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Phone: 705-872-2498
we live in: Lakefield, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children:
Pets: Dog - Mia

Welcome to our profile, an invitation for you to take a peek into our lives. We want to begin by thanking you for taking the time to read this and learn a little more about us. We recognize that this is a huge life decision you are making and we can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now. Our hope is that by reading our profile you are able to get a glimpse into who we are and leave feeling like you know us a little more.

We plan to be very open with your child about their birth and adoption story, talking to them about it from day one. We never plan to have secrets from your child about how they came into our lives and about the courage and strength it took to make an adoption plan for them. We believe that having an open adoption with the birth family is healthy for everyone involved and we look forward to working out an openness plan with you that meets everyone’s needs.

About Us

We met in 2006 while Jennie was attending school in Peterborough and started dating shortly after. We loved going out for dinner and exploring our community, taking lots of drives and adventures together. We knew pretty quickly that we would end up together and started planning our future, which officially started when we got married on December 14, 2008.

We always knew we wanted kids and were very excited to start a family. We waited a year and a half after we got married before trying to get pregnant, but things didn’t go as planned. Over the next six years, we experienced infertility and multiple miscarriages. We began discussing the idea of adoption more seriously in early 2015 and after our fourth loss, we knew that we were ready to shut the door on conceiving a child and that it was time to start down the road of adoption.

Our personalities meld well together, with Dan being optimistic, patient and down to earth and Jennie being bubbly, outgoing and generous. We talk through things regularly and make all big decisions together, only after we have come to a mutual agreement. We show our love to each other daily, by saying I love you and having traditions of always kissing good bye and goodnight. Around the house we share tasks evenly and in a traditional manner, with Jennie doing more of the household chores and Dan doing more of the outside stuff.  We both grew up in homes that treasured family time and we have carried that over into our relationship, taking time to go on dates and have fun times together. We are so excited to add a child into our lives and look forward to being able to share our life with them.

Our Adventures

We are an active couple and love doing things together. We both grew up in the country and that has instilled a love for the peace and quiet of rural living in us. We enjoy camping during the summer months, as well as going geocaching and exploring local parks and trails. During the winter we take dance classes and enjoy watching TV or playing board games. We usually have some sort of home project on the go, whether it is renovating our house, home decorating, building our own bedroom furniture or shingling a roof. We love celebrating holidays and are big on family traditions, with Christmas being our favourite.

About Dan

Jennie says: “Dan is a pretty great guy and anyone who knows him can attest to that fact. He opened his own plumbing business in 2012 and has worked hard to grow it into the successful company it is now. He is good at prioritizing down time and enjoys fishing and camping on weekends, which makes for full and eventful summers. In the winter, he enjoys watching movies, playing board games and practicing guitar. He is handy around the house and is often working on some sort of project, like renovations or smaller projects from Pinterest that I have found for him to do. He is loving and honest and is going to make a wonderful father.”

About Jennie

Dan says: “Jennie enjoys a healthy lifestyle of running and exercising when she can, as well as growing/raising as much of our food as possible. Whether it’s a night of movie watching and knitting or an adventure through the back country of a park, she’s game for it! She loves to read and has a large collection of books, including many children’s titles. Jennie’s childhood dream has always been to be a stay-at-home mom and is still excited for that day to come and will make an amazing mother.”

Our Dog Mia

We have an adorable seven year old black lab named Mia who brings us so much joy on a daily basis. She is loving and loyal and fits into our family like a glove. She is easy going and adjusts well to changes, which makes it easy for us to take her with us camping and on trips to visit family. She is so gentle with our nieces and nephews when they visit and we have no doubt she will adjust well to having a child in the home. We have been doing some research on how to make it easier for a dog to adjust to a baby’s arrival and we plan to implement what we learn, in order to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. We are confident that this will go well as she is already very well trained.

Our Home

We bought our house in the fall of 2015 and have been renovating it since our purchase, starting with the main floor and moving on to the basement.  Our home is situated in a small rural neighbourhood, with a big back yard that has a swing set, a campfire, a garden and chickens, with plenty of extra space to play. Our house is a raised bungalow with three bedrooms, two on the main floor (ours and a nursery) and one in the basement for guests. Our neighbourhood has quiet streets for walks or bike rides and has four waterfront parks that allow for swimming or boating. We love living in the country, where there is more space to play and less noise and clamor of the city. Plus, we are 5 minutes away from a small town where there is a school and grocery store, so we are never far from necessities.

Our Community

We are both evangelical Christians and grew up going to church on a regular basis. We are an active part of our church community and enjoy leading the College & Careers group there, as well as helping out with other events and groups as needed. We have a strong support system through our church family and intend to raise any children we have in this environment, but also understand the importance of not pushing our beliefs on them and letting them choose for themselves.  We have a good circle of friends, most of whom have children, which gives us plenty of opportunities to hang out with kids and babysit on occasion.

Dan’s Family

Dan is the oldest of three kids and grew up in a log home on a lake near Haliburton. His childhood involved lots of outdoor time and this is where he learned to love fishing and spending time in nature. His parents still live in his childhood home, only an hour away from ours, and we enjoy visiting them there. One of Dan’s sisters is married to his best friend and lives just five minutes away, which makes visiting them and their three kids a lot easier and more frequent. His youngest sister is married and lives near Barrie, so we see her at holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Jennie’s Family

Jennie is the youngest of five children and grew up in a very close knit family. Her Dad was retired and her mom stayed home with the kids, which gave them plenty of opportunities for traveling and spending quality family time together. Camping trips and cottage visits were frequent summer activities, with the occasional road trip across Canada. We get together with this side of the family at least four times a year, adding in extra visits when possible, which isn’t always easy considering they are a 7 hour drive away. There are many nieces and nephews who can’t wait to meet a new little cousin and everyone is excited to welcome a new family member.

Thank You

We understand that this decision you are facing is huge and we want you to be comfortable with whatever path you choose. Just know that if you choose us, we will love your child unconditionally and raise them to the best of our abilities. Family is so important to us and we will be sure to share how our family came about, all starting with you. We want your child to always know where he or she came from and to develop an understanding and appreciation for you and the sacrifice you are making for them. Thank you again for considering us.

Dan & Jennie