hop (both classic and new), classical, jazz, ambient, dance, and thank to Tim even a bit of metal! Heavy metal & Kate Bush
Singer So many, how do I choose? Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan, WENS...too many! Kate Bush, Chuck Schuldiner, Hansi K├╝rsch
Song "Teardrop" by Massive Attack is one I often return to. "The Bard's Song" by Blind Guardian
TV Show Currently loving Schitt's Creek, but also: POSE, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (imperfect but so good), and a YouTube series called Critical Role Six Feet Under, the Leftovers, the Wire, and old British TV (Scrap-heap Challenge, Time Commanders, I'm Alan Partridge)
Movie A few include: Moonlight, John Wick, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, and a classic has to be Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Night of the Hunter, Seven Samurai, Office Space, Baraka
Actor/Actress I have yet to see a movie with Emma Stone I didn't like! (Although I did avoid 'Hawaii' like the plague.) Not really bothered!
Animal Elephants! All of them (plus dinosaurs)!
Book "Everything Belongs" by Richard Rohr got me through some tough times. I've also read "Magic's Pawn" by Mercedes Lackey more times than I can count. Anything by Hilary Mantel (historical fiction is my favourite genre), and then lots of sci-fi, fantasy, and crime are faves too.
Sport Rugby, weight lifting, power lifting Soccer (Go Chelsea!), Basketball (Go Raptors!)
Food Chocolate! Also Vietnamese food, my mum's tea biscuits, my mother-in-law's roast potatoes, and my husband's earl grey tea loaf. All food! Home cooking, Mexican, Indian, Middle-Eastern, street food.
The child We'd like to adopt
Age Up to 2 years old
Sex No preference
Ethnicity No preference
Special Needs Open to discussion
Type of Adoption No preference


Phone: 6472141447
We live in: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: Our dog Cleo - 17-year-old Jack Russell mix