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Phone: Andrea Flanderkova 1.866.582.3678 or 604.736.7613 ext. 4003
we live in: , British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: Bettafish called Betko2.0

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you for taking time to read our letter. We appreciate that this must not be an easy time for you; so thank you very much for your time and consideration to make an adoption plan for your child. We will try to keep it brief.

We are Jaroslava and Miro, and been married for nine years. Both of us are from a small town in Slovakia and we have moved to Canada as a couple in 2012. We decided to make British Columbia our forever home after travelling, living and working abroad for many years. We always knew we would like to expand our family of two and an adoption felt like just the right decision for both of us.

We both work in health care, Jaroslava as a nurse and Miro as a doctor in a regional hospital. We enjoy our working lives but are prepared to make adjustments to accommodate your baby. 

We live in a bright condo in the city, and are able to walk everywhere. We see children walking to school in the mornings and people say hello to each other in the elevator.

We work hard, but also like to play and get outdoors.  We love BC and continue to explore this beautiful province by car, bike, skis, foot and most recently we are discovering BC by kayak. We go on biking “get away trips” and Miro is already researching child bike carriers, as it has to be just the right one. When we are not outdoors we love to dress up and go to the theatre or to the symphony, or to don a Canucks jersey and yell “Go Canucks Go!” We both enjoy music and live performances, though Miro is the one who can actually play instruments. This has resulted in us owning few instruments which are often in use when friends are over. We would love to share this appreciation for the arts with your child, though we understand, that playing music may not be for everyone. Jaroslava could not carry a tune if you paid her, though she likes to sing.

We travel to Europe every year to spend time with our families and friends. We also like to travel to places near and far and to learn about their history and culture, but we are always happy to come home to Canada. And although we have now settled down after having spent years working in the humanitarian sector abroad, we would like to share our volunteer spirit with your child and teach him or her to appreciate things we may take for granted. Jaroslava still continues to volunteer her time with some local organizations.

We understand the importance of families and we were fortunate to create an extended family of friends in Canada and would like to include you and your child. Our families and especially our nephews are very excited to meet their future cousin(s) and look forward to “teaching them all the ‘boy stuff’ and going mountain biking, even when it is a girl”, so we are told. There is a team of Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins on stand by to welcome you and your baby.

Both of us continue to learn new things all the time and we agree that education is an important aspect of a person’s life. We are ready to support a child’s full potential, whether that is a formal education or more informal one.

We often babysit for family and friends and enjoy being the Auntie and Uncle. We also took on a new role of becoming Godparents to Marko, two year old toddler, who was born very prematurely, and is doing awesome.

We have fun and learned to combine our love for the outdoors and indoors with the children. We certainly ended up playing monopoly and cards for hours on a rainy day. In our house Jaroslava likes to cook, bake and explore vegetarian recipes, being the sole vegetarian in the family. She will include anyone in the preparations should they chose to join. Even our nephews started to cook and bake while they were spending three weeks with us this past summer.

We see ourselves as guardians and supporters of your child’s hopes and dreams becoming reality, being someone you can count on to be there.

We cannot possibly imagine or understand what you must be going through, but we are thankful for considering an adoption plan for your baby. We are honoured that you have read our letter and please know, that we would be forever grateful should you choose us to join you and your child on this journey. We understand that family is important and we are open to welcoming you all into our family.