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Phone: 226-268-9779
Years together: married for 4
we live in: London, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: Our sweet 3 year old daughter Leyton
Pets: Our lovable little yorkie poo Dexter


We are so glad that our paths have crossed. We are Ryan and Jacqueline and we’d love to tell you a little bit about ourselves and our daughter Leyton!  We are a loving, happy family and we are excited about the possibility of welcoming another little one into our lives. To give you a better idea of who we are let’s start at the beginning. We met 8 years ago through Jacqueline’s sister Cheryl and Ryan’s good friend Adam, who were dating at the time (they are now married and parents to our adorable niece Rae!). At the time Ryan was in the military and living up North and Jacqueline was living in Toronto completing her post grad. Ryan would drive 16 hours every weekend just so we could spend time together. After several months of talking on the phone every night and spending every weekend we could together, we decided that we would both move back to London as soon as possible to live in the same city. After a few years of happily dating Ryan proposed by painting “will you marry me?” on the walls of our walk in closet (it’s still there ☺), of course Jacqueline said yes and we were married on a beautiful summer day in June of 2012 surrounded by family and friends.

Why Adoption?

We were delighted when shortly after our wedding we became pregnant with our precious daughter Leyton. There were a few complications throughout and after the pregnancy and a subsequent pregnancy was not recommended. We have so much love to give and being parents has brought us so much joy. Not only that, we both loved growing up with siblings and would love the same for Leyton and the child we are lucky enough to adopt. We have always liked the idea of adoption and have family members who have successfully adopted so growing our family through this process seemed like the obvious choice.

About Us

Ryan is an involved dad and spends all of his free time with our family. He is an avid outdoorsman and a sports enthusiast, our favourite team is the Toronto Blue Jays and we had season tickets to our local team the London Majors this year! Ryan is a loving and compassionate person and since becoming a dad has become a total softie.  Jacqueline in an entrepreneur and runs a crafting business from home which allows her the luxury of staying at home with Leyton. We love baking, shopping, going to the park and doing crafts together. Leyton also loves working alongside mom making things for her “customers”.  Jacqueline has always wanted to be a mom and family means more to her than anything, her mom and sister are her best friends. When Leyton was born Ryan took 5 months off of work to be home with us, and will again be taking as much time off as possible, if we are to be blessed with a second child. We are very close with our extended families and have had the same friends since elementary school. We are lucky to have a strong support who are always willing to lend a hand and love spoiling the children in the family.

About Leyton

Leyton is a sweet and loving little girl. She is very sensitive and gentle and enjoys reading books, playing with her toys and being mommy to her dollies.  Like her daddy, she has a very vivid imagination and she’s always got a story about dragons and princesses to tell! She has participated in a variety of activities such as gymnastics, swimming, dance and Kindermusik. She loves to help momma in the kitchen, making healthy banana chocolate chip muffins are our specialty! She loves play dates and playing with her friends at preschool which she attends two afternoons a week to prepare her for the transition to JK next year. Her little cousin Rae is one of her favourite people, they love playing outside together and peek-a-boo is one of their favourite games, the way they make each other shriek with laughter is hilarious! Leyton is a great little helper and is eager to be a big sister. We are confident that she and her brother or sister would become the best of friends, able to share in all of the joys of childhood.

About Dex

Our little fur baby is a 6 year old yorkie-poo named Dexter. He is very sweet and intelligent and he loves hiding his treats for later, and of course cuddling! He and Leyton get along well and, and he couldn’t be more gentle with her and her friends. Leyton loves walking him, feeding him his food from her hand, and throwing his toys for him to fetch (although she doesn’t have the best arm yet!).


Since we have a three-year-old daughter we have lots of experience in the baby and toddler stages! We have a gentle and relaxed parenting style and use positive reinforcement, talking through any issues that arise. We believe that unconditional love and support is the groundwork for a happy and well-adjusted child.  We have loved every stage of parenting so far and are experts at changing diapers, midnight feeds, playing toys and hide and seek, giving pushes on the swings, reading bedtime stories and giving bedtime cuddles.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a spacious single family home located in London, Ontario. Our neighbourhood is on the outskirts of the city and has a safe, small town feel. Our home is a large 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a furnished basement area, it is modern and homey.  We have a fenced yard and each summer set up a large above ground pool that is perfect for learning to swim in.  There is plenty of space for kids to play and your child would have their own large bedroom beside Leyton’s and just across the hall from ours. You can always find kids running around our neighbourhood playing and each fall the neighbourhood comes together to celebrate Harvest Fest. We get up early for the pancake breakfast, watch the parade (Leyton loves catching all the candy) and then head to the fun fair to play some games. We are within walking distance to a highly rated school as well as parks, a splash pad, and a library all of which we enjoy often.

Fun and Adventure

We enjoy nature and love to go on what we call “adventures”. In the summer our days are often spent swimming in our pool, at the splash pad or at Ryan’s parents or Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Adam’s cottage. We love BBQ’ing and eating outside on our back deck or on a patio. In the winter we get all bundled up and go exploring, making snowmen and tobogganing. At the end of the day we love to get cozy on the couch with some blankets and popcorn to watch a movie or our favourite shows.  On weekends we often pack up the car and go on daytrips to places like African Lion Safari, Ripley’s aquarium and Niagara Falls. We can only imagine how much fun Leyton and her brother or sister would have experiencing all of these things together.

We think holidays are the perfect reason to gather with family and friends to celebrate. Leyton and her friends had so much fun at our Halloween party dressing up (we were a family of fairies at Leyton’s request), playing games and snacking on Halloween themed snacks that we made, Ryan spent an hour carving faces out of Babybel cheese! Christmas is an exciting time in our house and we love celebrating the holiday season with our annual traditions such as piling in the car to tour around and see the best Christmas light displays in the city, baking Christmas cookies, and having our annual ugly sweater Christmas party. Last year we broke into groups and sang Christmas carols, I don’t know who laughed more, the people performing or the people watching! On Christmas Eve everyone gets matching Christmas pjs and opens one gift before putting out Santa’s milk and cookies and heading to bed to rest up for the next day’s excitement spent with loved ones. Before having Leyton we enjoyed travelling to different countries together and plan to do more of this once the children are a little bit older.

Our Promise to You

Above all else we want you to know that we would love your child unconditionally and would dedicate ourselves to providing him or her with the best possible life we could. We believe that children are strengthened by knowing their roots, because of this we’d hope to have an ongoing relationship with you in a fashion that would work best for all of us. Your child would be loved beyond measure by us, our families, and our friends. We would ensure that he or she knew the great love that you have for them, and facilitating a relationship with you would be important to us.

Thank you for considering our family, we would love to hear from you and we wish you the best in this journey.


Jacqueline & Ryan