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Phone: 6472141447
we live in: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: Our dog Cleo - 17-year-old Jack Russell mix

Hi, welcome to our profile.

We hope you enjoy reading about us, our dreams, and our feelings (plus our top movie picks)! Having to ‘market’ ourselves like this is a pretty bizarre feeling, but growing our family really matters to us. We feel it in our bones that we can give a child a happy life, one in which they are loved for being just who they are. 

If what you read below interests you, we’re eager to tell you more and learn about your life and your hopes for the future. If what you read isn’t your cup of tea, that’s ok, too. We wish you all the best in finding the best match possible and we hope you and your child have wonderful lives and plenty of opportunities to connect with each other.

Thank you so much for reading about us and for possibly considering us as the right people to partner with on an adoption.

 Why we chose Adoption:

 8 years ago Kate lost her younger sister Megan to a rare condition known as MELAS syndrome. No one in Kate’s family had ever heard of the condition before, but they learned it was something that has existed in every woman on her mother’s side since who knows when. Evidently, all the other women in the family (including Kate) have carried the condition, but have not been symptomatic. In its symptomatic form MELAS affects the young and sufferers are not expected to live beyond their twenties.

If we had a birth child, he or she too would carry MELAS. There is an extremely slim chance that this child would show symptoms of the condition and then lose their life to it. It’s incredibly likely that they would be like Kate and all the others. However, we do not want to take this chance. And we do not want to have a birth daughter who would be faced with this same situation if she decided to start a family, biologically.  

There are scientific work-arounds that could enable us to have biological children, but we’ve decided that’s not for us. There are already so many children here, and who are going to be here, who need us and other families that are ready and willing to support, protect, and above all love them.

What Tim says about Kate:

Everyone who knows Kate would call her fearless, bold, assertive – things like that, which she is! She’s the kind of person you’d want on your side, someone who will always stand up for what’s right and for what’s best for those she loves. I see all that, but I also have the pleasure of knowing Kate’s other side; the tender, loving, and extremely goofy side. She’s not just a kickass shield-maiden, she’s a hilarious and silly nerd who likes to snuggle, too. Both sides of Kate have conspired to make me a much better man than the one I was when she found me. She’s helped me push myself to become happier, braver, more caring, and totally accepting of who I am.    

What Kate says about Tim:

Tim can come across as the strong, silent type – but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s anything less than a gentle giant. I’ve never known a man who could surprise me as much as he does with just how funny, thoughtful, and creative he is, each and every day. There isn’t anything Tim won’t do for his family (even going to big parties!) and he demonstrates this with how hard he works at being a writer and the anchor of our household. I love his gifts of keen observation and insight and his tireless patience and dedication to our life as a growing family. Coming home to him each afternoon is the greatest pleasure of my life.

Our Commitment to Open Adoptions:

At the beginning of this process we thought the idea of open adoption was a little weird, even off-putting. We were fine about opening our lives up to a new child, but we weren’t sure about doing that for the family that comes with that child. However, as we learned more about adoption – and accepted that adopting a child is not the same as giving birth to a child – we discovered how great open adoptions are for the kids involved.

For us, adoption is not about pretending we had a child the way most other people do. We won’t keep secrets from our child. We don’t want them to be surprised or ashamed of the way they joined our family. We want them to feel proud that we found them and that their birth family cared enough to help us find them.

Making sure our child is happy and healthy is our absolute priority. We believe that welcoming the birth family into that child’s life will help achieve this. So we are ready, willing, and excited to work with you to make sure our child knows who they are and where they came from.

Some random facts:

Kate lived in Japan for a couple of years and can still speak a little Japanese.

Tim grew up in England, in a town called Frome.

Kate cries during most movies.

Tim is incredibly embarrassed that he and Kate met on Plentyoffish.com. Kate thinks it’s cute.

At 30 years old Kate decided to start playing rugby, she won the most improved player award in her second season.

Tim once worked on a UFO TV show for History Television which managed to upset both the FBI and the US Air Force.  

Kate used to work as a teacher on the set of Degrassi, but she did not teach Drake.

Tim can recall countless nuggets of trivia, but can never remember his post code.  

Kate has two tattoos. She wants more and wants Tim to get at least one (he’s thinking about it).

Tim probably has ten times more books than he has items of clothing.

Kate plays a Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons. Tim is almost always the Dungeon Master.

Songs that Tim and Kate consider ‘their songs’ include Best Friend by Queen, Generous Palm Stroke by Björk, and Song of Solomon by Kate Bush.

Tim and Kate were married in 2014. It rained. Less than 50 people were there and the cake collapsed. It was the best day ever.