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we live in: GTA, Ontario
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Pets: Cat and Dog

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile in order to get to know our family. We understand that this decision must be very difficult for you, and so we will try to give you as much information as possible about ourselves, in order to help you make an informed decision. In this profile, we will introduce our individual histories and also our history as a family, in order to help you understand our core values and to also show you how we live our lives. We are very excited to take this next step and hope that we will give you a glimpse of who we are. We do hope that you decide to help us complete our family.


We understand the importance of an open adoption. A child needs to know where they come from. They need to know about their heritage, and the wonderful people responsible for bringing them into the world.  We will always speak about his/her adoption and your decision to adopt in a positive light and to help your child embrace and celebrate his/her heritage, no matter how it may differ from our own. We prioritize this child’s happiness and believe strongly that you should be involved in some way, and we look forward to discussing and agreeing upon a mutual and long-lasting relationship.

About Us

We met each other relatively late in life. Each of us spent most of our lives travelling, studying, and working professionally. We each lived in different countries. Jane grew up in Canada, has lived in Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario. She has lived abroad, in both Japan and the US.

Marius grew up in Norway and lived in Vienna, Austria for several years. The two of us met in Vienna in 2010 and instantly had a connection. After knowing each other for two years, we decided to get married and we both settled in Canada.

We now live in Ontario, Jane is a university professor and Marius is a software engineer.

We live in a beautiful old house with a large garden, with ample space for play and exploration.

Our Fertility Story

As Jane was 39 at the time, we realised that we needed to start trying for a family. Since 2013 we have had 4 miscarriages, some of them fairly late in the first trimester, which has been quite devastating emotionally. To come so close to the dream, only to lose out. We have tried multiple cycles of IUI, IVF, and even egg donation, and it seems that we will not succeed doing this on our own. We have decided to move forward with our adoption plans, as we have so much to give and deeply want to start our own family. We hope that you consider us as potential parents, and hope our story touches you in some way.

Our Parenting Style

As parents we believe in being a united front, to never react irrationally and to let our minds guide our actions. We would like for our children to learn about diplomacy, fairness, respect, reason and discussion by actively modelling these behaviours for them. We do not believe in physical punishment. We believe in discussion and understanding to be the guiding factors in determining consequences for actions, which will be understood, expected and proportionate to the behaviour. We believe that children have a voice and they need to both be heard and respected – that above all their feelings matter, their opinions are important and that they know that they are loved and respected.

A little about Jane (from Marius)

Jane’s childhood in Manitoba was filled with activity and nature. Both her core and extended family have always actively pursued opportunities to spend time in nature. Jane grew up going to the cabin every summer and she loves swimming. As a child, she spent her summers hiking, swimming, and fishing with her family. Jane grew up with a large extended family of grandparent, aunts, uncles and cousins. As a result, she has a strong feeling of belonging to a greater family, and the family has always opened their homes and cabins to each other.

Jane as a new mother (from Marius)

Jane will be an excellent mother – she cares deeply about her loved ones and will do anything to make them happy. She craves the opportunity to love a child, and provide her/him with opportunities and experiences that will be magical, educational, and just plain fun.  She will be very good at instilling values that help our future child both love and honour themselves, and also other people. Jane is an excellent caregiver, who is conscientious and considerate, she believes in freedom, privacy and responsibility. As our child grows, I know that Jane will be great at balancing the need to protect and love, with her belief that children need to self- determine and make their own decisions.

A little about Marius (from Jane)

Marius had such an interesting childhood. Marius’ family is part Sami and part Norwegian. The Sami people are the indigenous population of the Northern European Arctic. Marius’ father, who was a doctor, came from a small village in the Arctic circle. His Mother, who was a school teacher, grew up in Bergen. Together they made a home in Trondheim. Both of his families believed in respect and kindness – to nature and to each other. In the summers, he spent his time fishing up north with his father and learning from his Sami family. Other times his family would visit his mother’s family in Bergen, where they would go on nature hikes, play games and make films with his cousins.

Marius as a new father (from Jane)

Marius is the nicest person I have ever met. He is not only soft spoken and kind, but also incredibly democratic and fair. The thought of co-parenting with him fills me with so much happiness – the chance to learn and grow with someone who has such a fair sense of the world.

As a new father Marius will excel. He will care for our future child with attention, good humour, and a deep kindness. He will provide guidance in such a way that the child will have a strong sense of autonomy and self-empowerment. He will give a child space to be what they are, while also provide direction and guidance. He will be there to pick them up if they fall over. He will always hug them and value their opinion.

Our Pets

We have a dog Loki (a French Waterdog) and a cat Pixel (a Russian Blue). Both breeds are hypoallergenic and therefore have low shedding and most people are not allergic to them.  We love our creatures and consider them to be a dear part of the family. We try to travel together whenever possible, and think that relations with non-human companions are a very important part of life. We take the dog to Norway when we go in the summer, and have trained Pixel to enjoy the car so we take him to the cabin in the summer as well. We lost our beloved Nascha last year, but just recently added Loki to our family. Pixel is just 2 and they get along really well – it is amazing to see them play together in the yard.

Things we like to do

We love to live healthy lives. We value being in nature, hiking, camping, cooking, fishing, and growing our own food. We think it is important to detach from our technology, our jobs, and our schedules in order to feed our bodies and minds – to get our hands dirty, breath in fresh air, and keep active. We also love to travel for both pleasure and work. Jane travels to show her art work and Marius usually comes along. When he does, we travel around after the show and try local food and see the sights. We believe it is important to travel to help us understand how complex and diverse the world is. We value the experience of difference, and receive joy from seeing the beauty that different cultures have to offer.

Final Words:

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family. We realise that you have a huge decision to make, and that you need to make one that is best for you. We wish you well in this decision and understand that whatever you decide is the right one. If you choose us, we would like to assure you that we are excited for an open adoption and look forward to finding a relationship that honours you as the birth mother. We are not perfect, but we do promise to do our best. Should you entrust us with your child, we will give him/her every ounce of love that is possible. Our pledge to you.