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we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: Retired Racing Greyhound (named Bring It)


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to get to know us. We can’t imagine what you’re going through but we hope that you have the support of friends and family to help you figure out the best plan for you and your baby. We want you do know how brave we think it is for you to be considering placing your child up for adoption.

Hello!  We are Jenn and Dan.  A happy, playful, nerdy (well, she won’t admit that) married couple that have been together for over twelve years.  We have wanted to grow our family for a while now but were unsuccessful and endured two rounds of IVF without any results except heartbreak.  Even though those experiences weren’t exactly chuckle-fests – we are positive people at heart and embraced the possibility of adoption.  We feel that we have a lot to offer a child and raise them to become a strong and self-determined individual.  We have had experience with children in that our niece and nephew from a very young age have had extended stays with us.  In fact, our niece spends several weeks with us in the summer when she goes to city camp. One time – Dan tried to grow sea-monkeys with our niece.  Dan was going to show her how fascinating the natural world could be.  Unfortunately, they never hatched and eventually turned into a strange sludge – but that was a teachable moment too – circle of life and all of that.  Speaking of teachable moments, both of us were teachers in our prior professional lives and feel that this would be a great asset in raising a child.  Jenn taught English in South Korea and Dan taught Philosophy in University.

Location:  We are located in Toronto – one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world – in a safe midtown location.  Our home has two bedrooms and is a ten-minute walk from the subway which provides access to cinemas, theaters, museums, the aquarium and stadiums.  It is also surrounded by parks, an extended running/cycling trail and there is a new school being built a block away. 

Our family also includes one retired greyhound who needed a home. In case you don’t know – greyhounds are the calmest, and laziest breeds around.  On the track they sprint for about 1 minute, and then spend the rest of the day pretty much sleeping.  His name is “Bring It”.  Teaching Bring It to Stay was especially challenging (“Bring It, Stay!”), but we were ultimately successful.  Bring It’s hobbies include eating treats, sleeping, cuddling and sleeping.  He loves children and usually curls up with our niece and nephew. 

About Dan – My wife calls me a big nerd, and she is kind of right (but don’t tell her that otherwise I will never hear the end of it!)  I spent a good chunk of my life pursuing education and received a Masters and PhD in Philosophy – but the market for professional philosophers has been a little soft as of late, so I went into programming and database work.  Now I work for the Royal Bank of Canada as a data analyst for human resources.  The work is both stimulating, rewarding and offers an excellent work-life balance.  As you can tell I put a high premium on education and feel that knowledge and the ability to learn is THE main component in achieving self-determination in life.  I also highly value humor and wit and my friends tease me when I laugh not only when things are funny but when I find things delightful.  Meeting my wife was the most important event of my life as I have never met someone so caring, respectful, generous, and playful – and she makes me laugh every day of my life.  My hobbies include spending time and caring for Bring It, learning new things about the world, gaming, movies, travel, theme parks, zoos, museums, aquariums, watching documentaries and making Jenn laugh.

About JennThere are three things I’m passionate about: Baking, Travelling and Photography.

I’m always planning our next adventure whether it is an overseas getaway or finding a new place in the city to explore. While out and about I always have my camera with me which has led to some incredible pictures of wild macaws and sloths in the wilds of Costa Rica. I have a love of cooking and baking, and a lot of my skills have come from generations before me. I love to teach our niece and nephew how to cook/bake and over the years what we have made in the kitchen has become more complicated and their roles have increase to the point where I just watch. For me that’s the best feeling in the world that someone you love has taken your teachings and now has the confidence to try new recipes and shine. They are also at the age that I get pictures and videos of the process and final result. 

I have been at the company I work for over a decade. One of the previous jobs I had there was being an assistant manager in Customer Service. Being in charge of a staff of 30 people of different backgrounds and ages has taught me a lot of patience. Everyone learns differently and asking questions always made me successful in helping an employee become the best they could be. I have now taken on a role within the same company that allows me more flexibility and a perfect work/life balance.

Meeting Dan has changed my life for the better. He is one of the most laid-back people I know. His knowledge of trivia continues to surprise me every day. He doesn’t undertake anything without it being thought out. He is the life of the party and everyone loves his dancing! I couldn’t think of a better person to go on adventures with.


We understand that in making this adoption plan – you had only the best interests of your child in mind.  Consequently, your child will be raised knowing this and are open to any kind of relationship you would like to have with the child – whether this be emails, pictures, letters, phone calls or visits.  We are open and flexible in this regard because we understand that you can never have too many people who love and support a child.


It is hard to make promises about the future because we are not the type of people who break promises. The promise we know that we can keep is that this child will be loved, supported and encourage to be the best possible person they can be.  We can’t promise what schools they will attend or what activities they will participate in because we feel that as a child grows and becomes their own self that they have a choice in what they want to participate in. Or if they develop a special talent in the arts we would encourage them to attend a school that specializes in it and not go to an athletic school for example.

Thank you for looking through our profile.