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Phone: 705-220-7921
we live in: Barrie, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Harrison
Pets: Raven (cockapoo dog)

Hello, we are Jenny, Shawn and Harrison! We are a fun and active family of three hoping to be blessed with the gift of adoption a second time. We know that you are not taking this decision lightly. So, thank you for learning a bit about us and for putting so much loving thought into your child’s future. 

Our Story

We love our story! We actually met at a yoga studio during our favorite hot yoga class. Once we got chatting we realized that some of our extended family members have been close friends forever. It was a fluke that we didn’t meet until that night…but we are firm believers that people come into your life at just the right time. Almost 2 years later, we married during an emotional private ceremony on a Bermuda beach. Neither of us wanted a big wedding… just a big marriage.

Some of our Favorite Things

Food. Jenny is a Registered Dietitian and Shawn is an AMAZING cook. We truly make a great team in life and in the kitchen. Your child will learn to love amazing (mostly plant based) food!

Fitness. Of course yoga is still something we both love, but nothing beats a great workout session in our home gym. We will teach your child how to love and respect their body from a young age.

Nature. We love the outdoors and being outside. We have a log cabin on the water where we spend most of our summer. Here your child will learn how to waterski, fish and cannon ball off the dock! 

Music. There is not much that happens in our life without our favorite soundtrack streaming. This could be anything from classic rock to Taylor Swift (ok that last one is Jenny’s). Your child will have a blast with our nightly living room dance parties.

Family. For us family is EVERYTHING. Most of our family members live in the same town which makes it easy to get together often. Your child would have no shortage of grandparents and cousins to play with!

Adoption in Our Family

Infertility was certainly not something we expected or planned for. But like so many challenges that life throws at you, it turned out to be the absolute best thing that ever happened to us. Don’t get us wrong, there was definitely a grieving process in the beginning, but we quickly realized that sharing genetics is not what makes up a family. Adoption felt natural to us both. Looking back, we now know that our son was made especially for us, as we were for him. The universe is pretty cool that way.

We have an awesome relationship with Harrison’s birth mom. We get together at special occasions, text regularly and have enormous respect for one another. She has truly become a part of our extended family and Harrison will never have unanswered questions about his adoption plan or where he came from. We would love to have a similar relationship with you and your family if that is something you are comfortable with. This could include, visits, letters, or both… whatever is in your comfort zone.

Why I love Jenny (by Shawn)

Her Creativity

As a Mom Jenny now has the perfect reason to spend hours hosting episodes of her make believe show “Crafty Corner,” which includes everything from colouring books to finger paints. She spends MONTHS perfecting homemade decorations for Harrison’s elaborate birthday parties, and will do the same for your child too.

She Keeps Me Organized

Her calendar is always up to date with appointments, birthdays, swimming lessons and soccer practices. She’s the type of person who feels that if she’s not fifteen minutes early… she’s late! 

She is Nurturing

Jenny is the perfect balance of adventure and caution. But a true homebody to the core, nothing makes her happier than spending time doing crafts, playing on the floor with Harrison, and making our home feel cozy and comfortable. With a Mommy like Jenny, your child will have no shortage of cuddles, crafts and homemade cookies.

Why I love Shawn (by Jenny)

His Energy

Shawn’s energy exceeds that of most children! He gets right down on the floor when playing with Harrison every day after work, and genuinely enjoys playing outside making snow forts or sandcastles. He’s also a huge Lego and Star Wars nerd. Your child already has dozens of Lego sets just waiting to be built with Daddy and Harrison!

He is a Dreamer

Shawn is always planning our next trip or adventure, whether it’s exploring Bermuda on scooters or on a snowy mountain with our snowboards. His ultimate dream adventure is to visit Mount Everest base camp with his kids. With Shawn as a father, your child will be exposed to so many cool experiences and learn that no dream is too big or too small.

He is Always Prepared

It must be the boy scout in him, but Shawn is literally prepared for every situation in life!  We’ll be snowshoeing in the middle of the forest and I’ll be like “man I wish I had a granola bar right now,” and before I’m finishing my sentence he is pulling one out of his back pocket. It’s incredible.

Sweet Harrison

Harrison literally wakes up laughing and singing everyday. While shy at first, it’s not long before he starts dishing out the hugs and high fives to new people he meets. He is so gentle with our cockapoo doggie and his younger cousin Charlotte. Harrison is also soooo polite and quick to say “sorry” “please” and “thank you” never having to be asked. With his caring, gentle soul, Harrison will make the most fantastic and protective big brother for your child.

Us as Parents

Along with unconditional love, we feel that one of the best gifts you can give a child is your time. Jenny chooses to work only 2-3 days per week and with Shawn’s flexible schedule, there will always be one of us to walk your child to school and be there for them when they get home.

We will ensure your child is exposed to a variety of different activities (both structured and through play) so they have the ability to choose which interests they wish to pursue. 

Shawn has two teenage sons from his previous marriage (Tristan and Anikin) who live out of town with their Mother. We don’t get to see them as often as we would like, but when they come to visit we make it a priority to have tons of fun together and spend lots of quality time. 

We don’t believe in spoiling children with material possessions. Instead our goal is to provide a life rich in experiences, love and great memories!  We want to raise little humans who respect others, are kind to animals and of course the planet.

In Closing

We don’t pretend to be perfect… Harrison usually has some sort of stain on his shirt from his snacks and there is typically one too many toys out on the floor. But we cherish every waking (and sleeping) moment being parents, and are so humbled at the chance to grow our family once again through open adoption.

We don’t know exactly what you are going through right now, but we do know that the love you feel for your child has brought you to our letter. You can be rest assured that we will LOVE your child, and do everything in our power to ensure that special bond between the two of you lives on.

Sending you all the Love, Respect, and Peace in your heart as you go though this this journey.

Jenny, Shawn and Harrison