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we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: Pepe, our wonder-cat from Mexico

We are Chris and Kate, and we’d give just about anything to be sitting across from you right now telling you all this stuff ourselves, but until then, this profile is all we’ve got to help you get to know us, so here we go…!


We are a giant-hearted, creative, and easy going family of 2 musicians (+ 1 wonder cat, Pepe).

Chris and I met almost ten years ago while recording an album together here in Toronto, and oh, did we fall in love. You really had to be there.

This summer marks our fourth wedding anniversary, and we are pretty proud of all the obstacles we left in our dust in order to get to where we are today.

Building a successful life for ourselves in the music industry and the Arts in general has given us this totally unique perspective, but most importantly it’s given us an incredible kind of freedom that we will never take for granted.

Without a doubt the best example of that is the fact that we both get to choose our own hours, and that means most of the time we are working from home, together. We built this dreamy little music studio upstairs in our house, and most days you will find either one or both of us noodling away in there, while Pepe makes his own random contributions from his sunbeam in the window.

It’s an incredible thing to have careers that fit into and around our lives, rather than lives that we have to somehow fit into our careers. We make a pretty awesome team, and we remind each other of that on a regular basis. We both have a gigantic amount of affection – and time – to give to a child (which is currently being funneled towards our niece, nephews and Pepe) and we have spent the last few years building ourselves this safe, cozy, welcoming and creative home to do just that in. This freedom means that no matter what, there will always be at least one of us (but often both of us) home every day, and parenthood will be a shared effort from day one.

We chose adoption because it just feels right for us. We are choosing it because we have really positive examples of adoption amongst our friends and family that have inspired us. And also because those who know us the best have encouraged this choice from day one, with a level of support that has been overwhelming.

So, all that said – let’s get on with the details!

A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHRIS (according to Kate)

Firstly, the facts:

Chris spends the bulk of his time as a music producer/engineer and co-owner of a popular downtown recording studio. He’s been crazy about music since he first picked up a guitar at age 9, and if you were to see him play, you’d understand why. The man plays at lightning speed! I’m not sure that I can really convey in words the joy that crosses his face when he’s gazing upon any kind of vintage music gear. He’s also a complete and utter nerd when it comes to his engineering side, and you’ll often find him pulling apart amplifiers to experiment with them, or building his own guitars with a friend. In general, he’s just really good at building things, whether they be made of metal, wood, wires or sound.

Chris grew up in Unionville, ON, in what I like to describe as the ‘ultimate suburban setting’. He has an older brother he adores and two loving and ridiculously patient parents (they were both teachers so that explains the patience), who have always supported his somewhat unconventional path towards music. He was an all-around superstar kid in school and sports (his mother gave me the local newspaper clippings just to prove it) though the one sport that seems to have made the most lasting impression on him is golf. His dad taught him and his brother how to play at a really young age and there is pretty much nothing that makes him happier than stepping up to the first tee on the golf course.
Now, the good stuff:

All you have to do is take one look in those sparkly baby blues to see how much of a softie this guy is. Kids have always gravitated to him (maybe it’s the beard?) and he instantly becomes a human set of monkeybars. He’s a living legend to his nephews and niece on both our sides of the family, as well as to all of our friend’s kids. He has melted so perfectly into my own side of the family, and sometimes I think they like him more than me! Chris can make you laugh so hard your gut will burst. But he’s also a listener – he is the kind of person who will tell you anything, and listen to everything. He is humble to a fault, and he is kinder than most humans I’ve ever met. He was born to be a dad. I would love for you to meet him.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF KATE (according to Chris)

Kate is a singer songwriter with the kind of voice that will melt you on the spot. She’s been making music professionally for almost twenty years now, and got her first big break after being signed to a music label in Manchester, Uk while she was still in University. She has toured all over the UK, Europe and North America with her band, and has released a multitude of her own albums, not to mention tallying up some serious adventures along the way. She took some time off school to pursue her music career in England, but eventually got herself a degree in Fashion and textile design here at home in Canada. And though Kate is always a songwriter at heart she also has this amazing gift of creativity, and can craft up beautiful art pieces like nothing I’ve ever seen. After we got married she started up her own design business here in Toronto, and in her little art studio at home she churns out new creations on a weekly basis. She makes totally unique light fixtures, home decor, paintings, felted sculptures and just about everything you can think of. She is also an interior design consultant on the side and put her skills to work making the commercial recording studio I co-own look like a million bucks.

Kate grew up on a farm just north of Toronto with her parents and her older brother Ian, and is a self professed ‘farmgirl’ at heart. She and Ian spent the majority of their time hanging with the cows, dogs, horses and cats, and it‘s very evident in Kate’s intense love of animals today. Her first ever job was working at The Ontario Humane Society Animal Shelter, and she still talks about it all the time.

I wish I had a chance to meet Kate’s mom Joan, but sadly she passed away from cancer when Kate was just a teenager. From everything I hear, they were two peas in a pod and to see a picture of them both today it’s hard to refute. Somehow Kate turned this huge loss into a great strength, in that her ability to empathize with others is one of the things I love most about her. It also fortified how important family is to her, and her devotion to her dad, brother and extended family is something that I have always found amazing. Once Kate has decided that you are a part of her life, you know that it is forever – just ask any of her lifelong friends – but leave yourself some time because there are a LOT of them!She is the warmest, most open person I’ve ever met, and without a doubt has more love to give than anyone else I know! I’d give anything to hear her singing a baby to sleep every night.


We live on a lovely, safe & quiet, tree lined street in the heart of Midtown, Toronto. We recently completed a big ol’ renovation and now have this amazing home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms (just waiting to be filled!). Our home is bright, it’s colourful, and it’s always cozy and inviting thanks to Kate’s personal touches everywhere. We have a great little backyard, there are six big parks within a five minute walk of our front door and the Beltline trail runs just two blocks north of our home. We are also in a fantastic school district, and will have a multitude of choices when it comes time to think about education (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet).  And one day (if Kate gets her way) we’ll have a farm with Alpacas, and goats, and chickens, and cats and dogs…..but we’re still working on that part.


We get that all children are their own person, and will have their own interests and goals in life. We are very open to whatever path in life a child picks for themselves, the same way our parents were for us.

More than anything, we want our home to be a safe place where you can talk about ANYTHING. We are both extremely open people. There is no subject too delicate or uncomfortable for us to talk about. We do not believe in any kind of physical or emotional punishment, but instead in leading by example. We would do everything in our power to make sure that your baby is not only loved but also empowered – is accepted unconditionally, feels safe and supported in all of their life choices, and most importantly, is proud of who they are and where they came from. Their adoption story will be a part of who they are, and who we all are as a family. We would love for you, their birth mum, to also be an integral part of that story, in whatever way feels the most comfortable for you.

One thing we can guarantee – our home will always be a creative one!

We both were very engaged, imaginative children. Hours spent playing outside (such was the way back then), reading and drawing, crafting, playing sports, all made up a huge part of our childhoods, and though it’s getting harder with technology these days, we would do our very best to pass that love of activeness and imagination on to a child. Our home is an endless bustle of creativity – there will always be music, crafts, tools and books on the go. We also believe that time spent in nature is a crucial part of a child’s healthy growth, so outdoor activities and sports will be high on our list of priorities.

We are so lucky to still these awesome retreats on both sides of our families to escape to on the weekends and holidays, which means there will be no limits to their access to nature, whether it means waking up to the wild Turkeys gobbling at the farm or the seagulls squawking by the lake!


-Kate is not afraid to take a dishwasher apart.

-Chris is not afraid to clean the litter box.

-Kate is 42 and Chris is 43 years young (just meet us and we’ll prove it)

-Kate makes a pretty mean beef stew

-Chris makes a killer omelette

-both of us spent a year together building a recording studio from the ground up (yup, hammers and all) and neither of us ever want to do that again!

-our niece and nephew call us Uncle Kate and Auntie Chris – an honest mistake that just stuck.

-Kate has a degree in Fashion/textile design

-Chris scored 11 goals in one game in his junior hockey league.

-Kate is an animal whisperer

-Chris recently discovered that cats love him, and he loves them back.

-We. Love. Food. It’s not a rare thing to see one (or both) of us chefing up a new dish to try out on our friends (results vary depending on who you ask)

-Kate has lived in three different countries

-Chris has worked with some epic Canadian bands

-Kate does an enthusiastic interpretive dance

-Chris likes his popcorn extremely buttery

-Kate is a night owl – Chris is an early bird (this works out well for sleep shifts!)

-we adopted our cat Pepe while in Mexico


Chris’s parents still live in Unionville in the home he grew up in, and he has an older brother Michael, who is married with two amazing kids of his own, Nolan and Lily. Michael and his family moved to Florida two years ago, but rest assured we take every opportunity we can to hop and a plane and go visit them – especially in the the frigid months! Chris is very close with his parents and we see them all the time.

Kate’s dad still lives on the farm she grew up on (her mum passed away when she was a teenager) and her older brother Ian, who lives nearby in Aurora, ON is married with two awesome boys, Bryce and Kyle. We see them all on a very regular basis, and are in contact almost every day.

Most holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthdays are spent with Kate’s brother, Ian, and his family, as they live a short distance away, as do Kate’s dad and Chris’s parents.  We also take an annual ‘combined family’ trip with as many of us that can go – usually somewhere nice and warm…

We have a great support system around us, who all are sooo eager (they remind us whenever they get a chance) to be involved in the raising of a child!

As far as religion goes, both Chris and were raised as Anglican kids, though we do not practice any religion now – our family traditions are what bring us all together.


With enormous respect for how much courage it takes to make the choice you are making for that little life growing inside of you, please know that we, and all the hopeful parents-to-be out there are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our hopes and dreams with you.

We wish you the absolute best in finding the perfect family for your baby, and also for you, to be a part of forever.

Kate and Chris