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Phone: 613-238-7890
we live in: , Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: 3 year old son
Pets: dog


We are Julie, Daniel and Noah. We wish we could sit down and chat with you, but hopefully this will do for now. The decisions you are about to make will likely be some of the hardest you’ll have to make in your life. We want you to know that we sincerely admire your strength and courage and feel a great compassion for you and your journey. The gift you may be offering to a fortunate couple truly is the greatest gift anyone can ever give. Whatever decision you make, we are confident that you will make the right one and we admire you for that.  

If we are lucky and blessed enough that you do choose our family, we want you to know that your child will be brought up in a loving and supportive home, where he or she will have all the opportunities and love in the world to grow to his or her full potential. 

As parents, our goal for your child will be LOVE, LAUGHTER and SECURITY. No day will go by without them receiving our unconditional love and support…along with a few hugs and snuggles of course! Their best interest in life will always be our top priority. They will be taught to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, to FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS and to be who they want to be. We will teach and hopefully instill in them the values we have learned from our families and hold dearest to us, including KINDNESS, COMPASSION, HUMILITY, GRATITUDE and SELFLESSNESS. 

We also promise all the opportunities in the world for you to stay in touch or involved in the child’s life to the extent you desire. We come in with an open heart and open mind and are looking forward to considering you a member of our extended family! Our families are all excited and supportive about the possibility of our family growing.


Our story began when we each decided to try online dating and created profiles on eHarmony. Low and behold, the site paired us as a match and the rest is history! It was love at first sight. It was the summer of 2009 and over the next few months, we began to see a lot of each other. The more we got to know one another, the more we saw how much we had in common. But most importantly, we both realized that we came from nurturing and supportive families who had passed along good values to their children. 

We were married on May 19, 2012. We both wanted children and so we wanted to start a family. Julie, coming from a large family with 4 siblings, always wanted a big family too. However, little did we know this would prove to become the biggest challenge of our lives. We tried several rounds of IVF and were lucky enough to have Noah, who was born on December 6, 2015. He is now just over 3 years old. He often sees his friends at daycare being picked up by their parents and siblings. He often asks us where are his brothers and sisters…a question that is difficult to answer and can be heartbreaking at times. He would love nothing more than to have a little brother or sister. He is so good at playing with other kids, whether they are younger or older. We know he would make a great big brother and hope one day our (and his) wish will come true. All this has only brought us closer as a couple and made us stronger. It has made us realize how much love we have to give and to never take anything for granted.


The moment I met Julie, I knew she would make a wonderful partner and mother. She has all the qualities I was looking for. She is the kindest and most loving person I know. Family is everything to her. She is very close to her parents, all her brothers and sister, cousins, aunt and uncles and grandparents. Knowing she comes from a great family with good values was also important. There is nothing more in the world she wanted than to be a mother. While it was difficult and long, she persevered and never kept giving up hope. She is very strong and very passionate about things. Everyone seems to love her…you could not find a person to say a bad thing about her. She is very thoughtful and dedicated…she is always there for her friends and family. Noah is a very lucky little boy to have Julie as a mom!

Julie’s passions in life, other than family and children, are swimming and singing. When I met her she had a little karaoke machine that she would sing with. She really does have a beautiful voice. Her family likes to sing to and we sometimes get together with a speaker and use Youtube to engage in a fun and often hilarious karaoke competition! She grew up in a very active family. Together, they did triathlons, swam across lakes, biked and skated. So rest and relaxation at one of the family cottages was well deserved! We have a lot in common, including the fact that we both come from loving and supportive families with good values. We are also both bilingual, both work for the federal government, love the outdoors, are both down-to-earth with great senses of humor! There is so much I love about Julie and my love for her keeps growing every day when I see her interacting with Noah. She is so loving and has so much love to give, trying to describe it in words could do it no justice. 


I knew Dan would be a great dad when I met him. He is a very committed and responsible guy. Like me, he works for the federal government with regular working hours. He is usually the one who picks up Noah after work and will play with him and prepare supper. He is such a good dad to Noah! He pretends to be a dinosaur or a superhero (or whatever Noah wants him to be) just to make him laugh. Sandy, our dog, is also very attached to him due to his playfulness! He has such a big heart. While he does express his love in words, his actions speak even louder. He will do whatever it takes to make me and Noah happy. He also has a great sense of humor and likes to tease me as well as his friends and family. He also known to play practical jokes sometimes and is able to laugh at himself if ever the favor is returned.  

Another quality I like about Dan is that he’s definitely not lazy…he works hard both in and outside the home, having an equal role in raising Noah and keeping our home nice and tidy. A few years ago, he almost single handily cleared the lot in our backyard so Noah could have a big area to play outside. He really is well rounded as he is very intelligent, fun, clean, down-to-earth and thoughtful. Dan loves to be with his family. Like me, family is his priority and I am so thankful for that! I love his family and am very close to them. These are only some of the reasons I fell in love with him and why Noah is so lucky to have him as a dad!


Noah is now just over three years old. It took us a long time to have him, but he was sure worth the wait. He has quite the little personality! We think he may be a comedian some day as he seems to love to make people laugh. He is a bundle of energy and is a very active child. He loves to pretend to be a dinosaur or a superhero and have us pretend along with him. He also loves to race and run and will often challenge us to a little race down the hall or in the basement. He is fascinated with trains, planes and automobiles and plays with his favorite trains from Thomas the Train and his cars from Disney’s Cars movies. He loves family activities of all kinds, including visiting his grandparents!


Sandy is our 9 year old female Labrador retriever / Border Collie mix. She is the most mild-mannered and family friendly dog. She has been with us through thick and thin and always seems to know what we are feeling. She loves walks and of course, food. Noah calls her his “big sister”. In many ways, she is. She even checks up on him at night to see if he’s snug and sound asleep!


We’ve been in our home since July 2013. We chose this bungalow and this neighborhood due to its beautiful surroundings, bigger property and the tranquility and peacefulness. It really does feel like a country home with all the amenities of the big city nearby. Our backyard is surrounded by gorgeous aspen and maple trees as well as our own apple tree! There are also plenty of flower trees and shrubs we maintain including lilacs and roses. We spend a lot of time back there in the summer months hosting friends or family for a BBQ, playing backyard games, or for roasting marshmallows over a bonfire!

Noah loves to play in the backyard in the sandbox we built as well as on his swing set. He also loves to ride around in his little motorized jeep as there is plenty of room to ride around for hours! He also likes to play in his inflatable swimming pool and splash pad on a warm summer day! Our neighborhood is full of young families with kids…it’s especially fun to see them all dressed up on Halloween! We’re also just a 5-10 minute drive from grocery stores, parks and playgrounds, several golf courses, restaurants and schools.  


My dad is originally from Maniwaki, Quebec and my mother from Hull, Quebec. They met, married and settled in Aylmer. This is where my sister, three brothers and I were raised. We are all bilingual with French and Irish roots.

Altogether, my parents already have 5 grandchildren with 2 others on the way. We are a very close family and spend every important occasion together. We are also very close to our extended families on both sides.  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays and other occasions are usually spent with one family or another…sometimes both! On my dad’s side of the family, there are a few musicians and so many of the family get-togethers include someone playing an instrument or two while the rest of us sing and dance. At weddings or on New Year’s Eve, we literally dance to music ‘till the wee hours of the morning. They are also very ‘outdoorsy’ and love to do all kinds of fun activities outdoors, including kayaking, canoeing, camping and fishing. 

My family and I were very active growing up. We entered triathlons or Ironman competitions, biked and swam a lot. Most of our swimming was done at a family cottage.  We have so many memories of floating on a pool noodle across the lake and chatting and laughing away. My dad loves to make home made potatoes on top of the campfire and every summer we look forward to that. We are very fortunate that my dad has a cottage on his side of the family as does my mom!

I’m very close to all my siblings but I’d have to say that my sister is my best friend. We confide in each other all the time and often meet up for lunch or supper. We trust each other entirely and are there for one another. I consider myself lucky to have such a big support network. My parents are always ready to babysit almost at the drop of a hat when needed, as are my best friends and siblings. Everyone is so excited and supportive about our adoption journey and can’t wait to love a new member of our family!


My parents grew up in a small town in northern Ontario and still live there today. This is where they raised me and my younger brother Luc. While we don’t live in our hometown anymore, our parents visit often, coming down every 2-3 months. Julie and I go visit them also every 3 months as does my brother, so we do get to see them a lot.

My brother is in a common-law relationship and has a young daughter, Lily. We see them regularly and often babysit for each other.

My parents are very close to their families. My dad and his brothers (my uncles) are best friends as is my mom and her sisters. As they grew up in a small northern community, doing things outdoors came natural and so camping, fishing, hunting and spending time at a family cottage were regular occurrences. I am so thankful for being introduced to the great outdoors and have so many fond memories with my family. Sports, particularly hockey, was also a popular activity and both my brother and I played growing up. I can still recall times spent on my grandparents’ frozen pond in the winter playing hockey with uncles and cousins. 

My mother’s side of the family, being French Canadian, was an even bigger family. Some big occasions and family gatherings would be held on my mother’s side, including having a ‘réveillon’ on Christmas Eve and into Christmas day. We had so much fun and laughter during these special occasions.

Needless to say, I grew up in tight-knit families on both sides. All big occasions and holiday seasons were spent with either one side or the other and they still do today.

Like Julie, I grew up in a bilingual family. My parents and brother are so excited about our adoption journey and would love to meet a newest member of our family hopefully soon!


We believe that communication and patience are key when raising a child. We find and believe, through our own experience so far, that saying just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ isn’t enough and that’s it’s important for a child to know the ‘why’. We do this with Noah to try and show him the reasons behind our decisions. We don’t believe in yelling our heads off or being too strict or severe. We find a simple “time-in”, where we sit calmly with him in a quiet room until he calms down and listens works the best. We also find that letting him make a decision of his own works wonders (i.e. if he doesn’t want to take a bath, giving him the option of bath or straight to bed…he always end up picking bath lol). Being consistent is also key as is being encouraging and giving positive reinforcement in order to develop a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. Both Julie and I were raised as Roman Catholics and try to attend church on occasion, including special occasions such as Christmas or Easter. We find there are good messages and values to be learned and that having even just a little bit of faith in something can help you get through difficult times in life. We really do believe and try to live by that old saying ‘treat others as you would want to be treated’.

As far as fun family activities are concerned, we really do believe in having a child experience as much in life as possible. So, there are many things we do routinely, whether it is daily or annually, such as reading bedtime stories, going sledding, going to a pumpkin patch or orchard for apple picking in the fall, dressing up (including us too!) for Halloween and going trick or treating, decorating a Christmas tree, engaging in Easter egg hunts, going to a public pool or to Nan and Dadda’s swimming pool, going to Sportball lessons, going skating (usually at an arena but the plan is to try and make a backyard rink in the future!), roasting marshmallows over a bonfire in our back yard, going to a family cottage and sleeping in a tent, going to a sugar shack in the spring, hoping on a ride at a fall fair, jumping in a pile of leaves in our backyard, or even going on a trip like as we just did this winter in Mexico.


Like most couples seeking to adopt, we have struggled with infertility and have never been able to conceive naturally. While we were very fortunate to have Noah after several rounds of IVF, we definitely don’t want to close the chapter on trying to grow our family. We feel we have just too much love to give to give up on having another child. Growing up with large extended families, and in Julie’s case with a large immediate family, we’ve seen first-hand the bond, the closeness and the love having siblings and a bigger family can bring. We have also seen the joy adoption has brought to friends of ours as well as to Julie’s cousins. For us, the more people to love and be loved by, the better. We can think of no greater way to realize this than through adoption.


We would like you to know that we are open and flexible to the openness you would be comfortable with. We would never place any pressure or set expectations on you. The relationship you would like to have with your child would be yours to choose and we would be there with you along the way to help foster that relationship! Your child will know all about being adopted and taught to be proud of their identity and proud of you and the courage it took. They will also be reminded that, through not only our words but also through our actions, they unconditionally occupy as big a place in our hearts as our son. Speaking of Noah, he often sees his friends at daycare being picked up by their parents and siblings. He often asks us where are his brothers and sisters…a question that is difficult to answer and can be heartbreaking at times. He would love nothing more than to have a little brother or sister. We know he is more than ready and would make a great big brother and hope one day our (and his) wish will come true.


1. He will model sensitivity and display of affection…neither of us can leave the door without a ‘hug and kiss’ from Noah. Sometimes, just out of the blue, ‘another hug and kiss’.

2. He will be the typical protective older brother…he even warns us if he feels we didn’t look both ways before crossing the street or not to wear our sunglasses in the water at the beach

3. He will teach a younger sibling to be silly and encourage a good sense of humor. We’re convinced he’s already an aspiring comedian.\

4. He will teach a younger sibling to be competitive as he loves and accepts all kinds of challenges we offer him (actually, he often challenges us!).

5. He will be a real good playmate to any sibling, boy or girl…some of his best friends at daycare are girls and plays well with both boy and girl cousins!

6. He will show them how to sing and dance! He loves reciting nursery rhymes and dancing to music. 

7. He will be a good teacher of new skills…he loves to try and ‘teach’ us new things he learned at daycare, including new songs and how to use scissors…we always go along with it!

8. He will certainly make any sibling very joyful and provide a wider support network throughout their entire lives. 

9. He will likely make your child look brave as he can be a scaredy cat at times!

10. He will be their best friend for life.


A few weeks each summer, Julie and I take time off from work to spend some relaxing time at one of Julie’s family cottages. There, your child would get to play and swim in the fresh water, go for boat rides, fish and even do some tubing or other water sports (when they are big and strong enough)! Campfires and roasting marshmallows also among things they will get to do as well as learning about the great outdoors! Also during vacation time, they would get to travel to northern Ontario to visit grandparents and also engage on similar outdoor activities. Summers would also be spent playing various games and sports in our backyard as well as in inflatable pools and hopefully an above ground pool one day! Bonfires and spending nights in a tent (“pretend camping”) will also be common occurrence in our backyard.


When the leaves start to fall, your child would take part in helping pick up leaves and throw them in a big pile so they could have fun jumping in them. It’s also a good time of year to have a bonfire or two. It is also the time of year to go apple picking at one of the many orchards in the area as well as picking out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch!  Thanksgiving weekend would be spent with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins on either side of our families.

For Halloween, they would help decorate the house and yard (we have a lot of decorations!) and would get to dress up and go around the neighborhood with dad and friends for trick or treating! As is a tradition in both our families, attendance to a Remembrance Day Ceremony would also be an annual occurrence.


As snow starts to fall on the ground and as we get closer to Christmas, your child would help us decorate the house and yard with lights and wreaths as well as the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music. As we both love Christmas movies, we would make it a tradition to watch Christmas movies…oh, and cartoons (Dan loves the classic cartoons such as Charlie Brown Christmas or Mickey’s Christmas Carol). They would participate in a fun Elf on the Shelf activity or help bake Christmas cookies with family. On Christmas Eve, we would all go to children’s mass to hear all the singing and carols before going to bed to wake up early the next to see what Santa left! Christmas dinner would be spent on either side our families. They will also get plenty of sledding, ice skating (including hopefully a backyard rink), and snowmobiling with Dadda or grandpapa. 


With Easter around the corner, we would do fun family crafts such as paint Easter eggs. On Easter, an Easter egg hunt would be organized for all the cousins at one of our family member’s home. Easter weekend will also be spent with family over a nice ham or turkey dinner. Also during spring, your child would be taken to a Sugar Shack to get a taste of maple syrup and pancakes and to get a sleigh ride around a farm! This is definitely a yearly tradition we just love! The May long weekend is often our first trip to the cottage for the summer season or up north to visit grandparents. Spring is also the time we take all the outdoor toys back out and set the yard up with games and patio sets!


So, this is us in a nutshell. We hope we have at the very least piqued your curiosity and maybe, just maybe, your interest. While it’s hard for us to try and advertise ourselves and stand out amongst the selection of great couples and profiles, we realize how much harder it must be for you to make the decisions you are about to make. Please know that all we want is what is best for you and your child. Whatever path you choose, we wish you and your child nothing but love, health and happiness. ​

If you have any questions for us or would like to chat, we would be honored to have any conversation with you. We really are an open book, the end still unwritten!

Love, Julie, Daniel & Noah.