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Phone: 613-875-7324
Years together: 13
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None
Pets: An 18-year old cat
Dear expectant parent(s),
Our names are Dave and Kate. We really appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents to your child. This is not an easy letter to write because we know that what we are hoping for most (becoming
parents) means that you must make the incredibly selfless decision to make an adoption plan for your child. We hope that the information we are sharing with you will help you get to know us and will help you know whether we are the kind of people you hope your child will be raised by.
We are both 30 years old, and we have been in a relationship since we were 17 years old. We met in high school (grade 11 law class to be precise!), went to the University of Guelph together, and moved
back to Ottawa when we were 22 to start our careers. Ottawa is our home – we love this city! We got married in 2013 in front of all our family and friends at a United Church, followed by a reception with a
live band and a huge dessert bar!
We have always wanted to have children. At one point in our lives we thought we might like to have 8 kids! We have since decided that two or three kids is a better plan for us. Despite our “attempts” to
conceive a child, we have not succeeded at getting pregnant on our own. Since we always thought we would like to adopt one day, we decided to pursue adoption in lieu of fertility treatments. We are ready to be parents, no matter how it happens!
We have owned our home in central Ottawa for five years now. We are financially stable and will soon be adding an income property to our list of investments. We have great family support nearby (Kate’s
parents live 10 minutes away and Dave’s are about an hour away) and we have a wonderful network of friends and family all across the country.

A little about Kate

 Kate is friendly, hard-working and thoughtful. She has had the same group of girlfriends since elementary/high school and she loves staying connected to them. Kate has a Bachelor’s degree in International Development, and now she works for an international development organization that provides support to children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. Kate has travelled to Africa on two occasions, however this is not a requirement of her work since she can
communicate with her African colleagues via email and Skype. Kate likes to cook and bake, and she once baked and sold pies to make money while she was in university! Kate is a planner and
she makes sure we do not miss out on any cool events happening in Ottawa. Kate is the coordinator for our families, whether it is choosing roles for Christmas dinner or planning a vacation. 

A little about Dave

 Dave is fun, funny, and very sweet. He loves playing sports (especially hockey, but also softball, golf, and soccer) and cannot wait to coach our future children. In his younger days, Dave also played football and rugby, but he has since “retired” to safer sports! About five years ago Dave taught himself to play guitar and now he is often seen carrying his guitar around just in case someone wants to hear him play. Dave works at the City of Ottawa as a Survey Technician (he measures properties and shows people where to build buildings). It is a great job because he is finished each day by 3pm and he has great benefits for our family! Dave has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy and he still loves to follow politics by reading several news websites daily. Dave grew up loving comic books, superheroes and the ninja turtles–and he still does now! 

Our Home

 We live in an urban 3-bedroom house with a large fully fenced backyard and a bright and airy main floor. Kate loves bright paint colours and décor, and Dave is okay with this as long as he can have a ‘man cave’ for his guitars and Wayne Gretzky memorabilia. Our favourite thing about our house is its proximity to walking and biking trails that run right through the centre of the city. Our street is quiet and features a large park and a fantastic elementary school. We grow a vegetable garden each year, but sadly the neighborhood squirrels and rabbits eat most of it before we do!

Our Hobbies and Interests

 – Travel: We have had the privilege of traveling to many countries in our lives. As a child, Dave’s family lived in various Canadian cities and in England because of his father’s career with the Navy. While in university, Kate moved to Copenhagen, Denmark for a semester and traveled all over Europe while there. As a couple, we took a leave of absence from our jobs in 2012 to travel through Central and South America for four months. We loved exploring new cities, learning about different cultures, and meeting people from around the world. We have also travelled to many cities in the USA and across Canada.
– Cottage: Our favourite place to spend weekends is at Dave’s family cottage, which is located on a small, peaceful lake about 1.5 hours from our house. Dave has mastered making delicious homemade burgers and loves floating in the lake. Kate typically spends her time at the lake reading, paddle boarding, and swimming across the lake at least a few times each summer.
– Day-to-day: We frequently go for a long walk after work to unwind and catch up with one another. Kate loves to keep up with the restaurant scene so we are often out for a meal at the latest hot spot. We both enjoy listening to music (live whenever possible!) and we love singing along, even though we are both terrible singers. We can often be found watching sports (Dave loves the strategy of sports, Kate just loves to be a fan) or getting caught up in a Netflix series. 

Our Families

We have close relationships with both sides of our family. Both sets of parents are still married and the majority of our siblings are as well.  Kate’s parents live in Ottawa with their dog and Dave’s parents live on a farm close to Smith Falls (about an hour from Ottawa). We both have quite large extended families, with more than 20 cousins on each side! While we do not see them all on a regular basis, it is always fun to get together for weddings and holidays! 

Dave’s parents are retired but they stay very busy through involvement at their church (Dave’s mom is the choir director and Dave’s dad is a deacon). Dave has 3 siblings, including an older sister and an older brother who each have two children (ages 6, 7, 8, and 10). Dave has good relationships with all his siblings, but especially with his older sister who practically raised him (she is 10 years older)! Dave’s sister and her family live in Ottawa and we spend a lot of time with them, especially to enjoy their pool during the summer months.
Kate’s dad is still working (he owns his own business) and her mom has been a stay-at-home mom ever since she became a mom thirty years ago. Kate has 2 younger sisters. Her middle sister is married and expecting her first baby in early 2018. Her youngest sister lives in the Middle East where she provides relief services to refugees.
Kate’s family has always had dogs. When Kate and her sisters were young, her family took care of puppies before they became guide dogs for the blind. Kate and Dave often dog-sit and they hope to get their own dog in the near future.
All our family members have been incredibly supportive of our adoption plan. Our nieces and nephew have been asking for a cousin for years! Our families are looking forward to welcoming a new family member and have committed to love your child whole-heartedly and without exception.
Our furry family member is a cat named Duma. She is quite old now (around 18 years old). She is very social and loves to snuggle up (as long as it is on her terms)!

Our Values

Our number one value is respect. We treat each other with utmost respect and we hold each other to the same high standard with others. We have an equal relationship where we share responsibilities and decision making equally. It is not uncommon for Kate to drive when we are both in the car, and Dave is in charge of vacuuming in our household! 

We are also open and inclusive to people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, disabilities and income levels. We believe that differences are strengths. We value honesty, compassion and helping those in need whenever possible.

Our Future

 We hope that our future includes children! For many years we have been imagining our lives as parents and here are some of the things we hope for:
  • Travel: we would like our family to travel in Canada, the US, and internationally. We think it is important to experience new things while also taking time to build special memories.
  • Day-to-Day: we look forward to family dinners around the table and lots of time playing outside.
  • Activities: we imagine our family going on bike rides, attending festivals, going to concerts, and spending lots of time at the cottage with friends and family.
  • Childcare: after our parental leave ends, Kate will return to work part time. Both our moms arealready excited to babysit! Our children will attend daycare (ideally a small home-based one) until they are school-age.
  • Community: we plan to connect with many other young families once we start our family. We will build a network within the adoption community, within a United church, and within acommunity that represents our child’s race and/or ethnicity (particularly if it is different from our own).


We are looking forward to an open adoption where you will maintain contact with your child, but we will respect whatever level of openness feels right for you.

We welcome contact through visits, emails and phone calls. We hope to build a relationship with you based on trust and respect. We would like you to know that we are aware of the adoption disclosure legislation which allows information to be accessed once your child turns 18. We hope that our child will grow up feeling loved by both his/her birth parent(s) and adoptive parents.
We hope he/she will be proud of how they came to be part of our family. And most of all, we hope that adoption is a positive experience for all three of us–you, us, and your child.
We are confident that we are ready to parent and raise a child in a loving, supportive home. We hope that one day we might have the chance to meet you. Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents to your child.
With gratitude and respect,
 Dave and Kate