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we live in: Sudbury, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: We have 3 dogs: Booda (10 year old basset hound), Colt (2 year old daschund) & Sophie (5 month old Bloodhound)

We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about us. We know this is a difficult decision and we hope that after reading our profile you will feel confident that we can provide a fun-loving home full of opportunity and love for your child.

A Little About Us

We started dating in 2000, after meeting at work. 16 years later we are still together, married and happier than ever. We have had quite the journey throughout our marriage and look forward to welcoming your child into our lives.

In 2011 we moved way up north to Thompson Manitoba. We experienced new culture, very cold weather and met some of our very best friends.In 2012 our journey brought us to a tiny town in Saskatchewan where we stayed for 3 years. It was during our time here we discovered we could not have a biological child and began to explore adoption. To our disappointment private adoption was not an option in Saskatchewan. Committed to expanding our family, we found new jobs, packed up our life and moved back to Ontario.

Now About Kurt

Kurt is a hard working, creative and kind man who always puts family first. For the past ten years Kurt has worked in his trade as a millwright and is also a member of mine rescue at his company. He currently works days on a shift rotation, getting four or five days off after each set he works. On his free time, Kurt loves to build unique furniture pieces for our home and restore anything made of wood. Kurt is also a great friend and is there for them anytime they need a hand.He loves spending time with his niece and nephews and makes each visit filled with outings and fun.

And Now Jenn

Jenn is caring, passionate and creative. She is a child and youth worker and has spent the last 12 years devoted to working with teenagers. She has worked in mental health, corrections and currently works at two high schools in our community. She works days, Monday to Friday and has every weekend and school holidays off including summer. On her free time she loves cooking, learning guitar and art. She too, loves spending time with her niece and nephews and loves doings art and crafts with them as well as spending time outside paying.

Meet Booda and Colt

We have two dogs that we love to bits. Booda is our 10 year old basset hound. He is extremely calm and spends most of his time sleeping. He is equally calm around children and has been very patient with our niece and nephews. Colt is our 2 year old daschund. We take every opportunity to expose him to kids and he too is great with them. He is more energetic and spends most of his day playing with his orange ball.

The Family

Jenn’s parents are married and have been for 34 years. They are kind and really value family togetherness. Jenn’s mom, Susan, loves hosting all the holiday dinners and goes above and beyond decorating birthday cakes and Christmas trees. Her father, Jack, is truly happiest when family is together and hosts a big family barbecue in the summer and a big Christmas gathering over the holidays.’

Jenn has a younger sister, Kerri, who is married with two kids aged 6 and 1 year old. She also has a half brother who is 11 years older, with a son who is 8. They keep regular contact and visits at least twice a year. Kurt’s parents are also married and have been for 35 years. They are generous and welcoming and make every visit fun. We spend many visits playing cards or board games with them and Kurt’s younger sister, Natasha. She too, is married.Kurt’s dad, Mark, has a great sense of humour and is handy just like Kurt. Terry, Kurt’s mom loves cooking and makes sure you never leave her home hungry.

Both our families live in the same town including our grandparents. This is great when we visit because it means we get to see everyone, every time!

Our Community

We live in Sudbury, Ontario and chose this community for many reasons. This area is the perfect balance of city life and country life. We have all the shopping, restaurants and culture of a big city, surrounded by hundreds of lakes, hiking trails, camping and skiing. It is a diverse community with a very family friendly feel. There is never a shortage of activities for families in the summer or winter. The lake in the middle of the city is fantastic for boating and canoeing and in the winter has a path around the entire lake for skating. We have indoor gyms, rock climbing and an impressive science centre.We moved back to Ontario to pursue adoption and we couldn’t be happier that we chose this city to raise a child in.

For Fun

We enjoy doing so many things as a couple. At the top of our list would be our back country camping trips and canoeing. We also love hiking and in general being outside. In the summer we love relaxing in our back yard by the pool with our dogs and in the winter we enjoy snow shoeing and ice fishing. Travelling is very important to us as we love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and we make an effort to get away at least every other year.

We have gone into this stage of our lives extremely open minded as we truly believe from our experiences that things happen when they are meant to. We respect the difficult decisions you are facing and admire you for being selfless and doing what you feel is best for your child. If we are fortunate enough to be picked by you we promise to always put your child first, immerse them into our loving family and provide them with opportunity and security.

Thank you again for taking the time to read our letter and get to know us a little better.

Jenn & Kurt