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Phone: 4165711001
we live in: Mississauaga, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: No, but looking for a little dog

Well here we are…

We have never met, and yet here we are together, discussing the possibility of the most tremendous decision to face us in our lives. You are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed and nervous? We are feeling hopeful, but nervous too. It is important to us that we say what we want to say and connect with you, but that is difficult to do in a simple letter. How do we say everything we feel in this one letter?

I think the first thing we would do if we met you, is give you a big warm smile. Then we would thank you. We would thank you not only for considering us as adoptive parents for your child, but also for being brave and strong and for having the fortitude to move forward with an adoption plan.

And maybe, if you were a hugger, we would offer you a big warm hug because, in all honesty, that is the type of people we are. A hug would also convey the type of affection we feel towards the mother of the child we may be blessed to parent. 

But whether you are a hugger or not, let us just start this letter with a welcoming smile and a happy “hello.” We hope that as you read about us, you will feel how easy-going, kind and nurturing we truly are … 

Who are we?

We are Karen and Damani. We have been happily married for 8 years, but we have loved each other for 26 years. 

We have so much love between us and we get along brilliantly, not by being perfect but by accepting each other as we are and by showing each other constant support.

As a couple, we love to entertain family and friends, sharing big meals and lots of laughter together. We stay active, enjoy the outdoors, listen to lots of music and know how to be present in the moment.

We own a vacation home in Jamaica, which we try to go to as often as we can. If you choose us as your baby’s parents, this home will be a big part of your child’s life. Your child would grow up as a traveller, spending time in Jamaica with both of our families (which would be their family too)! Imagine your child relaxing in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun, learning about different foods and culture, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the love of everyone around them. 

We both grew up Catholic, and we would teach this faith to your child. But, we are not heavily practising, and your child can grow up to make his/her own decisions, with our guidance. 

But let’s share a bit more about our lives and tell you who we are …


I am 42 years old and was born in Jamaica. My family moved to Canada soon after I was born because my dad had a work opportunity. By the time I was 3+ years old we all moved back to Jamaica. My Parents then start their own business; I have two siblings, my sister Janice and my brother Mark. Sadly, my father passed away from a sudden heart attack when he was quite young. But my mother showed us what strength was, as she took over my father’s rental-car business and continued to provide a comfortable and loving life for us. My mom is now 74 years of age, and she still lives in Jamaica. She has always been a funny, warm, and loving mother. 

I came back to Canada after high school to study. I have an associate degree in business and a diploma in computer business programs. I used to work in an advertising agency in downtown, Toronto, in the accounting department, but for the past six years, I have been working from home as an accountant for our family-owned logistics business. Working from home gives me all the time in the world to raise your child.  

I love to cook for my family. I also enjoy reading, and I plan to read constantly to your child. I stay active by walking in the parks near our home, riding my bicycle and swimming. I also enjoy quiet moments spent at home listening to music and watching my favourite TV shows. On weekends, I love to go to garage sales with Damani.

I would love to get to know you and learn what you love to do for fun and what your hobbies are. I look forward to learning what you would like me to do with your child for hobbies as well, perhaps passing on some of your own family traditions.

Damani talks about Karen

Karen is a helpful, family-oriented, trustworthy, funny and sociable person. She is great at organizing our family and keeping things running smoothly, both in our home and in our business, and she is a loving and caring wife to me. 

I appreciate Karen’s calm and relaxed nature. She is a confident and resilient woman who is always comfortable in social settings; she has a knack for making people feel very relaxed in her company. She is satisfied with her life, happy in her marriage, and she truly enjoys her family. 

We talk a lot about our dreams of raising a child together, and when I listen to her talk of her dreams of being a mother, Karen always fills my heart with happiness. 


I am 43 years old and the oldest of three children. Like Karen, I also grew up in Jamaica where my parents still live. My childhood was built on a foundation of love alongside my brother Kareem and my sister Tene. My father is an engineer, and at age 71, he is still working.  Kareem works in our father’s business in Jamaica, while Tene is a teacher in Atlanta. She is happily married with two great children named Khalon and Keon; Keon is our godson. My family is very close, and we travel to Jamaica to visit my parents quite a few times each year. 

I am a friendly and hard-working man, and one who is ready to be a father. I have an understanding, relaxed, calm, and very patient nature. I would love to be a father to your child, and I promise to give your child all I can provide. 

I have an associate’s Degree in Business. I worked in construction and was an assistant engineer.  Over the past few years, I have been able to build my own growing and successful logistics business. I am proud of my accomplishments. 

I enjoy the outdoors, as well as hanging out with family and friends over a good meal. Summers are often filled with me barbecuing in the back yard for those we love. I also like to play tennis in the summer months, ride my bike and swim. I enjoy going to garage sales with Karen on the weekends and spending lots of time with her. I also love to play with remote-control cars and collect old music records.

Karen talks about Damani

Damani is so attentive, loving, kind, reliable, thoughtful, and a good listener, all of which makes him a great husband. He really thinks about the little things and often surprises me with little gifts when he comes home from work. Damani loves to shop, and this is such a wonderful bonus for me, as I am not a shopper. 

Damani will be just as loving and caring to your child as he is to me, if not even more so. He is very eager to start our family together and is looking forward to raising your child, being the best dad, you could ever hope for.


We live in Mississauga in a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home with a finished basement. Your child will have his/her own bedroom and the freedom to grow and play as their heart desires. 

Our home is very comfortable and warm, filled with lots of love and very inviting. We love candles, so our home always has a nice aroma as you walk in, and we are always cooking, so your child will enjoy lots of flavourful food and baking. Our godchildren love to come over for our famous chicken dish and to binge on Uncle Damani’s yummy mac and cheese. 

We have many parks and schools nearby and lots of children living around us. Kelso Conservatory Park is located just a short drive away, with ski slopes and a beach. There are all kinds of kid centres nearby that offer lots of activities for your child. In addition, there is Erin Mills Parkway Mall, Square One, Toronto Premium Mall, and many kid-friendly eateries. We have skating parks and dog parks, and on our street, there is an entrance to a big path that leads to many parks nearby with splash pads and playgrounds. There are also many farms just a short drive away, and we plan to visit them with your child for apple picking. 

Our Vacation Home in Jamaica

We have a 3-bedroom condo called Santa Maria in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Our condo is located in a gated community with 24-hour security, so it is not only beautiful but safe too. We have a maid who works for us there named Jenny, and we consider her to be part of our family. 

Our Jamaican home has its own private beach and a pool. Our home and property is well maintained and has a beautiful view of the ocean, which we enjoy a whole lot. We have friends who live there year- ‘round, and we always love to see them and spend time with them. Our friends all have children, so there will always be other kids for your child to play with. 

This delightful oasis is close to the Sandals Hotel, supermarkets, wonderful eateries, other beaches, and of course, all of our Jamaican family members.

Other Travels

As part of our regular lifestyle, we have been blessed to include travel to other places. We love spending time with family and seeing different parts of the world, but we still have so many more places to see! So far, we have travelled to many parts of Florida, Atlanta, the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina, Banff, Vancouver, Mexico, Las Vegas, Paris, England, Amsterdam, Winnipeg, Montreal, and the Cayman Islands. We would love to take your child to see all these wonderful places and more!  

Finances & Childcare

We waited to make sure our business was established before we launched our plans for a family, and we can now say with confidence that we can and will provide your child with anything he or she will want or need growing up. We will be present, and we will provide financial and emotional security for your child to the absolute the fullest.

We operate a small delivery service business, contracted to companies around the GTA.  We own trucks as well as several delivery-type sprinter vans. Karen stays at home and takes care of all the administrative details and accounting matters, so she will have the ability to be a full-time parent to your child during their younger years before they start school. Of course, we will enrol your child in lots of playgroups and make sure they have lots of friends to pay with as well.

make sure they have lots of friends to play with as well.

Our Family

As we have stated, we love our families and are close to everyone in them. We believe family should be helpful and considerate of one another, and we take this responsibility very seriously. In fact, we opened our home to our nieces and nephews from Jamaica so they could come to Canada after high school to further their studies. 

Rachael, Jonathon and Michael came to live with us about 10 years ago while they finished their education. We have been like a second set of parents to them over the years, and it has been a blessing to us to support them. 

Rachael is now 25 years old, and she moved back to Jamaica just this past December after finishing her schooling. Jonathon is now 27 years old and has just graduated and is working at a tech company called ADP.  Michael is 22 years old and is attending the University of Toronto. Jonathon and Michael have just recently moved out on their own, and we miss them already. It has been really special having them living with us.

Being Parents

We have always wanted to grow our family and be parents to a child. We cannot have children biologically, so your child will be our greatest love.

We look forward to having a child who can share in the laughter we have and, in the happiness, we experience together. 

Rest assured, we have a whole lot of experience with children in our lives already, and we feel we have built a strong foundation upon which to give your child a happy and full life. We know we would be excellent parents to your child.  

So, tell us, what would you like for your child? What interests do you have that you want us to share with your child? Would you like your child to grow up with a dog? Play in sports? Pursue art or music? We are listening! 


We are looking to adopt a biracial and/or black or Indian baby up to 8 months of age. We know that just the right child is out there for us. We are simply waiting for you to find us! 

When you do find us, we want to tell you that we are very loving and caring and have thought a lot about you in this adoption process. We are comfortable with an open adoption because we want what is best for you and your child. We believe this adoption can be a positive experience for everyone involved. We want you to feel totally comfortable and confident in your decision. And above all, we want you to trust us to be the best parents we know we will be. 

We just want to complete our family by raising an amazing child, to bring more laughter into our lives, and to love and protect and hug and kiss and love this child with all our hearts. We will be as open or as closed as you want and need. So, what will help your heart to proceed with an adoption plan for you and your child? Think about this, share with us, and trust us to honour and respect your wishes. We are here for you too! 

Thank You

We hope that somewhere in this letter, you have found something that reassures you that we might be just the right family to raise your child. We hope that our two families, yours and ours, can come together and create the most wonderful, loving and happy life for your child.

Our Warmest Regards

Karen & Damani