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Phone: 416-268-1489
Years together: 7
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Other Children: No
Pets: Our dog Max (Pug-mix)
Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us as individuals, a couple and potential parents. We hope this will help you get a sense of who we are, what drives our relationship and our desire to be parents. Sean is 34 and works for Rogers Communications as a Senior Policy Analyst. Josh is also 34 and is a Business Expertise Advisor for the Government of Canada. We can’t imagine how you are feeling during this process. Whether you are just thinking about adoption or considering what your next steps are, reading these profiles is probably overwhelming and scary. However, we are confident that there is a person or couple out there that will feel right for you and your child. If there’s a possibility that may be us, we encourage you to reach out, even if it’s just to answer any questions you may have.

Joshua (by Sean)

Josh is the backbone of our relationship. He is usually the one organizing holidays or making plans for the weekend. Fiercely devoted to me and his family, Josh is the constant force driving us forward. He is outgoing, witty, silly and always making me laugh. 

 He spends a lot of his extra time with the close network of friends he’s built in Toronto. We enjoy spending time with our families, friends, our dog and working on our house.  We bought an old house in 2013 and Josh has spearheaded the design and project schedule for the updates over the past 4 years. Design is his passion and always in the back of his mind. An adventurous cook, he is often trying something new in the kitchen, but never follows a recipe (somehow this always works out for him). Josh is also an avid reader and is in a book club, which is advantageous for me, as I always have something to read when he’s done.
Josh was born in Hamilton, Ontario and grew up in Stoney Creek with his mom, dad and his older sister Jennifer. Both of his parents also grew up in the Hamilton area, are very connected to the community and have maintained many of the relationships they developed growing up. I can see that has instilled a deep sense of family in Josh. We are very close with his extended family and spend a lot of time together. Josh spent his childhood testing the waters in whatever activity his parents agreed to put him in.  Whether it was soccer, piano, drama/acting class, cub scouts or school band.  He was always looking for something new to try and this has made him a very dynamic and curious adult. Summer vacation usually involved time at a cottage, or the occasional trip outside of Canada. 
After high school he attended McMaster University and got his Bachelor of Arts. Later, he moved to Toronto to attend Humber College where he did his post graduate program in Public Administration, staying in Toronto for work. Then something amazing happened, he met me, and there was all the more reason to stay.

Sean (by Joshua)

 I would describe Sean as the quieter half of the couple; reminding us to leave space in our schedules for relaxation and reconnection. Sean is gentle, kind and empathetic while still standing his ground when he believes in something. He has brought so many things into my life that I didn’t know I needed just by being himself.
Today Sean enjoys spending his spare time with his close friends and family. If I’m considered the brains behind the updates we’ve made to our home, Sean would be the braun. I know there isn’t a project that Sean can’t handle and his attention to detail has helped to make our house a comfortable and welcoming home. Sean is very interested in health and fitness. He’s always researching about some new thing that will make us healthier and happier. He loves juicing and makes a lot of really healthy vegetable juices that are terrible tasting, but include all the things I know I should have in my diet. He’s focused on trying to live a healthy lifestyle and is often doing yoga, meditating or going out for a run, which he occasionally convinces me to join him on.
Born in Fergus, Ontario, Sean is the second child of four boys. He was raised in the country on his parents 4 acres where he and his brothers spent most of their free time outside with the other kids down the road, hiking, catching frogs and snakes, having back yard swims and bonfires, only coming in for meals. While Sean was a shy child, he enjoyed spending time playing soccer, running in track and field and horseback riding. Sean’s extended family is extremely close and summers were spent camping, canoeing and portaging in Algonquin Park. His family took two separate cross Canada trips, to both the east and west coasts, camping along the way.
Sean moved to Toronto 10 years ago for post-secondary school and has lived there ever since enjoying a career with a large communications company, which I imagine he found meaningless until he met me. We met in October which is perfect since no one wants to be single in the winter and lucky me, we had a great time together exploring the city in the colder months and doing that ever since. 

Our Relationship & Home 

 We have been together for 7 years and got married in November 2016. We began dating in 2010 and started living together a year later in 2011. Our relationship is the most relaxed and natural feeling relationship either of us has ever been in, which means it rarely feels like work. We like each other more than anyone else and balance each other out. 
We eventually bought a condo together but realized that if we wanted to have a family someday, we would need more space, so we bought the house we currently live in 4 years ago. The house was and is a work in progress. Due to the high cost of living in Toronto, we bought a place that needed some work. Luckily, we connect over design and renovation so over the last 4 years have made our house a home that reflects us and has space for us to grow into. The neighbourhood is accessible by transit and has many parks, schools, libraries, community centres, shops and restaurants that are all walkable and family oriented. Our street is full of kids playing ball-hockey, riding bikes and parents chasing after them.

Our Families

 Both of us have close relationships with our immediate and extended families, visiting and vacationing with them many times a year. Sean and his family still camp for a few weeks every summer at Algonquin park, which has become part of Josh’s tradition too. There are usually 25+ family members ranging in age from 6 months to 75 years old and days are spent outdoors being active and evenings by the fire. 
Josh’s family all live in close proximity to one another, so when you visit one of them you end up visiting all of them. Sometimes there is no plan, but suddenly the afternoon turns into a family BBQ or karaoke session.
Our dog Max is also part of our family. After we moved out of our condo, we quickly added Max to the mix. He is a 4 year old pug-mix and he is super chill and easy going, but also energetic. Max takes to everyone easily and has no problem when we go to work, or when he stays with a friend for the weekend. We have only seen him around children a few times, but each time he seems curious, and gentle. We both had dogs and other pets growing up. Adding Max to our home added so much laughter and familiarity. 

Our Feelings on Adoption

 Both of us have always known that adoption was the way we wanted to grow our family and become parents. Neither of us are perfect humans and we don’t feel like we will be missing anything if our genetics aren’t being passed down, although Sean does have that great hair… We also feel like we have become a family and we weren’t related until we got married (obviously), so it wont matter that our child isn’t biologically related to us. 
We are both comfortable with an open adoption and will respect your wishes when it comes to the degree of interaction. The child won’t have another mother and we think that involvement from you would be really valuable to everyone, but we understand how difficult that might be for you. 
Both of our families have been supportive of us and our relationship from the onset. They are all excited and ready to be grandparents/aunts/uncles as we grow our family through adoption. Our child will be the first grandchild for all of our parents and the first niece or nephew, so there is lots of love waiting to be shared. Our families are also very generous and inclusive and would be happy to get to know you as well. 

Childcare and Parenting 

 We have always been very organized regarding our finances and due to Josh’s employment situation and some unique benefits allowed to Federal employees, we are able to have Josh stay home with our child for the first 2-5 years. After that we will make a decision that best suits our child’s needs and go forward from there. 
As far as parenting goes, since this would be our first child, we can’t speak too strongly about what we expect our parenting styles to be. From what we’ve learned, no child is the same and no child requires the same parenting. We are both openminded when it comes to our expectations. We are hoping to have a child, and then get to know him or her and their needs as we go along. Although we are sure we will make mistakes, we will learn from them and figure out how best to support our child’s development and growth.