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Phone: 613-808-9335
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: One amazing son who is 3 years old
Pets: none...yet!

Hi! We are Julie, David and Jack, an active, upbeat and close-knit family from Ottawa. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and we embrace the journey that has led us to adoption and to meeting you. Adopting our son Jack has shown us that love really does make a family. We have so much love to give and to extend to you and your baby.

The story of us…

The old saying “opposites attract” definitely applies to us. Julie is from a big city, and David grew up in the country. Julie is organized and sentimental; David is more spontaneous and matter of fact. Together we have balance, and each of us brings qualities needed to raise a happy, well-rounded child.

We got married in 2012 and have built a strong, happy and loving relationship that grows each day. We knew right away that we wanted to start a family, and adoption felt like the right path for us. In August 2016, we were blessed beyond words to become Jack’s parents through adoption. 

Julie’s chapter…

Bonjour! I’m Julie…I’m creative, fun-loving and caring. I have brown hair and eyes, a petite build and a big personality. I am fully bilingual, my mom being from South of Quebec City and my father from Toronto.  I grew up in Toronto and had an amazing childhood with my two younger brothers. I moved to Ottawa when I was 11 and finished my schooling here. I now work for the federal government in Communications. I am a “people person” so this career is a natural fit for me.

I have always been active, participating in competitive gymnastics and swimming when I was younger. These days I love running, yoga, skiing, snowshoeing and going to the gym. I love to travel, but am also very much a homebody, curling up to read a good book, watching a movie or trying new restaurants close to home. 

David’s chapter…

Hi! I’m David…I’m positive, active and hard-working. I was born on Christmas Day in a small town in Northern Ontario. I moved to Ottawa in 1989, but my parents and most of my family still live in my hometown. I am very lucky to be able to enjoy all that country life has to offer. I completed a college program in process control/telecommunications and moved to Ottawa for a job opportunity. I fell in love with the city and now happily call it home. 

I like to stay healthy and active, participating in running events, triathlons, swimming, skiing and snowshoeing. I enjoy renovations and home improvement, and am always looking for a new project! I also like spending time at the cottage, watching movies and trying new restaurants. Having a child has only enhanced my lifestyle. I love taking Jack for runs in the stroller or for bike rides in the rear-mounted bike seat.  

I always wanted a family and knew that adoption would be a part of my future. Two of my cousins are adopted, and my aunt has been a foster mother for over a decade. 

Jack’s chapter…

Hi! I’m Jack. I am a funny, creative and energetic threenager. I speak English and French, and love to sing and play guitar. I am happiest when I am playing outside (no matter what the weather is like!), riding my bike all over the neighbourhood, hanging out at the local splash pad or tobogganing. 

I love my family and visiting my aunts and uncles and many cousins in Ottawa and in Northern Ontario. I also love hearing my birth story and ask mommy and daddy to tell it to me often. I am very loving and gentle, and I can’t wait to give one of my famous hugs to a new brother or sister!

Our home…

We live in a close-knit neighbourhood in central Ottawa close to schools, parks and splash pads, bike paths, a library, and within walking distance to many of Ottawa’s coolest attractions. Our home is warm and cozy, and has a cottagey feel. It has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The room right next to ours will be a beautiful nursery! We have fenced front and back yards and a garden where Julie grows her own vegetables. We love to spend time here, hosting friends and family or just chilling out in front of the fireplace. 

One of the best parts about where we live is that we are surrounded by family. Julie’s mother lives just across the street! There are five adoptive families in our little court with children of different ages, including Jack’s best friend who lives a few doors down! 

Our lifestyle…

We enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and love spending time as a family. Together, we like to hike, go for bike rides, and swim at the beach. In the winter months, you can find us cross-country or downhill skiing, snowshoeing or skating on the Rideau Canal (with Beavertails of course!). We also take in a variety of events around town, like festivals and outdoor concerts.

Family is important to us, and we like to keep family traditions going. From “réveillon” at Christmas with Julie’s family to David’s family ice-fishing tournament, we make a point of spending time with family and celebrating our roots.

Cottage life…

We are so lucky to have special places to escape to, and we would love to share amazing moments there with your child. We are so fortunate to have a family cottage located on a beautiful lake in the Kawarthas. The cottage is a rustic log cabin that was built by Julie’s grandfather. Jack loves being there and building sandcastles on the beach, going for boatrides, catching frogs, building tree forts and having campfires with the stickiest marshmallows! Our family condo in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec is located near some great ski hills and some stunning snowshoe and cross-country ski trails. Summer is beautiful there too and we enjoy hiking or lazing by the pool.

Our family…and friends that are family!

Julie’s mother, two brothers, father and stepmother are all within a short distance from us in Ottawa. We are a close-knit bunch who genuinely have fun together, getting together often for special occasions or just “because”. 

David’s parents and most of his 5 siblings and step-siblings still live in Northern Ontario. We are all really close and call and visit each other regularly. On David’s side alone, Jack has 14 first cousins. When we all get together at Christmas, the house is bursting at the seams!

We have a large group of friends, and we get together often for different activities and excursions, from getaways to movie nights to winter camping trips! 

We are also part of a big network of adoptive families in Ottawa. We all have our own adoption stories and come together for support, to share experiences, and just for fun! It is so great for Jack to have friends with similar backgrounds to grow up with.

Us as parents…

We value acceptance, honesty, compassion, and trying your best. We believe that children should have routine, but also be allowed to just be kids. Your child will have their own special place in our family, and they will feel safe, nurtured and loved.

We plan to keep your child stimulated and active, and involve him or her in any activities that they take an interest in. We will also ensure family time through meals together, taking family trips, reading bedtime stories, movie nights with popcorn and establishing our very own family traditions. 

We will be your child’s biggest cheerleaders and encourage them to follow their dreams. Most of all, we will offer them security, unconditional love and be there for them through it all.

Our relationship with you…

You are amazing for loving your child so much that you are willing to let someone else love them too. We can’t imagine the emotions you are feeling as your read our profile. We would be honoured to share the bond of your child with you, and we would welcome as much openness with you and your family as you are comfortable with. We would like to exchange updates and pictures, have visits and share in a name for your child, but respect your wishes when it comes to openness.  

We will create an environment where your child feels safe to ask questions and we will answer them with age-appropriate honesty. We will create a lifebook for your child so they can celebrate their story and embrace their identity. Your child will always know how loved they are, both by us and by you.

Thank you for learning a bit about us and the life we would offer your baby. We will provide a warm, stimulating and stable home filled with laughter and unconditional love. We will encourage your child to reach for the stars and be all they can be. 

Julie and David