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Phone: 1.866.582.3678
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None
Pets: None
We are so excited and grateful you’re reading our profile.

We are a very loving and nurturing couple who would give your baby all the love, support, and guidance he or she needs to thrive in life. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to make such a significant decision to find an adoptive family. We wish you much strength and resilience in your decision, and hope this letter gives you a picture of our life and plans for our future. We’re eager to hear from you and to talk more about a role you may like to have in our family.

We are James and Seppe, an active and adventurous couple, who are excited about the possibility of welcoming a baby into our hearts, family and home. Surrounded by caring grandparents, extended family and a solid group of friends with young babies and kids, we want to share our deep affection, energy and passion with a child. We are at a point in life where we have the emotional and financial stability to provide a vibrant and a nurturing life for a little one and are committed to take this next step and become dads. We are thankful that adoption is an option for us, and embrace this opportunity with love and optimism.

We met six years ago in Vancouver, and started going on adventures and spending time with each other, and fell in love quickly. We learned early on that we shared common beliefs and values about family and raising children. After a large ocean separated us for a while, as Seppe was living in his native Belgium and James in his hometown Vancouver, we both became even more committed in our decision to build a life together, and married in 2013. Last year we bought a house in East Vancouver and intentionally live in a family-oriented residential neighbourhood with schools, parks and playgrounds with our family extension in mind. We can already see ourselves walking or biking with our child to the elementary school located two blocks away or to the neighbourhood park to enjoy the swings. Our house has a large backyard for lots of outdoor fun and play, and many of our friends and kids live close by.
We both come from very warm and close families. We each have a twin sister and Seppe also has an older brother and younger sister. They have all shown tremendous support preparing us for this journey and will be involved in our child’s life. Our parents continue to inspire us and are thrilled to contribute to a loving and supportive environment for our child as well. Seppe’s family lives in Belgium and we can’t wait to celebrate holidays together with family in Europe and make sure that the young cousins have an opportunity to grow up together.

We would like you to know that we are an adventurous, active, community-oriented and positive couple, and will encourage a similar mindset and ideals with our child.


We have both traveled extensively together, on our own, and with friends. We have a passion for exploring new places, learning about different cultures and trying to understand more about the world we live in. Some of the adventurous activities we’ve done together include climbing volcanoes in Central America, river rafting in Italy, attending weekend music festivals, and visiting European art museums. We look forward to sharing experiences with our child, and have a chance to learn about and see the world through their eyes, go on adventures and discover new places with them; for an upcoming trip, we’d love to travel with our little one to see the Andes Mountains and visit friends in South America.


Whether it’s on tennis courts, hiking in the mountains, riding our bikes around the city or enjoying the weather in parks and beaches, we thrive on being physically active and being outside as much as we can. In the summer, we get out of the city and go camping and hiking with our friends and kids; in the winter, we go snowshoeing and skiing. We are passionate about the outdoors so much so that we made our wedding party snowshoe to our ceremony in the forest at a local mountain. Which was a lot of fun! We will be parents who stimulate our child to be active, play and enjoy the outdoors with friends. We will continue to go hiking, biking and camping with our child, making adjustments where needed and accommodating our child’s needs. We will encourage our child to find a physical activity that is in line with their interests.

Community Oriented

Through our jobs, we try to contribute positively to our world and our communities. James works as a social planner and focuses on making healthy and local food more available and accessible. Seppe helps young people realizing their dreams in becoming their own boss and opening their own business. Outside of work, we care about our neighbourhood and city and are involved in various advocacy and community groups for underprivileged children, cycling and more. We want to get involved in our child’s school and after-school activities, and look forward to continue to give back to our communities to provide them with an understanding of our diverse city and society.


 Life can certainly be challenging, and we’re definitely not flawless nor have we figured it all out, but we are a strong and compatible team and look at the positive side of things. We look forward to teaching our child to have an open mindset, be curious about the world and show a positive attitude towards friends and situations.
 We know an adopted child who understands their roots and origins and has opportunities to stay connected, has more likelihood to reach their full potential and build positive self identify. That is why we would love for you to contribute to our child’s life and would welcome an open and flexible relationship with you and your family to a level that we’re all comfortable with.

We would love to hear from you.

James & Seppe